Temple of the Smoke
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Temple of the Smoke

Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia | INDIE

Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia | INDIE
Band Alternative New Age


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"TEMPLE OF THE SMOKE The Lost Art of Twilight"

Žanrovsko definisanje drugog albuma (mahom) instrumentalnih Beogradana Temple of the Smoke nalik je pokušaju da se sitna živa riba duže drži u rukama. Cim se na misaonom horizontu pojavi nešto što zalici na suvisle pojmove, zvucna slika se iz korena promeni, riba se izmigolji iz šaka i nastavi da se pracaka na suvom.

Pocetak The Lost Art of Twilight (TLAoT) zatice bend u relaksiranijem raspoloženju, nalik na snolike muzicke ekskurzije kalifornijskog sastava Tristeza. Ruku na srce, više po atmosferi nego po samom zvuku, što je vec samo po sebi napredak u odnosu na odlican, ali na sigurniju kartu radeni prvenac ...Against Human Race. U svom tom slatkom sanjarenju, tenzija u vidu cvršcih deonica i nervoznih promena tempa krci sebi put iz drugog plana, da bi kulminirala u jazzy kakofoniji Starfall, novom rodaku kraljeva apsurda Naked City iz legendarne Torture Garden faze.

Do kraja ove brižljivo zamišljene i znalacki egzekutirane ploce, šarmantno podeljene na A i O stranu, špil stilova se konstantno meša. U šumi intrigantnih detalja, posebno je dojmljiva a la Fucking Champs alhemija pretvaranja true metal rifova u cistu umetnost u Beyond the Walls of Sleep, dok se zakljucne orijentalne teme nazvane po bendu ne bi postidele ni velicine poput Grails.

TLAoT je nesumnjiv korak napred u opusu grupe, koja i dalje hrabro ispituje granice svojih kreativnih mogucnosti, i kao zvucna oaza za sve otvorenije umove predstavlja ultimativni predah od ucmalih idejnih kalupa kojima smo danonocno izloženi. - Popboks

"Temple of the Smoke "The Lost Art of Twilight" Review"

Eclectic doesn't even begin to describe Serbian four piece instrumental psychedelic space rockers Temple of the Smoke. Sample track "Moth of Time" as an example, begins as a moody and quite beautiful piece of post rock ala Godspeed You Black Emperor with a rare textural vocal that wouldn't sound out of place on a Mogwai album. Within another couple of minutes a bludgeoning metal riff has taken it's place, and less than a minute later it's turned into "Tubular Bells".
Elsewhere there's trippy space rock, Robert Fripp styled guitar riffery, keyboards that flit between Tangerine Dream and new romanticism, galloping Maiden-esque rhythms and on "Street of Shifting Signs" proof that white man can indeed dub.
I'll say it before you do - on paper this sounds like something a bunch of jazz school graduates would chuck together to show off how well read they are musically. I mean, surely there are way too many ingredients in this particular stew to make anything even remotely palatable?
This supposition would certainly be the case in the hands of lesser mortals, but Temple of the Smoke are impeccably versed in their field, and these tracks are so tightly and carefully constructed that the constant genre-shifting feels totally natural and unforced.
This is very clever progressive rock that can be enjoyed equally on an academic or visceral level.
And it's beautifully recorded.
Why aren't these guys huge? - The Active Listener


Four-piece Kosmische Rock band from Belgrade, Serbia could become a modern day Pink Floyd. This psychedelic space rock is full of synthesis, effect patches, and many other cool little toys. Making Pop with a vocoder? Epic accomplishment by any musical standard. It carries the Holy Fuck factor with a less chaotic approach. Newborn porn. This is a trend waiting to happen. Witchhouse dying and being absorbed by Space pop. It makes sense after all. More toys! Musicians love things that make noise. Anything. Purdie noise, yellow noise, and stars. - http://www.dontspreadbullshitspreadmusic.com


* Consecration & Temple of the Smoke Big Band – "Consecration in the Temple of the Smoke" EP - Prog Sphere Records (2011, PSDR01)

* Temple of the Smoke - "...Against Human Race" CD - R.A.I.G. Records (2011, R066)

*Temple of the Smoke - "The Lost Art of Twilight" LP - Cosmic Eye Records (2013, EYE 003)



Sonic background in which they have positioned fundaments of their temple may be described as mostly instrumental echoing ride, that varies from psychedelic - space rock, hard rock and old school heavy metal, to ambient and drone sound waves in tradition of 70s kraut and progressive rock, with elements of “post rock”, all influenced by electronic and dub music too. Inspired by local and global politics, infinite areas of space, psychedelic phantasmagorias and visions, sci-fi and weird fiction imaginaries (in cinema and literature), Temple of the Smoke is spreading their message armed with heavy guitar riffing and mellow dreamy melodies, with laboratory of vintage amps, analog and digital synthesizers and organs, and arsenal of vintage tape echoes and various effects.

During their existence, Temple of the Smoke had great deal of solo and festival concerts (Moscow, Budapest, Zagreb, Belgrade, etc), together with local, regional and bands from all over the world (including: Karma to Burn, Seven That Spells, Carusella, La Otracina, etc)

Their first album "...Against Human Race" was released and world-wide distributed by Moscow based label R.A.I.G. Records. Also, it has received an incredible feedback from psychedelic rock community, all around the world. .

“The Lost Art of Twilight” was recorded during 2012 and LP was released on March 2013 on Cosmic Eye/Musicbazz record labels. Album is also available for digital purchase on Bandcamp