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Temporary Grace

Rock and Roll's true spirit of rebellion is reborn in the music of Temporary Grace. Exposing society's shallow ideals and exploring the depths of the human heart and mind, this four-piece rock band pumps rhythm and intellect through its audience like blood through the veins. With Rob Eelman fronting the band, Chuck Epperly on guitar, Anthony Crotta on bass, and Greg Forney pounding the drum skins and cymbals, Temporary Grace delivers the fix you've been jonesin for.

"We're all addicted to something, states Eelman. "Music is one of the few substances you can't abuse. We want to provide people an escape from the mundane reality many are forced to accept... some Temporary Grace if you will."

Addiction, love, racism and other aspects of life are intensely examined on the band's first independent release "Priorities." Though the track "Thin Ice" focuses on the perils of drug and alcohol abuse, the band's standout track "Days Uncounted" serves as an anthem of hope:
"Learning to behold, how this fate unfolds, I've prepared my soul for days uncounted."

It's this positive message that sets the tone for the album.
"Even when we tackle a more challenging subject, we try to keep the message positive," explains Eelman.

Temporary Grace may seem new to the scene, but its founders are no rookies to the music industry. In the spring of 1996, while Rob and Anthony were still in junior high, Greg met Chuck at a Wendy's in Phoenix and together formed a band named Dislocated Styles. They spent the next four years gaining popularity in the Southwest, touring and trading shows with bands such as Incubus, Papa Roach, Phunk Junkeez, and Alien Ant Farm. Shortly after playing the main stage at the Edgefest show in Phoenix with Kid Rock and System of a Down, it was inevitable that the labels would come sniffing around. Although they were courted by many companies, they ultimately signed with Roadrunner Records because they were adamant about putting the band in the studio with veteran producer Howard Benson( P.O.D, Hoobastank, All-American Rejects) to record their debut album. In the summer of 2001, along with a video that had begun receiving early airplay on MTV in Europe, Greg and Chuck embarked on a European tour with Dislocated Styles playing the Reading(U.K), Leeds(U.K), and even the main stage at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium with Staind, while touring and supporting the then upcoming release of their debut album due out that September.

Unfortunately, September 11, 2001, intervened. Just two days after they returned from Europe, their album was blacklisted because of lyrical content in their first single "Fire in the Hole." "The Rock Rap sound was changing," says Greg, "and even though we still had a tour in Japan planned for February, I knew that after being blacklisted our days at Roadrunner were numbered. Chuck and I made the decision to leave Dislocated Styles after we returned from Tokyo."

With the abrupt disintegration of the band, Greg found his way back to New Jersey to contemplate his future as a musician. Within months of his return, he discovered a young singer/songwriter born and bred at the Jersey Shore. Greg encouraged Chuck to move to the east coast. "I knew we needed inspiration and fresh talent to take our careers to the next level," states Chuck, "so the decision to make the move was easy." With the addition of Anthony, a close family friend of Greg's, Temporary Grace was born. After distributing 11,000 copies of their demo in NJ, they found their way into the studio to record their first EP "Priorities" through most of 2005.

Their high-energy live performances and the captivating persona of these men has crowds from the Stone Pony to CBGB's joining its ranks. The revolution is underway. Temporary Grace continues to strive for excellence and seeks to fulfill the demand for something real in the lives of the human race.


Days Uncounted

Written By: Rob Eelman

Days Uncounted

I haven't had a thought I could write about
Got a pen but there's no words around
My head or in my troubled heart
My inspiration lacks in all degrees
Took a day off thought I'd catch a ride on a gentle breeze
But my breath, it lingers in the air

Drowning precious time
In a glass of wine
Trading morning light
For days uncounted
My patience almost gone
Where did I go wrong
It's been goin on
For days uncounted


My creativity is a gift of truth
It'll eat you up alive
If you keep it inside of you
A plea of ignorance won't hold


Found this precious time
Part of the design
It's been set in line
For days uncounted
I'm weeding out the truth
To fortify the roots
I'm pickin up the clues
Break in
Learning to behold
How this fate unfolds
I've prepared my soul
For days uncounted
Wrote this little song
Won't you sing along
We'll be goin strong
For days uncounted
Chorus (Wo-oh's)


Written By: Rob Eelman


Moving westward
Letting go is what I've learned
Parting never seemed
To bring an end to much
In this moment
I can see past emotion
If something is meant to be
Then it will become

All I've wanted was
All I've needed was
All I'm asking is that you recognize my face
All I've wanted was
All I've needed was
All I'm asking is that you......you still feel me.

Understand this
Feel me now with just one kiss
In your sweet lips I'll bid
One final sweet farewell
Finding closure
Hidden deep within my soul
Some doors remain closed
But ours I'll never lock

My love, my love
Take this ring, take this ring now
My love, my love
Hold on, hold on, hoooooold on
All I've wanted was
All I've needed was

Bad Timing

Written By: Rob Eelman

Bad Timing
His patience is wearing thin
It's burning and driving him
It's tough to let go he's been working so hard to be the one
His passion, his calling, it's all in his heart
It's not only fortune that brought him this far
It's always bad timing
Circumstances they fall face into each other
It's all placed divinely
A perspective's clouding the tall gates ahead
The stage has been set for him
The lights have begun to dim
It's like he had dreamed all of his life and yet there's something wrong
The road is his home now, his love is away
He's praying these choices have not been in vain
It's just part of the plan
We're doin what we can
It's just part of the plaaaaan


"democrazy" 4 Song Demo 2003
"Priorities" 8 song EP 2006
"Losing Faith" 6 song EP
"Come Close To Me" Single

Set List

Original Set

Find Me A Way
Thin Ice
Bad Timing
Days Uncounted
Little Town
Better Off
Out Loud
Losing Faith
My Enemy
Walk Away
Reach For You
Come Close To Me

Cover Set
We have over 4 hours of Cover material as well and are available for every kind of occasion.