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"Local rock band has big hopes for life after college"

From Martin comes one of the most talked about bands in this area right now.

Ten56 is one of Martin's newest and truest new rock bands with music playing on three radio stations. Made up of Scottie Somerville, Andrew "Gibby" Williams, Adrian Baker and John Ciniglio, Ten56 already has followers at such a young point in their career. Their followers are UTM students and professors as well as locals from Tequila Joe's in Jackson, where most of their gigs have been. During intermission of their March 9 concert in Jackson, Ten56 discussed their music.

Pacer: What type of music image do you want to avoid?

Ten56: "Anything that is typical, we don't want to be the band that sound's like every other band, we want to sound original." "We have such diversity in our music: just listen to "Into the flames," you have that Jack Johnson and Maroon 5 sound, and then listen to "Follow," its really heavy."

P: How would you describe your music to listeners for the first time?

Ten56: "You'll have to come listen to it."

P: Who are your musical influences?

Ten56: "Anything but Kenny G" "Green Day, 311, Primus, Foo Fighters, Incubus, and Slash [from Guns 'n' Roses]."

P: Is their a set writer for the lyrics, who writes the lyrics?

Ten56: "So far it's been Scottie on lyrics; if some one comes up with a riff we all listen to it and agree on it, because Andrew comes up with some sweet riffs" "And I lay down a fat beat" says Ciniglio.

P: What are your original songs about?

Ten56: "Our first one we recorded was "Into the Flames," it had to do with a lot of family troubles I had and my parents' divorce. It was a way of expressing that, and the song "Follow" it's about a girl who lost a friend that's young and she's talking to someone trying to help her through that."

P: How far do you think this will go?

Ten56: "You can only hope, all we really want is to be full time, we don't want to do jack with our degree." "We plan on doing an east Coast tour, hooking up with some other bands and playing in many states and cities, basically getting to know other crowds and hopefully one day get signed."

P: Following up with that, what does success in your own words mean to you?

Ten56: "Success means not having to get a real job, and for people to like our music. We want people to know our music. We also want people to feel what we feel when we get up and play our music."

P: How did Ten56 form?

Ten56: "I [Adrian] met Gibby a long time ago, and we played in a country band, we were not good, meaning, the band but Gibby and I were. We said we need to start a rock band. We both liked the Muze, so I told Scottie and John who was wanting to start a band for a long time, I have the perfect lead guitarist. So we started jamming and two weeks later our first show was at the Phi Sig house and it was real good we could tell because of the crowd that was there."

After the interview they went inside and played Shinedown's version of "Simple Man" and had the whole bar on their feet. That song got them a standing ovation that night.

For more information on Ten56 feel free to go to www.myspace.com/ten56. - The Pacer: Independent Voice of the University of Tennessee at Martin


Reasons Why (five-song EP, 2008)



Ten56 was established in November of 2006. What started out as just a cover band has now grown to new heights. In April of 2008 Ten56 released their first EP, "Reasons Why." The release of this CD was a huge success. Three songs off off the EP, "It's Not Me" "Get Inside" and "Too Late," have had many spins, and still do, on many radio stations. One of these stations in particular is KF99/KQ105, a top 40 station, out of West Tennessee. On this particular station, Ten56 spent multiple weeks in the Top 40's. Ten56 has currently sold well over 600 copies in under a year.

The live show of Ten56 is one that should not be missed. They perform a high energy show that really brings the music to life. One could surely see the passion, heart, and soul that is put into every performance.

Ten56 has a great and unique sound that has much to offer to the modern rock world. With great lyrics, catchy guitar riffs, thumping bass runs, and powerful drum beats, Ten56 puts a new spin on rock in our day. Along with the help of their endorsements from Rob Wave Guitars, Rotosound Stings, and Righteous Tones effects pedals, Ten56 strives to make it to the top.