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This band has not uploaded any videos


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Frictionloss (EP) which features Eternal, the first single released in early 2007 in local radio stations and soon to be released throughout College/University radio across Canada. The Video for Eternal is in rotation on Muchmusic/ Muchloud.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Templedown is a band composed of a unique array of styles and influences (from Latin rhythms and melodic harmonies, to neck-breaking metal riffs) and one that enjoys the wisdom that comes with the trials and tribulations of a complex history. Templedowns current line-up of members have come together as a result of years of trial and error relationships beginning in 2003, in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada. With the creation of the group, Friction Loss, Trent Herbert (drums/founding member) unknowingly set into motion a chain of events that would lead, four years later, to what is now known as Templedown. By the end of the summer of 2004, the band
s current guitarist Ivan Reina, hailing from Bogota, Colombia, began working with Friction Loss, bringing a unique song writing style to the group. With the loss of the bands original vocalist, Ivan contacted a former band mate and vocalist/songwriter, Jason Taylor. After a few conversations , Jason decided to join the band. With the loss of Friction Loss former bassist in 2006, the band then hired Norm Roy to fill the daunting position, which he did successfully, bringing a style that fit with striking perfection.

This collective line-up immediately impressed the individual members with the natural chemistry that flowed between the four. Weaving together a diversity of styles and personal backgrounds, the members of Friction Loss found themselves in the middle of a creative tidal wave which has yet to let up.

All pieces having fallen into their proper place, in 2006, Friction Loss was ready to record a new album. With the assistance (and generosity) of Torque Records, a beautifully recorded, six-song album was produced along with an astonishingly entertaining music video, for the first single, Eternal. With a new album and video, the band felt it was time for a new face and a fresh start. After much debate and negotiation, the members of Friction Loss agreed on the name, Templedown, to provide that new face, and to represent the music and the group throughout the new challenges facing the band, and through the coming stages of Templedowns future. The name itself may be considered to be a symbol of the bands perceptions and criticisms regarding the organized dogmatism of any spiritual movement, and the need for such barriers to be acknowledged if any progress in cross-cultural interactions is to be expected; both politically and spiritually. Templedown is affiliated with no single, specific, spiritual movement.

As a memorial and show of respect for the many experiences shared under the previous band name, Templedown decided to name the new album Friction Loss.

Templedown is more intense and creative than ever and intends on continuing to promote and speak for good causes in need of a voice , and remains committed to helping bridge the schisms which exist between diverse cultures, ethnicities and beliefs around the world, through the power of music.