Temporary Heroes

Temporary Heroes

 Bronxville, New York, USA

Temporary Heroes is a group of high school friends who started a band as an excuse to hang out more. When they began writing original songs they realized their musical compatibility and gained a brotherhood over indentifying with each other's lyrics based on their experience with family and youth.


Temporary Heroes began when Gavin Reidy found his brother's guitar somewhere in the basement and began learning songs from some of his favorite folk rock bands. When James Murtagh and Gavin Reidy got together they bonded over the music they had both grown up on such as The Rolling Stones, John Mellencamp, and Bruce Springsteen. When they learned of their other two best friend's, Tom Jennings and Brian Jost, musical pasts as a guitarist and pianist respectively they knew they had to fulfill their dream of starting a band. The four friends began jamming on weekends to their favorite songs from bands such as Everclear and Weezer and once they became more comfortable playing together began writing songs. At this time they felt something was missing from their band. They looked back to all of their favorite artists trying to find the answer to their sense of absence and they found it, the musical touch of a female best friend. Megan Johnson was added to the band bringing with her a mature turn on teenage songwriting. When the band thought they couldn't be more complete they turned to James's friend from grammar school, Brian Cushin, to add his own flare to their musical style. Over the next few months the band worked hard writing original songs about their experiences with high school, relationships, and family. On January 31st, 2009 the band performed their first show in the basement of the Village Lutheran Church in their hometown. Many friends and local high school kids came out to the performance and Temporary Heroes became a staple in the Westchester music scene.


August 2009- "Fernando" EP, released on Disc Jockey Spin Recordings

July 2010- "Someone Will Save Me" LP, released on Disc Jockey Spin Recordings