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Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Rock Alternative




"They do everything to put the feet on the road"

In times of economic instability, artists and bandsfrom Minas Gerais state unfold in search for new mechanisms, in addition to laws to encourage culture in order to onward shows and international tours.

The Tempo Platico was also present at the festival, but last year. "We had to enable most of the resources through a tour of a project approved by State Law for the Encouragement of Culture. With paychecks, selling CDs and T-shirts, we pay our food and the RV. We are still paying a portion of that money, but it's an investment for our second US tour, which is already being planned," said the lead singer of the group, Fabio Gruppi. - O Tempo

"Tempo Platico and Cabezas Flutuantes are selected for the South by Southwest festival - Interview"

From Minas Gerais state (BR) to Texas. Independent bands Tempo Plastico and Cabezas Flutantes, both from Belo Horizonte, are preparing to travel to Austin, in the United States, where they will participate in one of the world's biggest music festivals. The miners are among the 11 selected Brazilian groups to play at South by Southwest (SXSW), an event that takes place between 11 and 20 March.

The Cabezaz Flutuantes is presented on Wednesday, day 16, while the Tempo Plastico makes their show on Saturday, the penultimate day of the festival. In addition they are also packing in Brazil Far From Alaska (Rio Grande do Norte), Ruido/mm (Parana), Clara Valente (Rio de Janeiro), Desampa (Sao Paulo), JEF (Rio Grande do Sul) Folks (Rio de Janeiro), Planar (Rio de Janeiro), Rubel (Rio de Janeiro) and Jota Erre (Sao Paulo). The festival will also have conferences, lectures and film screenings.

Mixing stoner rock elements and grunge, Tempo Plastico is preparing special show for the festival. "There will be time to try, we have to do what we know best," says vocalist Fabio Gruppi. The band must show the repertoire of their two albums, but also has some versions of other artists "in the pocket" if they need. "We are rehearsing a version of "Ando Meio Desligado" of Mutantes. In addition, we usually always play songs of Nirvana or Queens of the Stone Age. We will evaluate at the time of the show, " says the musician.

The call came after the band register on the site SonicBids. "Organizers from around the world consult this platform when they have names for some festival. As you gain more followers on social networks, gain more visibility on the site, "says the musician.

The band has left the country, but always for unique presentations. This time, the group will take the opportunity to run the United States in its first international tour. For now, the Tempo Plastico managed to schedule six concerts in other cities. "Texas is a state that is proud of SXSW. From our confirmation at the festival, we were getting other shows. "The process worked all over the Internet. Gruppi account that triggered emails for various event organizers, and the return was immediate. "It was all 'race', and the staff was very solicitous. Amazing how things work well on the Internet there, "he says.

The musician says that to get to the point of being invited to an international festival, the band signed a commitment and had to undergo overhaul. "We had to change our drummer and bass player. All of our current members have other activities, but give priority to Tempo Plastico. I think the secret to any band is this:. Dedicate as much time as possible to the music" - UAI

"Tempo Plastico US Tour"

Tempo Plastico is a f** rock band....

Tempo Plastico is a Brazilian Stoner Rock band from Belo Horizonte, formed in 2006.

In October 2015, Tempo Plastico released "IT", as the second album. Recorded in the studios Ultra Music (Belo Horizonte) and Wah Wah Studios (Sao Paulo), the record was the result of intense interaction between the four members. The album has 10 tracks, produced and engineered by Michel Kuaker, and mastered by Carl Saff.

In 2014, a new formation refreshes their musical influences with the main objective: surrender to Music completely. Drop and heavy chords, upwards and heartfelt vocals, to the point: ROCK.

The first album was relesead in 2013, "Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar", produced by Barral Lima and mastered by Ted Jensen.

Main influences of the band are Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Mutantes and Barao Vermelho. - Artist Trove

"Know the brazilians that will be at SXSW"

Among some known bands as O Terno (SP) and Far From Alaska (RN) and a few bets, Brazilian bands that will be at SXSW (South By South West), in Austin, Texas, offer an overview of the new scene, brazilian rock, through electronic and instrumental music.

The main festival of music and alternative culture of the United States, which goes from 11 to 20 March will also have Cabezas Flutuantes (MG), ruído/mm (PR), DESAMPA (SP), Clara Valente (RJ), Jéf (RS), Folks (RJ), Planar (RJ), Rubel (RJ), Tempo Plástico (MG) and Jota Erre (SP). - Virgula UOL

"The 12 Brazilian bands confirmed for SXSW 2016"

Every year, the festival South By Southwest (SXSW) transforms Austin, the Texas capital, in a city that breathes music. In 2016, the event schedule begins March 11 and runs until the 20th, bringing together hundreds of concerts, conferences, lectures and film screenings.

Some Brazilian bands had already participated in previous editions and this year, several Brazilian musicians will be performing there: O Terno (SP), Far From Alaska (RN), Ruido/MM (RJ), Cabezas Flutuantes (MG), Clara Valente (RJ), Desampa (SP), Jef (RS), Folks (RJ), Planar (RJ), Rubel (RJ), Tempo Plastico (MG) and Jota Erre (SP). - NOIZE

"The IT Album"

We are very flattered to have been gifted by gorgeous Tempo Plastico with the IT album. This CD is a so cool and is just out of the oven.
Just grin! First because it is a band that comes with everything to strengthen the independent rock scene in Belo Horizonte and Brazil, according to be a sound that not only rockers and rochersses will enjoy. It's for grandma and auntie too! You can send this fucking sound in summer bbqs that everyone will love!
Has already checked the songs "Stoner" and "Hit do Verao"? Who did not, just need to press the play to don't stop listening to the whole CD. Impossible to not identify with so many everyday situations, times the skin deep, times in balance.
After that, stay tuned to the touring schedule of Tempo Plastico! Fabio Gruppi (vocals), Claudio Moreira (guitar), Saulo Ferrari (drums) and Luciano Porto (bass) are a performative spectacle on stage.
It also worth buying the CD, to help the band! The CD has a beautiful design, a poster and the lyrics.. You know that relaxation time to listen to a sound reading the lyrics in the booklet? Better than Yoga! It has a very cool poster produced by 45Jujubas.
Check IT out! - Pode Flutuar


The release show of the album IT by Tempo Plastico at A Autentica was amazing! Wonderful energy, the songs are awesome! Cláudio Moreira (guitar); Luciano Porto (bass); Saulo Ferrari (drums) playing a real rock sound! The performance of Fabio Gruppi as always, fascinating and engaging. In addition, they had as a special guest on the song "Por Um Fio" the majestic Dolly Piercing! Check out this video and so that was another amazing moment in the independent rock scene of Belo Horizonte!
Very soon, on the band's page, you can check out the full show, moreover follow the schedule of shows!
Worth a lot to see live! - Pode Flutuar

"The Release of the album It! Tempo Plastico band"

"Some discs are meant to be heard at maximum volume. This is the case of IT, the brazilian band Tempo Plastico, which appeared in 2006 in Belo Horizonte with the proposal to make a heavy rock, experiencing the influences and create a sound that evaded labels and fads. "It" borns in the clock run, the ideas that bubbled up in the daily meetings between the four members.
This urgency is impregneted at the sound. Fabio Gruppi (vocals), Claudio Moreira (guitar), Saulo Ferrari (drums) and Luciano Porto (bass) the second album launch of the group and the first with this current lineup, reunited for two years. Having the experience and learning "Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar" (2013), which marked the debut of the band, the TP follows restless, looking for something.
From August to October 2014, the quartet went through pre-production and disc finalization process. The Tempo Plastico started playing the musics from IT, live, six months ago. Produced by Michel Kuaker and mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, in the US, IT was created with the intensity of those who believe in what you are doing. The time and urged the band dove headfirst into a hectic pace of creation. What, for the quartet, it was good. Things had to happen. And they knew how. "It was an intense process, hard work. It was natural for it to appear in the record", says bassist Luciano.
And such a rapport, as necessary, came with the passing days in the studio and living on the road and into the early morning. "We forced the creative process. Flowed, do not know if by force", says drummer Saulo. As influences of stoner rock and grunge go through all the tracks on the album. The same that shows it in his sound, Tempo Plastico runs of plays and shows how the band can travel own artistic paths. Vocalist Fabio makes clear: "We strongly believe in this work."
The compositions on personal experiences, everyday situations of the urban setting and the frictions and generated uncertainty in relation to the other, are direct, bluntly. Sometimes in Portuguese, sometimes in English, the letters also record this accelerated time by which the band went to record the album sound. Also seems chase The speed and fluidity of beatnik literature of Jack Kerouac, confessed influence of composers Fabio and Claudio.
IT is dirty, no bullshit and goes straight to the point. A heavy sound and up. "Stoner" which opens the album and had clip released earlier 2015, gives the message. Light a cigarette, accelerate the car, take the road and go do whatever comes to your head. It is the feeling it gives to listen to the track. A sense of hope and freedom continues in "Hoje Eu Acordei" the next single. A fast guitar music ripping machine as "Hit do Verao", which won a lyric video produced and directed by Tempo Plastico.
Following, something darker, with Black Sabbath airs. Superb to criticism of politicians, "Fly" has an anguished vocal and ends with desperate screams of vocalist. Verses "Do futuro não se sabe/Nem se pode esquivar/Ousadia é escolher com o coração" (The future do not know / can not dodge / Boldness is to choose with the heart) of "Por Um Fio," Fabio partnership with lyricist Brisa Marques, summarize the quartet's attitude towards what is to come. And the unknown does not scare them, on the contrary, it seems to excite them.
The riff of "Future", song-verb recalls brazilian band Titãs in the 1980s. Throughout its 10 tracks, "It" shuffles well something that is heavy and has a melody that reaches people without causing oddities. "Treze," which closes the album, is a punk-rock to dance. The disc ends noisy, leaving the trail to see the group live, playing on stage, where they feel comfortable. The printed visual concept in minimalism cover refers to the year 1990. With the open booklet, what you see is a bull inside a bottle. "Packaging the unpackable. The IT is that", says guitarist Claudio.
Care for the work shows that the Tempo Plastico has ambition and knows where to transit. Will play the game without shame, bet the chips aware of where they can get. IT is the trump card. The record is clear and it's as if the band said, this is our Music and that's what we want to do. With anxiety and urgency - in sound and speech."

The band is inviting the bands Tianastácia and Cachorro Grande for release shows in four cities of Minas Gerais, in addition to Eckolu opening band in 3 cities, thus inaugurating the Ultra Rock Festival. - BH Eventos

"Tempo Plastico releases 2nd album"

Highlight of the independent scene of Belo Horizonte, the band Tempo Plastico releases his second album 'It', in A Autêntica show. Recorded in the studios of Ultra Music (BH) and Wah Wah (SP), the CD was produced by Michel Kuaker. With lyrics in Portuguese and English, the group talks about contemporary concerns under the inspiration of beatnik Jack Kerouac. Some tracks remind Titãs, others, Black Sabbath. 'Treze', which closes the album, is a punk rock dance. The poetess Brisa Marques leaves her signature on "Por Um Fio".

On the road since 2006, Tempo Plastico is Fabio Gruppi (vocals), Claudio Moreira (guitar), Luciano Porto (bass) and Saulo Ferrari (drums). - UAI

"Visceral Sound - Hoje em Dia"

The second album of Tempo Plastico from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, "IT" is so rocker as its predecessor, "Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar" (2013), but this time the sound is more direct, no-frills, with strong stoner footprint. A new phase that the public can check in two shows this weekend: Saturday (31/10), within the "Ultra Rock Festival" in Ouro Preto, and Sunday (1/11), at A Autentica, in a show that also features the great brazilian group Cachorro Grande. - Hoje Em Dia

"Tempo Plastico Releases 2nd Album - Estado de Minas"

Highlight of the independent scene of Belo Horizonte, the band Tempo Plastico releases his second album 'It', in A Autêntica show. Recorded in the studios of Ultra Music (BH) and Wah Wah (SP), the CD was produced by Michel Kuaker. With lyrics in Portuguese and English, the group talks about contemporary concerns under the inspiration of beatnik Jack Kerouac. Some tracks remind Titãs, others, Black Sabbath. 'Treze', which closes the album, is a punk rock dance. The poetess Brisa Marques leaves her signature on "Por Um Fio". - Estado de Minas

"National Releases: Tempo Plastico, Never Too Late, Bratislava, Brothers Of Brazil"

The Tempo Plastico quartet, from Belo Horizonte , recently released the video for the first single from their new album , IT , which is scheduled for release yet in 2015. The track " Stoner " as its title suggests , is a stoner rock sung in Portuguese with a heavy footprint that gives some idea of what the band will bring ahead on their second album , with has more 9 unreleased tracks . - Tenho Mais Discos Que Amigos

"Tempo Plastico brings visceral music"

The second album of Tempo Plastico from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, "IT" is so rocker as its predecessor, "Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar" (2013), but this time the sound is more direct, no-frills, with strong stoner footprint. A new phase that the public can check in two shows this weekend: Saturday (31/10), within the "Ultra Rock Festival" in Ouro Preto, and Sunday (1/11), at A Autentica, in a show that also features the great brazilian group Cachorro Grande.

"IT" is a more direct drive. Bass, drums, vocals and guitar. We wanted this very visceral sounding disc, very close to a live show. The difference is that IT can be heavy and pop at the same time", says vocalist Fabio Gruppi, noting that the new footprint of the band is also related to the arrival of two new members: drummer Saulo Ferrari and bassist Luciano Porto. The guitar remains with Claudio Moreira. - Hoje em Dia

"Rock with attitude - show review by Pamella Perzoini"

Last Saturday, June 20th, Jack Rock Bar opened its doors to host another edition of Jack Experience, a project that is presented to the public good surprises of the independent scene from Minas Gerais state. Experience with the new begins in the moment a person enters the house: the sound system is not composed of AC/DC, Metallica, Pearl Jam and other bands that usually make up the setlist of the house before shows. The people are faced with a selection of authorial music, showing the fullness that we have when it comes to good compositions and musical quality.
After the presentation of Maurinho and Mauditos, which opened the project on the right foot, it was time for the band TEMPO PLASTICO show for what they came. With the launch of a new work scheduled for the second half of 2015, the quartet's repertoire presented to the public, firsthand, the songs that will make the next record and showed what is, in fact, make a rock and roll: with no superfluous with songs in Portuguese and English and attitude on stage.
The song "Fly" started to show what was coming and made it clear one of the biggest influences of the band, starting with the composition of the initial riffs: Stoner Rock. A sound well done and heavy, arousing the attention of onlookers who were joining the front of the stage to see and hear the repertoire of Tempo Plastico. Then another weight music, "Stoner" in the same previous footprint, and whose video clip - very well produced, by the way - can now be found by the public on internet.
Then it was the turn of the songs "Future", then "Tools" and "Yellow Liquido" and "Little Sister" by the Queens of the Stone Age. Among so many good songs, Tempo Plastico also is configured as a band that has attitude presentations. The singer, Fabio Gruppi, fulfills his role of frontman. It's that musician who is not there only to present his sound, he feels the music and captivates the audience with their interpretation, perhaps, make many call him crazy. But, for me, it is how it should be presented a good rock and roll.
Following the presentation of the song "Hit do Verao" song in Portuguese that will be disseminated to the public in August through a lyric video. After "Kerouac", "Por Um Fio" and "Rise 'n Burn". Among so many songs, the quartet was showing quality in live sound. The fact that the band has only one guitar, do not let the sound with less weight. The guitarist, Claudio Moreira, secures the safe wave and stands out for talent with the stringed instrument.
The show was nearing the end and the last songs chosen were "Mountains Goodbye," "Hoje Eu Acordei", "No One Knows" - also a cover of Queens of the Stone Age - and "Treze". The audience followed the whole presentation of the group and enjoyed the experience they had by quality authorial music and well composed. The second band of Jack Experience held the previous quality and let all curious to know the next group with presentation scheduled for July 11.
After the spectacle of Tempo Plastico, the audience saw a repertoire from Nirvana Tribute - Nevermind, which included the song "Celebrate Skin", made by the band Hole in their repertoire. And then some classic metalcpre, with Aunora, who took the opportunity and sent two original songs on the show, "Meus Herois" and "Dave's Song."

Pamella Perzoini - Rock Music

"A night of Stoner Rock - Interview"

With new formation since 2014, Tempo Plastico is now showing its new face. Brazilian rock sung both in English and Portuguese, heavy riffs of a guitar, bass and drums giving the right weight to not let anyone off. The stoner rock band with influences from Queens of the Stone Age, rock and grunge classics and Brazilian music.
The TP is set to release "IT", her second album. Recorded in the studios of Ultra Music and Wah Wah, the new work was the result of intense interaction between the four members that during the year 2014, met to compose. The album features ten tracks, produced by Michel Kuaker and mastering Carl Saff.
In this Saturday, June 20th, the band will present his new work to the public in Belo Horizonte, at the famous Jack Rock Bar, the project "Jack Experience". The singer, Fabio Gruppi, spoke to the Rock on the show and the new album. Check!
The launch of the new album is scheduled for this year. Already have a definite date? As the construction of this work?
The TP has passed for a change of formation. Saulo Ferrari took the drums and Luciano Porto the bass. In early 2014, when this formation met, we already were scheduled for September the record of the disc. We had seven months to compose the music and the result was 15 songs. Of these, recorded 12 and will release 10. The new work represents a cut of the transition period we live in, driven increasingly by stoner rock. The disc, which is ready, is hoping to be able to live music, the bipolarity of the senses and plasticity of time. We recently launched the first single with video, "Stoner", and in August we released a lyric video of the song, "Hit do Verao". I believe that by the beginning of the second half the album is available for free download.

I could see the in your work there is a mix of music in Portuguese and English. How did this idea came?
This is already something we like to do from the first album. English is present in our lives, in music, movies and travel. But, above all, it is a direct influence of the Mutant Arnaldo Baptista. On his disks, as in Loki, he sends a whirlwind of ideas that make sense regardless of the language. In fact, add English with Portuguese enables an even greater extent in the creation of the senses that a song can cause. The idea is to "let it flow".

And for the Saturday show? What the public can expect in Jack Rock Bar?
We are very excited to play in Jack. The rock audience of BH wants to have fun, but also want the opportunity to learn new things and to think a little. People can expect a busy show, full of intent, with the usual vigor, face, will show the present where we plan to go.
For this presentation, we will play the new album "IT", songs from our first album, "Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar" and two interpretations of Queens of the Stone Age. - Rock Music

"Drops Rock Brazuca"

The Tempo Plastico group , from Belo Horizonte , recently released the first single on YouTube of their new album "IT" , which is scheduled for 2015. The song " Stoner " lives up to its name and brings the band sending a good stoner rock sung in Portuguese . Recorded at Studio Caixa D' Ovo, where the band rehearses , the clip, which you can access this link , had the direction of Felipe Nascimento, Amiten Panzera and Marcelo Araujo . "IT" is the second album of Tempo Plastico and has more nine unreleased tracks . The band from Minas Gerais are Fabio Gruppi (vocals), Claudio Moreira (guitar), Luciano Porto (bass) and Saulo Ferrari (drums) . Highlighting the guitar "Stoner". It's hard not to think of Queens of The Stone Age. - Roque Reverso

"Tempo Plastico releases 'Stoner', first clip of the upcoming album 'IT'"

Pulsating, raw and heavy, the 'Stoner' video, released on Monday, april 27, opens the disclosure of Tempo Plastico second album, 'IT'. Directed by Felipe Nascimento, Marcelo Araujo and Amiten Panzera, the clip features the current lineup of the band in an earnest interpretation of the song. 'Stoner' and other new tracks the Miners musicians were composed and recorded last year produced by Michel Kuaker - who has signed works of Bebel Gilberto, CPM 22, Dinho Ouro Preto and Mallu Magalhaes.
The arrival of the first single on Internet, however, is not new to a select group of Tempo Plastico fans, who gave the Clip debut in special concert on Saturday, 25, at the Mercado das Borboletas. 'IT', the disc is not yet available in full, but the preview of 'Stoner' already promises to keep alive the copyright rock practiced by the Tempo Plastico since the first adventure in the studio, the EP 'Olho que Fuma', from 2011.
Founded in 2006 in Belo Horizonte, the band released the album 'Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar' by Ultra Music in 2013 and since then has passed by changes in the lineup - Fabio Gruppi (voice and keyboard), Claudio Moreira (guitar), Luciano Porto (bass) and Saulo Ferrari (drums) are responsible for the current line. - UAI

"BH Rock Week"

From pop of Pato Fu to hard rock of Tianastacia, and including some of the most constants acts from Minas Gerais indie scene, as A Fase Rosa, Lupe de Lupe and Tempo Plastico. - Direto ao Ponto

"Festival Traço gathers music and visual arts in Belo Horizonte"

Rock e artes visuais andam de mãos dadas desde sempre. É só olhar para trás e ver a influência de Andy Warhol junto ao Velvet Underground, de Hélio Oiticica com os tropicalistas e até o casamento de Patti Smith e Robert Mapplethorpe. Isso sem falar da variedade de astros pop que foram parar nos quadrinhos – de Kurt Cobain a Raimundos, passando por Beatles e Johnny Cash. Apesar deste lastro, a iniciativa do festival Traço – Música e desenhos ao vivo traz uma boa dose de ineditismo. A partir de agosto, e em quatro edições anuais até junho de 2015, um grupo de músicos vai se reunir a artistas gráficos, todos da nova geração, para performances simultâneas. Enquanto um toca, o outro ilustra. As quatro noites, com três apresentações cada, serão no Stonehenge.

Foram escaladas 11 bandas e uma artista solo que vão fazer shows para serem ilustrados por 16 desenhistas. O embrião do festival nasceu em 2013, quando houve apresentação, na programação paralela do Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos (FIQ), que uniu a banda Tempo Plástico e Jão e Bruno Pirata. Os dois criaram uma HQ enquanto o grupo fazia um show no CCCP. “Essa proposta surgiu quando eu trabalhava no Queijo Elétrico (produtora audiovisual voltada para a música independente que realizou o show) e reparei que uma iniciativa como essa foi feita poucas vezes. Como festival então era inédito”, comenta Helen Murta, que produz o evento ao lado de Tetê Procópio.

A curadoria das bandas foi feita pelas duas produtoras. Já a dos artistas gráficos coube a Jão. “Priorizamos as autorais, tanto que só há uma cover, Os Marrones (de Ramones). A diversidade de estilos é grande e são todas novas. A mais antiga é a Tempo Plástico, criada em 2006”, diz Helen. Jão acrescenta: “Na hora de escolher, pensei em pessoas que teriam condições de fazer um trabalho ao vivo. E ainda tentamos ligar o som das bandas ao estilo de cada artista.” No entanto, a intenção é que a performance seja o mais livre possível. Em vez de ensaios, banda e artistas vão fazer reuniões para tentar definir sua apresentação.

Única artista solo no evento, a acordeonista Sarah Assis, participa da abertura do evento, em 8 de agosto. Para acompanhá-la foram convidados Eduardo Damasceno e Luiz Felipe Garrocho, que produzem a série Quadrinhos rasos. Como a HQ é produzida a partir de letras de música, o festival tira os quadrinistas de sua zona de conforto, já que vão ter que desenhar inspirados por uma música instrumental. Sarah, por seu lado, tem experiência com o rock – participou de discos das bandas Proa e Dead Lovers. “O caráter de experimentação é muito forte no meu trabalho, pois uso pedais (como se fossem os de guitarra) ligados ao acordeom. Isso gera muita distorção, que acho que vai dialogar com os desenhos”, comenta ela, que vai executar repertório de releitura de Astor Piazzolla e até uma mistura de Bach com Luiz Gonzaga.

Carimbos Boa parte dos desenhos será feita em papel com caneta e projetada em telão. Há ainda um grupo que vai usar computador e tablet, mas nenhum dos convocados vai usar material semelhante ao do artista gráfico Matheus Ferreira, que vai ilustrar show da banda Paquiderme Escarlate, que vai ocorrer na edição de março do festival. Suas ilustrações serão feitas com carimbos de borrachas escolares. “É o mesmo princípio da xilogravura. Crio as imagens nas borrachas e daí, conforme a quantidade de tinta, são formadas imagens diferentes. Tudo vai depender de cada carimbada”, diz ele, que vem trabalhando na pesquisa de gravura de maneira diferenciada.

Já Ricardo Tokumoto, paulista radicado em BH, trabalha desde o início da carreira com desenhos que tenham relação com a música. Ele vai se apresentar na edição de novembro do Traço, ilustrando o show da banda Desorquestra, que veio a conhecer por causa do evento. Desde 2007, ele publica suas tiras no site Ryotiras, que ganhou uma versão em papel no livro Ryotiras omnibus. “Minhas tirinhas misturam cultura pop com o cotidiano. Já tive banda, toco guitarra e violão, e, quando era mais novo, violoncelo. Então sempre existiu essa ligação com a música”, diz ele, que começou a carreira no interior de São Paulo fazendo tirinhas para fanzines ligados ao movimento punk.

O inverso também é verdadeiro. Uma das bandas convocadas para o Traço mais conhecidas do cenário underground da cidade, a Ram tem um clipe só com animações (Routine). “Nosso show é bem livre, focado no improviso. E o rock como é consumido hoje é muito voltado para a balada, para casa noturna. Nossa proposta é diferente, nosso rock não é muito de pista, então acho que a experiência visual vai enriquecer a musical”, afirma o vocalista Paim. O grupo toca na edição final do Traço, em junho de 2015, com ilustrações do projeto Luiz vs Zé, dos artistas gráficos Luiz Moreira e José Lara.

O evento terá quatro edições. A estreia será
em 8 de agosto, às 21h, no Stonehenge,
Rua Tupis, 1.448, Barro Preto.
Ingressos: R$ 20 (preço único).

Quem toca e quem ilustra

» 8 de agosto
l Sarah Assis (acordeonista) e Quadrinhos rasos (projeto de Luís Felipe Garrocho e Eduardo Damasceno)
l Tempo Plástico (stoner rock e grunge) e Passaporte (projeto de Jão e Bruno Pirata)
l The Junkie Dogs (rock e trip-hop) e Cleuber

» 14 de novembro
l Desorquestra (ska, surf,
reggae e rock) e Ricardo Tokumoto
l Os Marrones (cover de Ramones) e Daniel de Carvalho
l Fodastic Brenfers (blues, punk, metal e psicodelia) e Luciano Irrthum

» Março de 2015
l Electrophone (experimental) e Bel Pozes
l Paquiderme Escarlate (rock autoral) e Matheus Ferreira
l Mentol (rock e blues) e Flávio Gatti e Hugo Rezende

» Junho de 2015
l Ram (blues-rock, folk,
soul, free-jazz) e Luiz vs Zé (projeto de Luiz Moreira
e José Lara)
l Madame Rrose Sélavy (punk e eletrônica) e Bi Anca
l Coletivo Dinamite (soul, reggae, rap, rock, dub e funk)
e Bruno Rios - Estado de Minas

"Festival Traço"

12 independent bands from Belo Horizonte gather to 16 graphic artists to give the festival Traço (means Trace, in portuguese) - live music and drawings. The initiative is an experimental work, where groups play while designers create live illustrations, projected on the big screen in the house that welcomes the shows: Stonehenge Rock Bar. Composed of four editions, with three performances per night, the festival is opened on August 8th 2014. At the premiere, the performances are: Sarah Assis with Quadrinhos Rasos, Tempo Plastico with Passaporte and The Junkie Dogs with Cleuber. - Globo

"#DoubleDose: Câmera + Tempo Plastico"

On April 30 , Thursday , takes place in the Lower Cultural Center (Rua Aaran Reis, 554 - Downtown ) #DoseDupla the party with the bands Tempo Plastico and Camera, came on stage in a good music filled show .

The two groups are in a busy phase. Tempo Plastico recently completed recording of the second disc - IT - which should be released in 2015. On the last weekend, the band released "Stoner" clip, the album's first single.

With 5 years down the road , the Camera has distinguished itself increasingly on the music scene in Brazil. In 2014 , the band released Mountain Tops disk and figured in numerous lists of ' national Revelations' . Now the group is preparing to do three shows in Barcelona at the Primavera Sound , one of the major European festivals . - SOU BH

"New bands from Belo Horizonte you should know!"

Much is said about the music from Minas Gerais. The ages of the Clube da Esquina to this day , much has changed , but the musical quality never diminished ! The unsuspecting reader might think that the Minas Gerais music is not the same and do not make bands like the old days, but we have prepared a frying pan short list to change your mind ! Check here the new bands of BH that deserve your attention :

Tempo Plastico
Green Morton
King Size Box - Frigideira SOU BH

"Tempo Plastico does a show this Wednesday in a famous BH theater"

The band Tempo Plastico does a show Wednesday at 20h, in the SESC Palladium pocket theater. Enough with vocalist Fabio Gruppi ahead of a power trio formed by Claudio Moreira (guitar), Luciano Porto (bass) and Saulo Ferrari (drums). Fresh out from the studio, where they just recorded the second album, promised to 2015, the group presents in the repertoire unreleased songs ("Hoje Eu Acordei", "Stoner", "Por Um Fio") and from the first CD ("Kerouac", "Yellow Liquido").

The current sound, explains Fabio Gruppi has weight elements of pop, valuing guitar riffs and worked vocals. "Even because, when we reduce a member, we left room for the corner," says the singer. Proposal bearing influence of a band the members love: the Californian Queens of the Stone Age, stoner rock icon, gender who balances weight, melody and 70's atmosphere. But also seeking to bridge between the public of rock and pop.

Despite having alternative compositions in English and Portuguese, to Fabio Gruppi, whatTempo Plastico does is Brazilian rock. "British and Americans have more marked production, tougher. We even wanting to do something, we have Brazilian blood. And the swing ends up appearing in music one way or another, "he believes. For him, it hardly matters, since such a course ("the essence of increased national rock vein") ends up being something unique and rare.

What is really different, he points out, it is the infrastructure for recording and doing lice shows. "In Brazil, only the styles Axé and Sertanejo counts with mega-structure. This way, even the big rock bands have one foot in the underground, "continues Fabio Gruppi. With regard to interpretation, the singer says that, as the letters are his, he defends each one with redoubled vigor and will. There have been those who saw the singer similarities to Cazuza's posture.

Fabio Gruppi considers that the rock scene of Belo Horizonte undergoes tough time three years now. "There are few places to play and the audience, which is hidden at home of covers, is not used to hearing authorial music," he explains. Positive aspect, however, is the emergence of good formations, which creates an atmosphere of conviviality, "shoulder companion in time to face the problems." It implies The Junkie Dogs (who just released their first album), Fodastic Brenfers and Absinto Muito as proof of the rock scene and renovation in BH.


The Tempo Plastico came in 2006, formed by colleagues of the media course that were "on the stairs of the building 13" in PUC. The group has played at the bar A Obra, in the project Conexao BH and festivals, and also appeared in the program Alto Falante, by Rede Minas channel. On stage, the band also presents reinterpretations of songs from Queens of the Stone Age, Rolling Stones and the brazilian Titãs.

Tempo Plastico
Wednesday at 20h, in the SESC Palladium Pocket Theatre (Rua Rio de Janeiro, 1046, Downtown). Tickets R$ 10 and $5 (half-price). Information: (31) 3270-8100 - Estado de Minas

"Tempo Plastico makes the old jalopy flies fevered by rock and roll"

"a visceral rock with no frills". Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar (Making the old jalopy flies, the name of the album in a raw translation). - O Tempo

"Tempo Plastico releases first full album"

“Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar” reveals a raw and direct rock - Hoje em Dia

"Mineira band Tempo Plastico presents a show tonight at Studio Bar, to release their first album"

"The album shows a heavier and direct sound" (Mineira is for a person or something that comes from the state of Minas Gerais) - Estado de Minas

"Festival S.E.N.S.A.C.I.O.N.A.L. 2013"

"the strong rock riffs of Tempo Plastico refers to the underground city bands in the 80s as Overdose and Divergencia Socialista, although the vocal of Fabio Gruppi is more punk and his presentation on stage more vigorous" - Scream & Yell

"Festival gathers 15,000 people with indie programming in Belo Horizonte"

"A mix of heavy and elegant sounds " is how the rock band Tempo Plastico was presented before getting on the stage. In fact, the heavy and raw instrumental sound gains a balance with the softness of the vocal." - O Globo

"Tempo Plastico at "A Obra""

"The new member brought other influences and contributed to the evolution of the group." - Sou BH

"Tempo Plastico presents an unprecedented show at "A Obra""

"From an experimental approach to a heavier and direct sound, the songs of Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar maintain the inventive and contesting character of Tempo Plastico." - O Tempo

"Vídeos: Blubell, Medulla e Tempo Plástico"

"Tempo Plastico - Yellow Líquido" - Scream & Yell

"Tempo Plastico (MG) releases unprecedented songs."

"Yellow Liquido is the new single from Tempo Plastico, besides the title track, it also presents the song No Tempo Certo." - Cena Low-Fi

"The new Tempo Plastico"

"The group will record a video of the gig, marking its new phase - with a new member, preparing for their first album release." - Hoje em Dia

"Check out the new video of Tempo Plastico"

"...with outdoor scenes, camera moving and humorous script." - Hoje em Dia

"Tempo Plastico does a show of the premiere release of 'Yellow líquido'"

"Tempo Plastico releases its first videoclip, Yellow Líquido." - Divirta-se

"Tempo Plastico releases “Yellow Líquido”, first video from their first album"

"...a heavy rock, influenced by stoner and grunge..." - Hoje em Dia

"Tempo Plastico - Olho que Fuma EP"

One of the coolest things one can say about this band is that it is not "like this or that band", because their songs have an identity and each of them is different from the rest. This is Tempo Plastico to me. - Coletivo Pegada

"Rock with Attitude"

Their sound is engaging, with oddball tempos and killer guitar riffs by Claudio Moreira. - Mix Mag Brazil

"Tempo Plastico"

... they produce a material that is solid, visceral and referential to the generation to which they belong. No boundaries, no barriers, no tethers. - Rodrigo James

"Tempo Plastico - Profile"

Na ativa desde 2006, a Tempo Plástico decidiu concretizar seu repertório e lançar o disco "Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar" (2013). O álbum foi gravado no Estúdio Ultra, produzido por Barral Lima e saiu pelo selo Ultra Music. A masterização ficou por conta do engenheiro de som Ted Jensen, do estúdio Sterling Sound (Nova York), que já trabalhou com artistas como Stone Temple Pilots e Alice In Chains.

Artistas contestadores e reflexivos que são, se prestaram a experimentar e reinventar sua produção sonora como reflexo do cotidiano. Letras em português e inglês fazem alusão ao dia a dia, amizade e desprentensão de Fabio Gruppi (voz), Cláudio 'Capeta' Moreira (guitarra), Saulo Ferrari (bateria), Luciano Porto (baixo) e Marcus Batista (synth). Resultado: um rock visceral e sem frescura.


- A banda já se apresentou em diversos festivais como Feira da Música, BrazilFest, em Seattle (EUA), S.E.N.S.A.C.I.O.N.A.L.! 4, que reuniu mais de 15 mil pessoas em Belo Horizonte e Conexão BH 2013

- O baterista Saulo Ferrari é primo do guitarrista Cláudio Moreira

- Ex-integrantes: Felipe Prado (baixo), Eduardo Drummond (bateria) e Thiago Viana (guitarra)


(31) 31878-91029
/ 9821-6589
/ 9991-2997

www.tempoplastico.com - O Tempo

"BH Music Station reveals hidden station of the subway"

Enquanto Rodrigo Amarante e a conhecida Orquestra Imperial, de Moreno Veloso, Pedro Sá, Nelson Jacobina e companhia, se apresentam no palco principal da Estação Oficina, o palco secundário recebe Mustache e Os Apaches e a festa Geleia Geral, inspirada nas canções de Torquato Neto e Gilberto Gil. Circulando entre os vagões das estações, haverá apresentações intimistas de Iconilli, Tempo Plástico, O Barulhista, Madame Rrose Sélavy, Briga de Galo, Peluqueira, Minimalista, Yellowtones, Pequeno Céu, Sara Não Tem Nome, O Melda e Brascubazz. - O Tempo


IT (2015)

1 - Stoner
2 - Hoje Eu Acordei
3 - Tools
4 - Hit
5 - Fly
6 - Por Um Fio
7 - Mountains Good Bye
8 - Future
9 - Rise 'N' Burn
10 - Treze

Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar (2013)

1 - Yellow Liquido
2 - Enquanto o Mundo Nao Vem
3 - Kerouac
4 - Gift
5 - Se Quiser Saber
6 - Lafaiete
7 - No Tempo Certo
8 - Passe
9 - Meia-noite
10 - Choosing a Way
11 - Eletric Bird
12 - Libertas



Tempo Plastico is a Brazilian Stoner Rock band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, formed in 2006.

The band is independent and is building a solid carreer after playing in some important festivals during the years, highlighting the South by Southwest 30th anniversary (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, that became the band's first US Tour in 2016, where they drove from Las Vegas to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, San Angelo, Amarillo, El Paso and Santa Fe in a motorhome.

In October 2015, Tempo Plastico released the album "IT", as the band's second full lenght. Recorded in the studios Ultra Music (Belo Horizonte) and Wah Wah Studios (Sao Paulo), the record was the result of intense interaction between the four members. The album has 10 tracks, some in English some in Portuguese. "IT", was produced, engineered and mixed by Michel Kuaker (Sao Paulo), and mastered by Carl Saff (Chicago, USA). The band released "IT" for free in October 13th and was invited to perform in Mexico City at Festival Ajusco in November 2015.

The current formation was settled in 2014. Fabio Gruppi (Vocals), Claudio Moreira (Guitars), Luciano Porto (Bass) and Saulo Ferrari (Drums) refreshed their musical influences with the main objective: surrender to Music completely. Drop and heavy chords, upwards and heartfelt vocals, to the point: ROCK.

The first album was released in 2013. "Fazendo a Lata Velha Voar"  has 12 tracks and was produced by Barral Lima (Ultra Music, Belo Horizonte) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound, NYC). 

Nowadays, Tempo Plastico is currently performimg in many places from Minas Gerais state and some capitals in Brazil, besides finishing the production of a third album. Some festivals they already played are: SXSW Music Festival (USA), Festival Ajusco in Mexico City, BrazilFest in Seattle (USA) and some other Brazilian festivals from Belo Horizonte: BH Music Station, BH Rock Week, SENSACIONAL #4 and #6, Virada Cultural, Conexao Vivo and others.

Main influences of the band are Kyuss, Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age.

Band Members