Temple of the Smoke

Temple of the Smoke

 Belgrade, Central Serbia, SRB
BandAlternativeNew Age

Temple of the Smoke are spreading their message in tradition of 70s kraut/prog rock, post rock, and ambient soundwaves armed with arsenal of vintage tube amps, laboratory of analog, digital effects and synthesizers, and treasury of samples taken from the depths of popular culture and history.


Sonic background in which they have positioned fundaments of their temple may be described as mostly instrumental echoing ride, that varies from psychedelic - space rock, hard rock and old school heavy metal, to ambient and drone sound waves in tradition of 70s kraut and progressive rock, with elements of “post rock”, all influenced by electronic and dub music too. Inspired by local and global politics, infinite areas of space, psychedelic phantasmagorias and visions, sci-fi and weird fiction imaginaries (in cinema and literature), Temple of the Smoke is spreading their message armed with heavy guitar riffing and mellow dreamy melodies, with laboratory of vintage amps, analog and digital synthesizers and organs, and arsenal of vintage tape echoes and various effects.

During their existence, Temple of the Smoke had great deal of solo and festival concerts (Moscow, Budapest, Zagreb, Belgrade, etc), together with local, regional and bands from all over the world (including: Karma to Burn, Seven That Spells, Carusella, La Otracina, etc)

Their first album "...Against Human Race" was released and world-wide distributed by Moscow based label R.A.I.G. Records. Also, it has received an incredible feedback from psychedelic rock community, all around the world. .

“The Lost Art of Twilight” was recorded during 2012 and LP was released on March 2013 on Cosmic Eye/Musicbazz record labels. Album is also available for digital purchase on Bandcamp


* Consecration & Temple of the Smoke Big Band – "Consecration in the Temple of the Smoke" EP - Prog Sphere Records (2011, PSDR01)

* Temple of the Smoke - "...Against Human Race" CD - R.A.I.G. Records (2011, R066)

*Temple of the Smoke - "The Lost Art of Twilight" LP - Cosmic Eye Records (2013, EYE 003)