Tempting the Sirens

Tempting the Sirens


Our music blends the genres of Pop Punk with Metal creating a sound that attracts fans from all different genres. With our balance of business and creativity, we are one of the most efficient and easiest bands to work with out there!


It has never been harder to make unique music, and genre-bending acts are in short supply. While the mainstream and underground music industries are busy stamping out the next big thing, TEMPTING THE SIRENS is busy breaking the molds. Crossing rock, pop punk, and metal genres, tempting the sirens brings a powerful and unique presence to the metal scene. Formed in January of 2009, just nine months later the band released their first EP: Among Survivors. Hailing from all over the metal hotbed that is Western Massachusetts, Devin Smith (vocals), Karl Jensen (guitar/vocals), Tom Welch (guitar) Christopher Arbour (drums), and Robert Nichols (bass) formed TEMPTING THE SIRENS. Always believing that the right amount of hard work and creativity will send them to the top, TEMPTING THE SIRENS will be sure to shake the underground.


"Among Survivors" (2009)

Set List

"Resor To Restart"
"My Calling For"
"Darkened Days"
"Among Survivors"
"A Heart With No Shame"
"Passage Of A Lifetime"
"Our Story Ends In Ruin"
This is our Generally used set list songs. Sets vary depending on show type. Ave. 40min set