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The energetic hip hop style of 10 Crown has captured the attention of listeners throughout the Midwest. Originating in Louisville, Kentucky they have vied to create their own sound from influences like No Limit Records, E-40, Yukmouth, Tech N9ne, and Dr. Dre. Most people would say it’s a cross between Down South and West Coast rap. Really, it’s a hard-edged, up tempo, club-style rap.
10 Crown consists of John “Mr. Mash” Pfeiffer, Doug “M.M. Mozilini” Harman, Joe “N Doe” Roach, Eric “Medley” Medley, and InSub “Subzero” Beckley. The group was originally formed in 1999 and later completed by the addition of InSub Beckley and Eric Medley in 2003. Since then they have opened for major artists such as Juvenile’s UTP and Lil’ Scrappy, and up-and-coming artists such as Bukshot, Code Red, and Universal’s KD. 10 Crown also headlined one of Louisville’s biggest bashes of 2005 according to Velocity Magazine.
10 Crown wrote and produced all of the songs on their debut album, “The Tenth District” released in 2006. The broad range of the songs’ topics appeal to a more diverse audience than is typically associated with listeners of the hip hop genre. Two additional members can be heard on “The Tenth District” who have since moved to pursue other opportunities in hip hop. They are Matt “Contraband” Sturgeon and Kevin “Big Ke” Etherton. InSub Beckley produced the underlying music for all the tracks on the album except for “Put Yo Shyt On The Map” which was co-produced by Jeff Westenhofer. InSub Beckley produced the underlying music from his diverse musical background which includes electronica, rock, and classical piano. This wide range of influences has made way for beats that are unique, but are still in accordance with the mainstream trend.


"The Tenth District" Released September 2006

"The Tenth District" Singles Played On College Radio Stations:

"Hustlin Habitz"
"How We Ride"
"We Be Stressin"
"Crown Anthem"
"Call The Cops"
"Put Yo Shyt On The Map"

New Album To Be Released In The Fall Of 2009

Set List

Our typical set is thirty to forty-five minutes long and includes any song from "The Tenth District" as well as our new material.