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"Tempus Fugit - Shallow Water Blackout"

If you're looking for melody in Progressive Rock look no further then the 2nd full length release from the Canadian Crossover band, Tempus Fugit. It doesn't take longer than about 15 seconds of the opening track, "Dodgy," to hook you. Tempus Fugit is a Toronto band that has been around for a while, releasing a 4 track cassette and a first album in the previous decade. After a 6 year hiatus, recording began on Shallow Water Blackout.

Toronto and English Canada is not brimming over with progressive rock bands. Outside of Rush's legacy, there's been very little out there over the years. Tempus Fugit is hoping to change that. This album can be clearly defined as Crossover, as there's plenty of meat for the prog purist, but the album is undeniably melodic and full of variety. In fact, it doesn't appear to be progressive until the fifth track, "Soap Stains And Ashes" which expands on the band's musical inclinations, yet still tracks in at seven minutes.

All tracks have something going for them. "Presence" is a mellow, laid back track after the lively "Dodgy" but builds on a guitar solo towards the end. The title track is moody, textural and atmospheric. It's followed by the riffy "Migrations" that also tap dances with heaviness and levity. I'm most reminded of mid seventies Kansas by this track.

"Soap Stains..." is mellow and moody until it erupts near the end. "Just Another Day" is another catchy, upbeat number followed by an indie styled rocker "Do You Know What I Mean?". By the final two tracks, arguably the best on the album, it is clear that CD will stay near the top of the pile for a few weeks, maybe months. "The Poetry Song," an instrumental, closes the album with definitive progressive finesse.

Though the vocals are mixed down on this album, the timber of Darrin Cappe's pipes is pleasant to listen to. He's not a powerful singer, but he does show passion from time to time. In fact, that is the most compelling thing about listening to this album -- it is damn pleasant to digest. Songs grow on you with each listen. There's a nice balance of guitar, keys and an effective rhythm section. The cornerstone of good rock music.

Certainly Shallow Water Blackout neither displays scorching instrumental prowess, virtuoso or epic prog at it's best, but the recording and playing is more than competent. The mix and production overall are top notch. It may not be a classic, but Tempus Fugit shows that a Toronto band can deliver in this era of no shortage for new prog. - ProgressiveWorld.net

"Tempus Fugit: Shallow Water Blackout"

When I first saw the cover and name I immediately thought, Yes cover band. But these guys are not in any way. This is original sounding pop/rock.

"Dodgy" starts things off with a bang. It's a fast moving rock n' roll song full of good guitar, keys, bass, drums, and yes…cowbell! A good straight ahead rocker that will lift you out of your seat and get you out on the floor.

"Presence" is about as close to Yes as this band gets. It's a very good proggy sounding song full of cool keys and guitar that open the song well. Good vocals and support of drums. The guitars and keys make this one of the best songs on the album.

"Shallow Water Blackout", the title track, starts off with some great solo guitar and vocals. The acoustic guitar and those drums work perfectly in unison. You definitely can hear why this song became the title track. Very well constructed and performed. Those launching guitar buzzes are some of the highlights of the album. The heavier drums and guitar that permeate the rest of the track are wonderful.

There are only bridges between each song on this album and the guitar chord bridge that brings us to "Migrations" is very good. Then the action begins with cool keys and more powerful guitars. The drums on this song are a good reason to buy this album. The lyrics are emotional and bring feeling to each of the songs. "Show me an ocean that's filled with tears. Show me a dream that's filled with years. " The 'Emerson – like' keys that follow are worth the price of admission alone.

The acoustic guitar which brings us to "Soap Stains and Ashes" will bring back memories of some Pink Floyd classics. "Holding on to each other we walk away and smile". Written in the summer of 1999. Yeah, that warm kind of summer song complete with awesome acoustic guitar. There's even a melody that brings back memories of Tea Party's first album in here.

"Just Another Day" sounds like a happy, fun song, until you listen to the lyrics. There is an unofficial video on You Tube which takes you on a plane ride while you listen. Now that's fun.

The opening drums and launching guitars on "Do You Know What I Mean?", get this short almost instrumental song off and rolling fast.

"New Path" opens fast with powerful guitars and blasting drums. The hardest song on the album.

"Drownproofing" starts off slow with acoustic guitar, softer drums and piano. "After New Path", this one is calming and relaxing. "Still waters are rising in my eyes. Every drop becomes a downpour."

"The Poetry Song" is an instrumental full of musical poetry from Styx – like keys, guitar, and drums. - Sea Of Tranquility

"Rating 7.5/10"

To avoid misunderstanding, it is good before anything else to warn you that the Tempus Fugit who committed this album has nothing to do with his Brazilian namesake we've already talked to MW, and his music is far from the neo-prog symhonique South Americans.

This oratorical you avoid the inevitable blow to the heart that you would not miss having to listen to the upbeat song of introduction, but within a square rock and classical, if you were expected to any digression instrumental and progressive.

The quintet is Canadian and, if it exists since 1985 under various line-up, has to his credit that three LP, the first was released only on cassette. Thirteen years elapsed before the second album, produced on CD, not born, then another eleven long years before the release of Shallow Water Blackout. In reality, these long periods of inactivity explained simply by the separation of the group, from 1987 to 1997 and from 2001 to 2007, each going about in the meantime his personal affairs.

If Shallow Water Blackout was released in 2010, it was actually recorded in four days in 2008, and titles that are were written between 1997 and 2001. This probably explains the next "immediate" and slightly old-fashioned songs of this album.

For if the inspirations of the group in its infancy hesitated between Iron Maiden, Genesis, Pink Floyd, the ten songs we offer are good songs pop / rock format chorus / verse could not be more marked. This does not mean they are not of interest. Presence or titles like Soap Stains And Ashes have everything to make tubes FM. Dodgy and New Path rocks are nervous that make you want to dance, and if the mild satisfaction Just Another Day recalls the Beatles and the Who as sweet Drownproofing refers to Robbie Keane or the beautiful Migration to give fake tunes by Led Zeppelin.

A melting pot of influences, mostly old, but all in good taste, and similar enough to not feel like hearing a pale imitation of the model. It's fresh, unpretentious, well played (special mention to the voluptuous bass). A disc that is listened tirelessly and with great pleasure. - http://www.musicwaves.fr/


1999: ...When You're Having Fun
2010: Shallow Water Blackout



Tempus Fugit is power pop, elegantly understated indie rock, progressive rock pyrotechnics and straight-ahead punk, unified by rich arrangements, catchy melodies and evocative emotional themes.

The new album, "Shallow Water Blackout", is long overdue, but worth the wait. It has been ten years since Tempus Fugit released their first album, "...When you're having fun", and gigged extensively around the Toronto area, building up a strong following. Then other commitments put the band on hiatus. When they reconvened in 2008, it was to make music that the band themselves wanted to hear.

The result is stunning: the new songs are lush and layered, with a meticulous attention to detail.

With the new album completed the band have been feverishly honing their live set for several upcoming CD release parties in Toronto and Montreal.

Tempus Fugit are not in it for the money or the glory. They are in it for the poverty and obscurity. They've been playing together since high school - disappearing and reappearing several times since. Their music is a testament to the idea of never giving up - of making music for its own sake.