London, England, GBR
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Hard-hitting real street music vocal artist


Tempman is a well known name in the UK rap scene. He is one of the youngest yet talented rappers out there today.

Born on the 7th November 1987, Tempman is the youngest boy from a large family of two brothers
he does not know and 3 sisters. Born in the UK to a Jamaican mother and Nigerian father, he spent most of his up bringing in various children’s homes across the country.

For someone who has had it tough from a very young age and was moved around a lot, this young man today is a bright, fun-loving artist, who has a natural exuberance for life.

“I grew up in Brixton, and still live there now. This is where I spent most of my days, and where I learnt the art of being an MC”.

Tempman started off as a jungle MC. Listening to Jungle and performing to it is what he most enjoyed doing, but it wasn’t always plain-sailing. He was moved around alot, and at one point was shipped from Brixton to Kent & Margate. It was here that he decided it was all or nothing.

“I used to be a rubbish MC-I was so bad, but I carried on writing, carried on spitting and just got better and better-I refused to give up”. From the age of 12 music today, Garage.


Tempman is continuing to feed fans after the previous
release of his album “First Blood” which was widely regarded as one of the best album releases of the year. Tempman also gave fans a street-released mixtape called “Shooting Star Volume One” which had
features from the likes of Jaja Soze, Tinchy Stryder, Sway and Giggz.

2009 proved to be a superb end to the decade for Tempman, as he was credited with having over 500,000 YouTube views and various underground Hip-Hop hits. His nationwide tours with Dizzie Rascal and Skepta have increased
his fanbase, which doesn’t look like it’s going to stop soon. Features on mixtapes in wid da new pt5 money talks pt5 turn up da temp vol 1 shooting star 1, 2, 3, & 4. Economic hitmen

Set List

First Blood
Set Him Girl
Get Ghosted
Back Up
Money on My Mind
Lock n Load
Shady Beats
Street Fighter
I'm A Leader
Wots The Club Like
Back On The Block
The Snake The Dog
Aint Going Home
Feel Me
Round 2
Ice Cream Man
None Of It
weather man
Shotties in ur face
Pussy money weed
Talking your garbage
who run it
best there ever
when we got it
Got it going on