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"TLV Live Music Review: New Madrid and The Tenants at Proud Larrys’ on 5/1/13"

New Madrid and The Tenants took to the stage at Proud Larrys’ Wednesday night, May 1st. This led to a night of good ole contemporary rock n’ roll, grounded firmly in the influential archaic sounds of the bands who have shared Larrys’ stage, long before them.
A blast from the past, with avant-garde shrapnel bound to take down anyone who was in the line of fire. And might I add, it was a solid crowd for the Wednesday before finals week. The Tenants, recently relocated from Oxford to Nashville, are a humble bunch of good ole boys with an antique sound that still blares a sense of originality. A delightful bunch on a mission to rebuild their own southern sound from scratch. Vocals were shared between the two guitarists, which resulted in a smooth blend of raspy folklore ballads to wailing old fashion rock ‘n roll. Catch one of their free shows around The Square (The Blind Pig, Ajax, Rooster’s) Follow them on Twitter, @The_Tenants and stream some tunes at www.reverbnation.com/tenantsounds. - Joseph Climer

"Tour Dead Ahead"

http://oxfordeagle.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/OT982.pdf - Oxford Town (Oxford Eagle)

"Brandon Taylor Leads Us Through "Wild Blue""

An Ole Miss senior is releasing and performing his first album Saturday night.

Brandon Taylor, an English major from Memphis, Tenn., will debut “Wild Blue” at Two Stick, backed up by other local musicians, including contributors for Elemovements.

“The ‘Wild Blue’ itself is just the setting; it’s what you’re looking at everyday,” Taylor said of the album’s theme. “It encompasses your life and the connections you’ll make, the time you’ll spend and the lessons you’ll learn.

“Imagine driving in the morning. You’re half-awake, the only person in the car, and you seem to be alone on the road; there is a numb, ‘just awake’ feeling. At that moment the world is a strange place to be in. Then, as you ‘wake up’ you become more used to it.”

As far as the music itself is concerned, Taylor said it is a “‘concept album,’ inasmuch as life itself is a concept,” with the songs telling different stories.

After giving the album a number of plays, I was impressed with both Taylor’s ability to tell a good story and his sound, which is very approachable for fans of traditional folk music.

Some songs are impressive enough lyrically to warrant multiple listens, but the most enduring quality of “Wild Blue” is how genuinely easy it is to hear the amount of fun Taylor is having. Even in the songs that reflect life’s trying times, Taylor holds a playful demeanor.

The album features several instruments, including guitars, bass, drums, pianos, harmonicas, an organ and the mandolin. Taylor typically plays the guitar and harmonica during performances, though he sometimes mans the keys or the mandolin.

“I love the harmonica,” Taylor said. “The harmonica can bring that extra emotion, that extra bit of soul, after you’ve said what you want to say. If someone is feeling what you’ve said lyrically, the harmonica can then carry that emotion over musically.”

As for live performances, Taylor played open mic nights both in Oxford this year and in Colorado last summer. Saturday will be his debut as a featured performer, but he talks like he’s ready for the opportunity.

“As a musician, there’s a certain responsibility you have to perform up to your standards when people take time out of their day to come see you play,” he said. “There’s a certain feeling you get when everyone is in tune, and you start riding that positive vibe — you find your zone. I’d love to find that zone for a living.”

Taylor says he is looking forward to graduating “soon-ish” and plans to tour this summer in Colorado and other Western states. After he graduates, Taylor says he wants to travel, keep making music and hopefully be able to pay rent with his guitar.

“But if all else fails, I will be able to use my degree to teach English as a secondary language in Italy,” Taylor said. “So, at worst I’ve got a beach in Italy waiting on me.”

Brandon Taylor’s album “Wild Blue” was mixed by Chris Wilke and will be available for purchase and download on iTunes this Saturday. There will be no cover, and the music will begin around 10 p.m. Saturday night at Two Stick for the release party.

“My future is wide open, but I’m still taking life as it comes,” Taylor said. - The Daily Mississippian





After forming in May of 2012 to back Taylor's freshman solo release, Tenants quickly took to the road, picking up new songs, friends, and a few troubles along the way. As the story goes, they lost a radiator in Kansas, some pride in Wyoming, a little bad blood in Colorado, and gallons of sweat and motor oil in at least eight other states. Miraculously, the Holy Ghost (their courageous touring van) and all of the musicians and equipment made it back in one form or another of battered and bruised, but operational.

Since then, the band has been pushing forward with half of them moved from Oxford, MS to Nashville and the others in transition. The band is currently writing new songs, rethinking old ones, and restlessly waiting for each next gig. With their first album in the works, all focus now goes to the studio.

All buildings have a story. If they're lucky they'll have many. Some stories will be tall, obscured by fairy tales. Some just fair to middlin, trying not to get squeezed off the edge. And then there are the lowly stories of dread and struggle, the foundation of the building itself. But these stories didn't construct themselves. Each has been designed according to the occupants' whims and imagination. In one of these stories, in a room in an apartment, four dudes are jamming.

When they're not plugged in, you can find them wandering the halls and stair wells, asking for tips and prayers and mercy from the Super. They chase faith and dreams to the roof top and watch them drift up into the clouds, and throw paper planes from windows with bad jokes and scripture scribbled in crayon down to the pedestrians below. In a sense they are mere seekers, and yet, to the senses they are explorers.

However it all shakes down in the end, these nomadic Tenants will give you their best rendition of the events, always in time...and four part harmony.