Tempered Mental

Tempered Mental

 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, MYS

Renowned for its intense stage performances, Tempered Mental bottles that live energy into its sophomore studio album Pax Automata. A synergy of defiant, hard rock with introspective lyrics, Tempered Mental proudly stands off-centre with a sound stirringly familiar yet uniquely distinctive.


Tempered Mental has rocked the Malaysian music scene for the past 10 years with three studio recordings under their belts. Theyve played in regional festivals in Singapore and Thailand, and as far as Canada for the Canadian Music Week, and Korea for the Busan Rock Fest. Their newest album titled, Pax Automata, was recently released in a 9-day tour in Kyushu, to the delight of Japanese fans.

Tempered Mental called on Mr. Ronan Chris Murphy to help capture the live energy of the band into their newest record. Ronan, who has worked with King Crimson, Steve Morse, Terry Bozzio, Steve Stevens, Tony Levin (and the list goes on), did exactly that by bringing out the sound that Tempered Mental has come to be known for; and with which fans have identified with.

* Pax Automata review by Ms. Jennifer Thompson (linkedin)

"Tempered Mental is a band that has always believed in themselves and their music and when you listen to them you know why they are passionate, tight, and imaginative. Had I not known they were local, I would swear I was listening to a foreign band. When you hear them it is reminiscent of when you first hear a cutting edge artiste with amazing musicianship and sophisticated song arrangements like Toto, Sting or Dream Theatre and you are blown away by how awesome they sound.

The album Pax Automata is a collection of songs that are tightly put together as one interesting story like a book you cant put down. The guitar work is intricate, the drumming is groove driven, the voice is melodically mesmerizing and all of this is packaged in a totally delicious, palatable, progressive rock dish.

If I had to describe Tempered Mental in three words they would be Unique, Talented and Stylish."


LP - Pax Automata (Nov 2012)
LP - The View From Here (July 2007)
EP - Honestly (2004)

Set List

We perform segments anywhere between 15 - 90 minutes. We play mainly original compositions. For a full track listing, please refer to Discography below:

Pax Automata
01 automata
02 and stay out
03 break
04 run
05 matilda
06 sleep
07 be
08 ants
09 fight
10 cocoon
11 blindfold

The View From Here
01 space
02 design
03 recall
04 cold
05 open
06 undone
07 simple
08 nothingness
09 superstar
10 cross

Honestly (EP)
01 honestly
02 your ingenue
03 glass I
04 mistrial
05 prequel
06 pure
07 all bad things