Ten Count Junky

Ten Count Junky


Ten Count Junky is Hard Alternative Rock. The lovechild of '90s rock and old school Blues. A high-energy live show with crunchy vocals, solid rhythm, and ballsy, confident solos.


"A kickass rock and roll outfit" - Music Connection Magazine.

Ten Count Junky, Rock City News' "Best Modern Rock Band of 2006", is an energetic Alternative Rock and Roll band based in Los Angeles, CA. They have been heavily involved in the Hollywood music scene since Summer of 2005.

"I was so tired of waiting to play shows", says Nathanael Lew, lead singer/guitarist of Ten Count Junky. In 2003, after making the risky move alone from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, Nathanael found himself in a sea of flakey and unreliable musicians. "That was a pretty rough time for me. I was trying to find people who were truly committed and passionate about making music." But it was that harsh environment that birthed the rock alternative band Ten Count Junky. The name describes Nathanael's seeming addiction to hitting life's floorboards for the parabolic "Ten Count".

"I auditioned for a crap-load of bands as a guitarist. Then I decided to try producing and writing for a few singers. None of that really amounted to anything. I was so unlucky.� Frustrated, Nathanael decided to write and record an album of his own in hopes of starting a band that would actively participate in the scene.

In early 2005, Ramon Flores, another frustrated out-of-state musician, hired Nathanael to engineer a recording session for his solo project. Says Ramon, "We were taking a break from recording and we started talking about the difficulties of starting a band in L.A. There was a pause and then � eureka! Let�s start a band together!" The two quickly formed a bond when they realized they shared the same love for 90's alternative music and classic rock. Says Nathanael, "We didn't even have a bassist or a drummer when we booked our first show. We knew our songs were strong enough and our energy was entertaining enough - we weren't going to wait any longer. Even if hell opened up beneath us, we were still going to play that show." This "take action first - ask questions later" approach has proven successful for Ten Count Junky.

In January of '06, drummer Mike Russo (formerly of Dimestore Hoods and Roosevelt - MCA Records.) responded to an ad Ten Count Junky placed in Music Connection Magazine. Nathanael and Ramon quickly realized that Mike's solid rhythm, creative grooves, extensive experience, and rock and roll attitude was just what the band needed.

Ten Count Junky is currently playing with bassist Erim Kardes.


Ten Count Junky was awarded "Best Modern Rock Band in 2006" at The Rock City News Awards.

Ten Count Junky's publishing and masters are administered by Heyday Media Group. www.heydaymediagroup.com

On December 3rd, 2006 "The Landlord's Daughter" was featured as Track of The Day at www.garageband.com

On December 23rd, 2006 "Derelict" was featured as Track of The Day at www.garageband.com

During the week of December 11th 2006 "Swallow Your Pride" won Best Male Vocal and Best Guitars at garageband.com

During the week of October 30th 2006 "The Landlord's Daughter" won best lyrics, production, guitars, and bass against 644 other songs at garageband.com - http://www.garageband.com/song?|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSlZlOxZGo

In 2004, "Ordinary", a song from Ten Count Junky's 2005 Demo was featured in Playstation 2/XBox games "Ford Racing 2 - Evolution" and "Crazy Taxi 3".

Ten Count Junky is endorsed by Knucklehead Strings. www.knuckleheadstrings.com

In 2006, Ten Count Junky shot their first music video to the song from the album of the same name, "Swallow Your Pride".

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Live Video from The Whiskey A Go-Go:

In 2006 the band recorded "Swallow Your Pride". Ten Count Junky's 10 track independently produced and recorded record. Available at myspace.com/tencountjunky

Set List

Ten Count Junky is most comfortable playing a 45 minute set. However, they have formulated a set-list for just about any set-length.

Ten Count Junky plays covers from time to time. Covers of choice have been "Cocaine - Eric Clapton", "Stone Cold Crazy - Queen", "Lit Up - Buckcherry", and "Breed - Nirvana".