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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 1997

New York City, NY
Established on Jan, 1997
Solo R&B Funk




"Temu Bacot: ‘Rise of the Necrodancer’ is layered with musical ideas on a crisp funk pallet!"

New York City singer, songwriter, dancer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Temu Bacot appears on the multi-platinum hit “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa”, Gramatik’s “Talkbox Intended”, and on recordings with the cream Denmark’s musical talents. He also has a string of important production credits to his name. Recently Temu released his EP ‘Rise of the Necrodancer’.

The fact is plain and simple: Temu Bacot can jam. That much is clear from the very first track on the EP – Who Funkin’? And in that same vein, this is not your typical funk record. There are moments when Temu supplies a stream of smooth grooves, like the opening track, and then there are moments for out and out party starters like Jooze! (Pt. 1). In between there are solid doses of nitty gritty Funk numbers such as Take The Funk From Me [Colonel Abrams FUNKAFIED] and Funkadophilus! & The Brass Operator (Or An Ode To Bootsy) as well as incendiary rock-influenced tunes like Magic & Sorcery.

Incredible, soulful music layered with musical ideas on a crisp funk pallet might describe one tune. Slick production matched with fiery vocals and mystery beats may describe another. All-round the EP is totally infectious. The ‘Rise of the Necrodancer’ is the kind of acid scorched jam-platter that can keep your soul grooving from track one to the end. On the vocal tracks Temu Bacot hurls interplanetary melodies and star bursting voices around rhythm-driven hypnotic grooves where the bass lines are darker and deeper than the ocean’s abyss and the choruses are huge.

The music, the lyrics everything about this EP rocks, once you get over the eclectic and spastic synth-bass rhythms of Boogaloo Blues, which is put slap-bang in the middle of the EP to break any hypnotic spell you may have fallen into by then! The ‘Rise of the Necrodancer’ reaches its glorious climax on Funkadophilus! & The Brass Operator (Or An Ode To Bootsy), when all you need to do, is turn up the volume and get the party started. This is one blazing jam, horns and all!

If you’re a talkbox fan then the closing track, Temu’s Talkbox Groove will completely your satisfy needs. The EP is banging from start to finish with a retro/futuristic concept that ties all the songs together. They hardly make funky music like this anymore. I encourage all funk music fans to grab this release, so when you’re tired of listening to all of the generic crap on the radio you can listen to something new that hasn’t lost its intrinsic classic qualities! - Jamsphere

"Future Classic: Temu “Funkadophilus! & The Brass Operator” (Or An Ode To Bootsy)"

Every week, it’s the same dilemma; which track should I write about, and for this week’s show, it was the same story, although Temu made it a little easier on me, with his latest release, Funkadophilus, featuring the Brass Operator.

I started the show with this amazing jam, that will be featured on the upcoming Voyage Funktastique 1st Year Anniversary Compilation (along with the following joint by Synthesiz). It’s an ode to Bootsy Collins, and Temu told me that he was inspired to make this jam after seeing the man himself perform on the old continent. At first, I thought he sent me an obscure unreleased Mothership Connection song, just to realize that it wasn’t a mistake; Temu went back to the lab, and produce the entire track like he was a one-man band; you have it all : an heavy bassline, the stingy synths, powerful drums, contagious horns and of course, Temu, or should I say Funkadophilus, on the talkbox.

Temu is the perfect example of making the best out of what you got, which in his case, is very rudimentary equipment; he just knows how to obtain the maximum out of his elements, and that’s what I call true talent and dedication to his craft. Its true music from the heart (and from his Large Stank Collider-his computer). Make sure to check out this Modern Funkateer on his Soundcloud page and his Bandcamp page because he has heaters after heaters in stock. - musicismysanctuary.com


Since being alerted to LaGaylia Frazier we've discovered another American born singer who is producing quality music. Originally from New York, Temu Bacot is a singer, dancer, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who now lives in Malmö, Sweden. Temu's music moves from mellow soul to raged-filled rap, and from to talk-box p-funk to sophisticated ballads.

Temu featured on the multi-platinum hit “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa”, Gramatik's "Talkbox Intened" and on recordings with Denmark’s The Urban Night Crew, The Majors and Negash Ali, Pharaohe Monch, Promoe, Stine Kinck, EagerStunn, Nanna B, Peacefull James, Mighty One Beatz and Jazz band POVO. Also a string of production credits that include; Jokeren, Jooks, Orgie-E, Marc Johnson, and many more. - scandinaviansoul.com


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


    Award winning singer, dancer, producer, musician and all around entertainer, Temu (Tay-moo), was born in New York City to a family of the arts. Watching Temu perform, it can be hard to believe he’s really just one person. He moves effortlessly from mellow soul to raged-filled raps, from talk-box p-funk to sophisticated ballads – covering an astonishingly varied musical landscape in performances that are tightly focused, yet warm and intensely human. 

     With his vault of relaxed grooves to uptempo rockers, neck breaking cover songs or just pure funk seemingly out of a time machine, he’ll certainly make any funk aficionado out there jump for joy and have you dancing in your room in no time. Drawing inspiration from soul, funk, 80’s electro, jazz and more, Temu masterfully stirs them all into a unique cocktail of 21st Century P-Funk. 

    Nonetheless, whether listening or watching, be prepared for a journey into the dimension of awe!

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