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The best kept secret in music


"In the studio with Temper Diablo"

Last Sunday night I managed to escape from the trappings of my job in The Fox and decided to venture down to Liberty Hall Studios in Barnet to listen to Temper Diablo record there anxiously awaited album, 'Comfort In Violence.' It was a new and unusual experience for me as it was my first ever visit to a proper recording studio, and its not quite how you expect it to be. I was a little nervous at first, and definitely excited about seeing how it all happens, I felt a little like a child about to see the secrets of an awesome magic trick revealed!
Once I recovered from the head-rush brought on by the odor of man and beer in unity, that hits you instantaneously as you open the door, I soon settled in to doing what I do best, that is, taking pictures of the boys while they pull funny faces…
The first thing I noticed was just how much hard work goes in to each and every song, meticulous attention to detail is an absolute necessity, but although I could see how hard Temper Diablo had been working all weekend (there were little hints of their perpetual habitation of the studio all over the place) I was surprised as to how relaxed and energized the vibe was amongst them. You'd never have guessed they'd been trapped in a hot sweaty room for the best part of three days from the banter and the enthusiasm they oozed!
I am proud to say that I did not succumb to peer pressure and try one of producer Fred's Chili Gummy Bears???? I mean, why would ya? Certainly not one of man's greatest inventions!! I am also pleased that I escaped without the obscure little song from getonmyhorse.com stuck in my head on repeat, but I can't say the same about the rest of Temper Diablo…
The work in progress at the time of my visit was Noel (a.k.a Sunbeam as Miah lovingly referred to him) recording the guitar on 5am, one of the most upbeat and uplifting tracks on the album, and one which I have been playing almost constantly since Miah emailed me a demo. Noel was perfectionism in motion as per usual, and as Miah sang with all his heart and Niol and Mickey harmonized, I was truly taken aback by the power and passion in that song. I know I'm laying it on pretty thick, but trust me, I'm not exaggerating when I say that this album is going to be fucking amazing and I just can't wait for the first live gig because I know that there is gonna be some spectacular fireworks!

By Sheniz Raif

- Sheniz Raif


Gypsy, Blood, We Die In The Story, Comfort In Violence, No Fantasy, The Wait, 5 am & Surrender all available summer 2010 on the album 'Comfort In Violence'



Miah (Short Tempers/Stone Pony) and Noel & Niol (Evo Diablo/Stone Pony) began songwriting in 2005/2006 working up numerous demo tapes which due to the formation of Stone Pony and subsequent live shows were never finished or recorded. The band have revisited these old sessions and with the input of new bass player Micky (Short Tempers/Thieves By Numbers) are putting the finishing touches to these songs with a view to record with established producer Fred Lagergren by summer 2010.