Temporary Basement

Temporary Basement

 Arlington, Virginia, USA

We are a power pop / indie rock band from Washington DC. Our songs are catchy and concise pop with a twist. They are often characterized by loud guitars and high melodic singing. We have been compared to Weezer, No Knife, Police, and Jimmy Eat World.


Temporary Basement have just released their newest CD, Interim. The lyrics range from the uncertainty of growing up and not feeling absorbed, to the fight to keep in touch of your friends and yourself (Badfriend), failed connections and longing (If You Ask), and of promises finally kept (Rescind). The music of the record varies as well. Hallways is a balance between the tense and angular guitars of Fugazi and the sweetness of Oasis. Fluster fuses Emil's skittery raggae beat with a flamenco style outro. David's baritone singing and fluid bass playing adds a fresh outlook to familiar live staples such as Yearbook and Laguna Beach. Mike's high and instantly recognizable voice remains on display on songs like Holdover.

Temporary Basement plays tight, intense and passionate shows that reflect their love for the music. Temporary Basement have played numerous venues up and down the East Coast including: CBGBs (NYC), Fort Reno (DC), Jammin Java (Arlington), Rock + Roll Hotel (DC), Automata Chino (NJ), the Annex (NYC) and Canal Club (Richmond).

Additional songs are available at: www.myspace.com/temporarybasement



Written By: Michael Favila, Emil Favila, Erik Ulsaker

every thing i asked for i never needed but you always had it in spades - for every thing i asked for i was a bad friend.

every thing you asked for, never repeated but i always had it in spades oh for every thing you asked for i was a bad friend

i admit the signals that you've floated out to me - concerned about my words - my wants - my needs, what's worth to me.

floundering, your balance could have easily come from me, i act as if your words are null, just so much sand at sea

decades fade / i lose the make of me / and though you've always held, i chose to leave

i obsess about my life to be - you fall apart, yet still you answer me

maybe i'm too old, too dumb, too scared - but - too tired to follow through

lately, i have put my life on hold / i'm too tired to fall asleep against the wind

maybe i'm too bold to make amends - but - i can't just fall asleep against the wind!

If you ask my last selfish wish is that

all the things i want - i want for you.


Written By: Michael Favila, Emil Favila, Erik Ulsaker

mornings spent. i'm walking past your office cube. hold my breath in deep, i hope to get a glimpse of you. i'm walking slow. and I make it to my space intact. but the span of day is wasted on a worse attack.

i start to work. with a blank stare for computer screen. broken only by the movement of your arms unseen. oh my lack of nerve. introduce myself, forget my name. oh we laugh in pairs. is this good or bad despite a change?

hallways we pass, want - to - talk but all that comes from me is sound...

each failed attempt to talk to you, leaves me stutter - to shake - become unglued. I want to - unable - to show you I'm stable!

the distance in what I say and mean makes me tired from running in your speed. i want to - unable - to show you I'm stable!

new excuse. with the christmas party creeping in, i have tried before, just to follow up my first instinct. i want to be direct. i want to make this pattern change. casually i start to talk with you, but it always just turns out poor...

one day - with my choices made, you'll spin your world to me when work is done and gone

maybe, in a week or two, i'll be drawn right back to you...


Written By: Michael Favila, Emil Favila, Erik Ulsaker

holdover seems to keep past the nearest deep sea. i'm just as scared as you ... i want stability, a formal guarantee - from harm.

each time you've left i fake my face for all the rest. drink with my friends, dismiss our time - although you keep my whole blueprint in stone.

stars will come back - every time we falter - every time we lay down - lay down to sleep.

stars will come home - every time we've wandered - every time we're weighed down - paid our receipts.

i breathe in seams... to grasp, you say, ruins our pure rings. missives reserved, please don't withhold. release to me - keep me within arms's reach ... for good.

i want waves... i want means... not just skylights above me. i pick you, over sleep, over memories of family.

Laguna Beach

Written By: Michael Favila, Emil Favila, Erik Ulsaker, Chris Marfori

man I need a little holiday - man I need some time to get away! i know you know - that no one will know...

you say you gotta go to work today - you say your shift begins and ends at 8! but nothing keeps me it's true - nothing keeps me from you.

laguna Beach is where I'll reach for you, and all your sisters too.

i can't stand it ... i don't wanna know! maybe I should go back to Laguna Beach...

sometimes I wish that time would go away. maybe we'll find a little place to stay? i know you know - that no one will know ...


Written By: Michael Favila, Emil Favila, Erik Ulsaker

6 am to 7:30, i'm lying in bed, in no big hurry. should i mark targets or set different aims? when last night turned out exactly the same?

i draw new designs, i never go out. but every day the same chore, a pointless worry. so why'd i drive hours in traffic to stay? if i can't go from to dc to la then why show?

dont leave me - i hope this carries you home ... my weakness convinced me can we just go?

i shuffle my feet - and fake a purpose - but every day it feels like my textbook's worthless. but i can't stand for another 10 years. a new moon changes, my spark disappears.

but when i'm asleep, i never give in. my dreams are destinations, long beach in winter. so why must i stay, submit to my fear? if i can't drive from dc to la, i wont know!


Written By: Michael Favila, Emil Favila, Erik Ulsaker

without you, a room just stays an empty space. it doesn't matter what is placed. when all the air follows - i can't remain.

if you leave
demolish every wall i touch, extinguish all remaining fire.
if you cannot stay still - nothing else will.

if you leave much too soon - my core collapses - implode before i start

your silent ways, i know i want, i know i want to be ... so why dont you just wake me up again?

a quiet gaze, i only work from words you choose to say. so why dont you just wake me up again?

if i sleep next to you, it's all i ever do. move all i can to stay pressed to you. only till my heart - decides a time - when it can stop.

if i sleep next to you, armies will follow, till i lose all my wards

ill never give what i can't ever have. i want nothing less than you.

Two Radios

Written By: Michael Favila, Emil Favila, Erik Ulsaker

Your face in sleep
Entreats to me
Ten oceans deep
one waveless sea

Eyelids flickering
Two radios speak
Broadcasting broken

Oh I was last to leave
I was buried deep
But now I'm home with you
And home with you I sleep

Breathing glowering
The windmill brings
A vacuum pace
Of patience sings

I wake from cold
Against your heat
A break from dream
Better unsleep

It’s home I want
It’s home I choose.


Interim (2008)

Subscribing To My Youth (2002)

TBCD (1998)

Here You Me! (1997) - benefit compilation featuring Weezer, That Dog, Beck, Ozma.

Set List

no covers. Sets range between 30 min - 1 hour, with 10-15 songs, but can play shorter or longer if desired. We play all the songs from Interim, and most of Subscribing To My Youth.

sample 30-45 minute setlist:
Lay Low
4 Minutes
Maybe I
Laguna Beach