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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"CD REVIEW: TEMPT – Under My Skin EP"

" The guitars are chugging and riffy, the bass and drums heavy, and the vocals (lead and background) full. The gang vocals really add some depth and balls to the chorus, while the bridge is all guitar solo goodness. " - 100% Rock

"Tempt EP Review"

Tempt are a rock band that rock out old-school with a swagger. The guitar hooks are amazing, and the melodies lodge themselves in your head instantly, plenty of hooks, strong songwriting and strong vocals. - Dedicated Rocker Society

"Tempt EP review"

"The New York based band’s debut record is something special, All things considered, anyone will agree after hearing this EP that Under My Skin is one of the best of the year’s new EPs." - Phils Picks

"Get to know TEMPT and don’t miss their debut performance at Rocklahoma!"

"Together these four are breathing the life back in to rock and roll with their big sound. Their music is highly guitar driven, up-tempo rock that will have you with your fist in the air and ready to party. " - Music Junkie Press


"Any rock program director not adding Tempt to their playlist is crazy" - Matt O'Shaugnessy DJ WVOX Metal Mayhem

"Tempt EP Review"

"Five stars, two thumbs up, a rousing “hell yeah!” However you want to measure it, the EP is a masterpiece of songwriting, musicianship and production. Tempt’s debut EP will rock your socks off." - Screamer

"Tempt EP Review"

"old school but yet Fresh good playing and infectious hooks" - Keith Roth SIrius XM

"Tempt Under My Skin EP review"

"Ending the disc is “Aamina” which just happens to be my highlight track. Talking about making your mark in music. This is the track that could set fire to TEMPT. It’s a hit maker with Harrison Marcello going off the hook on his guitar.
These guys are going to make an impact in the US and beyond if all is fair so pick up their new disc once available. " - Rockeyes

"TEMPT-ED BY THE FRUIT OF ANOTHER; Young rockers Tempt from New York City are using old-school rock as a main influence, and it’s working."

"The band has a respectable 10,000 views on some their youtube videos, and Tempt is coming off a successful performance last month at Rocklahoma. Legendary producer Michael Wagener mixed Tempt’s slick EP “*Under My Skin,” so this is a project that should be taken seriously. Added Wagener: “As I was mixing the album, I couldn’t make up my mind which song would be the single because they’re all very well-written and performed. Great band, great songs, great performances.” - Metal Sludge


Tempt - Under My Skin - Limited Edition Rocklahoma EP



Guitars? Yes guitars. Blazing guitars, ripping guitars and guitar solos! Tempt are not DJs, shoe gazers, hipsters, rappers, producers or lovers of EDM and nobody told them that you couldnt have a smash hit on radio thats guitar driven and that rocked. Tempt are rockers; in fact, theyre the return of the rock star AND the guitar hero and they write hits.

Yes they believe in and celebrate great musicianship in the tradition of their heroes Malmsteen, Lynch, Sykes, Plant, Tyler, Bonham and Peart but they do it with an upbeat and infectious pop sensibility. This isnt dark metal for depressed anti-deluvians, its music that people roll down the windows of their cars on a summer day and sing to! This is a band that girls want to f**k and guys want to be in! Its the US band that can bring ROCK back.

 And on May 25th, rock fans will be able to see what all the buzz is about, when the NYC-based Tempt - which is comprised of Zach Allen (vocals), Harrison Marcello (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Zak Gross (bass, vocals), and Jimmi Kane (drums) - will take a road trip to Pryor, OK, to rock Rocklahoma. And available at the show will be a four-song Rocklahoma collectors EP sampler featuring the first single Under My Skin which has just been released on:

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Were so thrilled that our record is finally mixed and mastered and we wanted to get one of the tracks out there for our fans. Under My Skin represents our sound and were ready to hear our fans sing it at Rocklahoma

 In addition to the title track, the EP features Use It Or Lose It an up-tempo rocker, The Fight a powerful fist pumping anthem and Time Wont Heal a smash power ballad. As legend Michael Wagener said When I was mixing their album, I couldn't make up my mind which song would be the single, because they all are very well written and performed. Great band, great songs, great performances."

Along the way to Rocklahoma, Tempt will be bringing their high-energy live show rocking and rolling to Pittsburgh, Columbus, Louisville, Nashville, Raleigh, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

 "We are ready to take Rocklahoma by storm and feed off the energy of some great rock fans," says Tempt. "This is a great opportunity for us and we're thankful to everyone at Rocklahoma for including us. It will be our one year anniversary of our first show when we hit Rocklahoma and it's a great place to celebrate."

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