Temporary Hero

Temporary Hero

 Marietta, Georgia, USA

Temporary Hero is the hottest new punk rock band from Atlanta! Temporary Hero is quickly gaining fame as one of the best local bands in Atlanta. They have dedicated all of their time, money, and talents to make this band the next big thing...


Temporary Hero is a new puck rock band hailing from the city of Atlanta. They played their first show at The Masquerade and it was a huge success! After that they played every chance they could get and quickly started headlining at local venues. After many various musical and lineup changes they are now bigger, better and fast growing band.

Blake and Robbie started getting interested in music many years ago. They tirelessly wrote music and tried to start many bands. They finally found Justin, a devoted bass player in early 2007. They formed Temporary Hero in late 2007. They had various drummers from March through June 2008 then they finally found Sheppard.

The four of them are influenced very differently from each other. It ranges from Blink 182 to Slipknot, which is what makes the band so different from the rest. With dark, heavy guitar and epic leads, fast punk rock drumming, moving bass lines, and emotional vocals the band has many fans from all walks of life.

They have made a visible impact on other bands and the local music scene. The guys have devoted there life to music and to the band...


We are currently in the process of writing our first EP.

Set List

30 Minute Set:

1. I'm Alright
2. Bane
3. No Sense
4. Down
5. Final Day
6. We Are The Kings
7. Can't Breathe
8. Dropouts of the World

45 Minute Set:

1. I'm Alright
2. Bane
3. No Sense
4. Down
5. Raining Blood (Cover from Slayer)
6. Final Day
7. Wings Of The Deadra
8. Can't Breathe
9. Walk Alone
10. The Fight
11. We Are The Kings
12. Dropouts of the World