tenbillionyears are the children of Alt rock. Take pieces of bands like smahing pumpkins, bloc party, Mogwai, radiohead,the frames, dinasour jr, smashing pumkins, glide etc; and not only do start hearing something beautiful, but you start creating the melodic rock monster tenbillionyears.


tenbillionyears are a four piece indie rock band from Australia. tenbillionyears formed in January 2005 in Sydney. The name tenbillionyears was chosen for its koan like ability to break the mind away from the rational to the subliminal world. The band spent 2005 writing, rehearsing and playing live shows around Australia in a lead up to the recording of their first record; a self-titled and self produced EP. Clocking in at almost 30 minutes, tenbillionyears give a big serve of sonic delights. Soon after the release of their EP (April 06) TBY sacked their drummer and entered an unfortunate exodus from the live scene. Not settling for anything but the best, TBY spent the next 8 months recreating tenbillionyears. Now in 2007 TBY are armed with a new Killer set of Alt rock to unleash on the masses. 2007 sees the band release their new single titled 'Space' in April. The CD will include a b side track called fate and a bonus Film clip.


tenbillionyears (six track debut EP)
Space single with video clip out April 07

Set List

1 hour plus original show