Ten and Counting

Ten and Counting

 La Grange Park, Illinois, USA

A band composed of high school seniors dedicated to bringing complex and interesting music to a crowd. Incorporating styles of funk, blues, jazz, alternative, and classic rock, Ten and Counting can be attractive to a wide variety of crowds with both covers and original music.


The band began in 2008 and has been going strong ever since, with a few member changes along the way. Our group is now tightly bonded with over eighty shows performed around the Chicago area. We have performed at many city festivals, charity events, battle of the band events, gay pride parades, and much more with the goal of sharing our music with others. Over this time, we have professionally recorded fourteen original songs and have the ability to choose from over forty covers. These covers range from Beatles and Monkeys to Funkadelic and Umphrey's McGee. Our influences include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sly and the Family Stone, Led Zeppelin, and more. We have also been recognized by our community for charity work involving teen suicide and bullying. Following the suicide of a band member's close friend in 2009, the band took initiative to write an original single, organize charity events, speak at schools, and eventually sell the single on itunes, giving the proceeds to the charity "Erika's Lighthouse" based in Winnetka IL. Sales were in triple digits after one month. To make it short, we are a group of instrumental and theory bad asses from the Chicago suburbs who just want to express our music and really get a crowd into it.


Who Did This?

Written By: Ten and Counting- (Brooks/ McCloskey/DeLorenzo/Ilhardt/Hahne)

Lying on the ground with my eyes wide open
No one will ever find me
It doesn't matter if you care or not
No one will ever love me

No one will understand me,
I'm a boy in the woods, bound to a tree
It wasn't difficult to see
You were the only one for me

This isn't helping me or you
You did this, now
You Fix it, Girl

This isn't helping me or you
You did this (I Did this) Now
You (I'll) Fix it

Light in the tunnel with my eyes wide open
No one will ever find me
The book is closed so you can
Hold it up close
No one will ever love me

No one will remember me
I'm a boy diggin' a hold under the sea
It wasn't difficult to see
You were the only one for me

(7/8 break)

Chorus Repeat 2x

Quelle Horreur

Written By: Ten and Counting- (Brooks/ McCloskey/DeLorenzo/Ilhardt/Hahne)

What's the matter?
Something wrong?
So that's it?
Just throw me out?

Like some piece of trash?
I've had enough of this
You're useless!

I think it's time for you to die
It's new to me I won't be kind
Behind those big beautiful eyes
You learned how to love when a child cries

I think its about time
For you to die

(Barber shop quartet style harmony) Ohhhh Yeeeaaahh

You know I was thinking
About what you said last night
Turns out I'm doing fine
I even bought a BOAT

And you can hold back you comments because I've got a lot to say

You said that you were innocent but always wanted more,
Well all the guys that hurt you that's because you were a
OH! French decor....

Repeat Chorus

(Funk Bass Solo out)


Iain's Song - Single *On ITunes*
Ten and Counting - The EP (Three Songs)
Moon Hoppin' LP (Eight Songs)
*Unfinished LP* (Three Songs, More to come)

All new originals available on
www.facebook.com/tenandcounting for free!
We have CDs and MP3s of all of the fourteen originals available for anyone interested.

Set List

1. Get Some
2. Can't Get it All
3. Instant Change
4. Scarlet Sweat
5. Iain's Song
6. Movin' Too Fast
7. Moon Hoppin'
8. Kamikaze
9. Wind Made of Gold
10. Rough Sax
11. 9th Song
12. The Road
13. Quelle Horrer
14. Who Did This?
(More to come)

1. Shake Me Like a Monkey - Dave Mathews
2. Under Cover of Darkness - The Strokes
3. Dashboard - Modest Mouse
4. Shallow Be Thy Game - Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. Ethiopia - Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Adventures of Raindance Maggie - Red Hot Chili Peppers
7. Ramble On - Led Zeppelin
8. Octopus' Garden - The Beatles
9. One Week - Barenaked Ladies
10. People Say - Portugal. The Man
11. M79 - Vampire Weekend
12. Walcott - Vampire Weekend
13. Someday - The Strokes
14. One Big Holiday - My Morning Jacket
15. Cough Syrup - Young the Giant
16. Mr. Maker - The Kooks
17. Dosed - Red Hot Chili Peppers
18. At Or With Me - Jack Johnson
19. Hang Me Up to Dry - Cold War Kids
20. Dani California - Red Hot Chili Pe