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"UK Commercial DJs (2Weeks into Radio Promotion so many more to come)"

DJ Name: J’Son (BBC 1Xtra)
Comment: This is really nice, it sounds kinda like John Legend…

DJ Name: Dez Parkes (Solar Radio)
Comment: A BAD little EP, I’m gonna give I am What I am the most..

DJ Name: Wayne McDonald (Galaxy Radio Network)
Comment: This is a nice collection of tracks from Ten Days Till... - Various

"Pirate and Other DJs (2Weeks into Radio Promotion so many more to come)"

DJ Name: Destiny (Juice FM)
Comment: I have just got the Ten Days Till EP, very nice, some proper soul music. I like
"I Am What I Am", "Goodside" and "And Try"

DJ Name: Daddy Turbo (BBC Radio Suffolk)
Comment: I will play this, nice tracks, My favourites are I am what I am, Get Them Hands High.

DJ Name: E Plus (Luton Urban Radio)
Comment: Lifford is a phenomenal vocalist

Name: Cut Loose (Hot 92)
Comment: Sounds American which is a good thing as people have been curious about it. It has been playing on my show constantly for the last two weeks.
Favourite Mix: I Am What I Am

DJ Name: Me Niceness (City limits FM)
Comment: There’s some boom tunes on this!!! I’m feeling last 2 tracks.
Favourite Mix: Goodside, And Try

DJ Name: LG Brown (RJR/Graneries)
Comment: I’ll give it spins.
Favourite: Goodside

DJ Name: Wayne Reid (Centre FM)
Comment: Some good stuff here, Goodside is my fav!

DJ Name: Colin Paterson (Southport Weekender/Faith/The Lodge)
Comment: This is nice!!!! Love it..

DJ Name: True Playa (Passion FM)
Comments: Tried ‘Get Them Hands High’ at the beginning of the night will playlist and give another play.
Favourite Mix: Hands High

DJ Name: Maxx (Skyline Radio)
Comment: Very good songs and production, Keep it up!!!
Favourite Mix: Hands High, I Am What I Am, Goodside

DJ Name: Justin Simmons (Time FM)
Comment: I like this, I’m playing I am What I am, it’s my favourite.

DJ Name: Funksy (Xtreme FM/Soul Glo)
Comment: I like this, it’s different, on a kinda Gnarls Barclay vibe.. I played Good side.
- Various

"The Oxford Student - Singles Club Chart 4/5"

This collaboration between producer OD Hunte and vocalist Lifford certainly whets your appetite for upcoming album MusicSoulLife. Lead track Get Them Hands High is a bouncy anthem dedicated to the fine art of partying, with Hunte's playful bass and driving drums providing the perfect basis for Lifford's butter-smooth vocals.
Lloyd Thomas" - The Oxford Student

"Blues & Soul (November)"

An EP from a future album that promises a blend of hip hop, Soul, r&b, jazz and reggae. Ten Days Till are in fact UK’s nearly man Lifford and producer OD Hunte. The 4 tracker opens with the uplifting party jam “Get Them Hands High” (already snatched up by EA Sports for the NBA Live 07 video game). “ I Am What I Am” is a laid back but very handsome piece and “Goodside” an off-beat head nodder while ”And Try” cleverly fuses funk and percussive latin beats. Overall, a very well produced and delivered collection and certainly in the mould of Gnarls Barkley, which will either give ‘em huge cross-over appeal or give everyone the hump. But take note, the album drops early next year and is worthy of your attention (Out : November 13)
(Verdict: Hoop, there it is!)
- Blues & Soul Magazine

"One Week To Live"

Ten Days Till are a British producer-singer/songwriter duo with bags of crossover appeal and an EP crammed with hooks. Od Hunte is the man on the boards here, and he’s got a pretty mean armoury of beats in his arsenal. “Get Them Hands High” is, as the title might suggest, aimed squarely at ramming dancefloors and, powered by a beat surely inspired by Mr Collipark’s uptempo productions for Pitbull, its punch is only tempered by some clichéd vocals from Lifford suggesting something about waving one’s hands in the air and not caring. He reddeems himself on “I Am What I Am” and “Goodside” though, where his vocals bear more than a passing resemblance to those of John Legend - high praise indeed. Definitely keep an eye on these guys. - One Week To Live (Issue 51)


American Pie 6 Beta House
EA Sports NBA Live 07 Soundtrack

Estimated plays of Get Them Hands Hi 5 million worldwide.

100,000 traceable streams or Get Them Hands Hi

Listen to tracks at http://www.tendaystill.com/review/

Ten Days Till... EP
Get Them Hands Hi
I Am What I Am

2006 MusicSoulLife EP
Get Them Hands Hi
I Am What I Am
And Try

All the above tracks are receiving airplay on commercial and pirate radio in the UK. See Press section

4 track EP are available on iTunes.



Ten Days Till Biography

Serendipity affects us all at some point in our lives and for the most part it is only after the event we discover what it all means. When Producer OD Hunte overheard an American passer-by in London talking about ‘ten days till Washington’, the phrase struck him and he knew it had to be filed under ‘for future use’. At first he thought it might be the basis for a movie but then after meeting and recording three songs with singer songwriter Lifford from Artful Dodger’s ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’ fame, he knew that he had found the place for Ten Days Till”.

Lifford and OD met several months before they finally made their first studio recording. Lifford was a performer on the Soul Stage at In The City 2005, the UK’s biggest unsigned music event and industry conference. OD had produced an artist who was also performing and Lifford’s then manager introduced the two and suggested that they collaborate. It was to be several months before the two could tie down a studio date together because of their respective workloads.

When OD and Lifford eventually commenced recording, one of the two tracks they completed was ‘Get Them Hands Hi’. “We recorded that track for a specific project but the more I listened to it and the more I played it to people, many of whom were going bananas, the more I thought ‘nah this is too good to give to that project’” explains OD. Fast forward to 2008 and Get Them Hands Hi is featured in American Pie 6 Beta House. Whoa! OD’s instincts were further confirmed when the worlds’ biggest games company EA Sports placed “Get Them Hands Hi” in NBA Live 07 alongside Black Eye Peas, Lupe Fiasco and Gnarls Barkley. This was the second game placement with EA Sports for OD, the first being “Crook Dancin’” by Slic One in Fight Night Round 3, a major achievement to be alongside multiplatinum artists such as Akon, Dipset, Dilated Peoples, and Obie Trice and demonstrated OD’s international standard of production.

It was then that singer / writer Lifford and Producer OD officially joined forces to form Ten Days Till. The next track they completed was ‘I Am What I Am’ and sensing the momentum gathering from the international requests for more material, the pair decided to continue work on the album and officially start promotion for ‘I Am What I Am’. The forthcoming EP and album MusicSoulLife promises to be a heady commercial cocktail of both artists’ influences.

Born to South African parents who later moved to the UK, Lifford Shillingford cites his influences as Al Green, Billie Holiday, Dina Washington, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. Lifford’s career began at school, taking part in end of year performances and talent contests which led to other projects with bands such as Public Demand signed to ZTT, touring with East 17, Gabrielle, many summer festivals and shows. As part of the TV and radio promotions campaign for ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’, Lifford made appearances on Later with Jools Holland, CD UK, Top Of The Pops, London Today (news channel), TFI Friday, The Big Breakfast, MTV Base interview with Trevor Nelson, The Disney Channel, T4, the Jo Whiley radio show, Children in Need, Smash Hits Poll winners party (ITV) and across dozens of live performances Europe.

As further evidence of his command of singing and songwriting technique, Lifford taught vocal technique to some now famous artists including the Sugarbabes and was involved in summer projects funded by the EEA where he taught children how to write and arrange songs.

Trinidadian born Producer, writer, remixer, mixer, musician, author and entrepreneur OD Hunte has witnessed his music’s international success grow to the point where his tracks are currently placed in the who’s who of American youth culture TV programming. 2006 shows include MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Punkd, Yo Mama, Making The Video, Date My Mom, Making The Band, Next and Run's House, plus hundreds of previous shows such as: Ride With Funkmaster Flex, The Osbournes, Dirty Pretty Things, Knock First, Las Vegas (New), Constant Craving, Night and Day, Africa Within, Resurrection Boulevard, Girlfriends, Switched!, Hollyoaks, Bargain Hunt, Sausage Factory, Black Like Beckham, Child Of Our Time, Four Fathers, Miss Universe Pageant 2002, Everything Must Go, Futbol Mundial, Trefor Only, Velvet Soup, Si J Etais and Garden Makers but to name a few.

Commercially. OD has worked with scores of artists and labels most recently lending his remix skills to Leela James’ ‘Music’ OD Hunte Remix (Warner Brothers International) and Maxine Braham’s ‘I Wish’ (Jus Soul Remix), the latter of which reached number one in two separate UK pre-release charts.

The Ten Days Till album will allow OD to exercise his vision of eclectic contemporary Soul, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Jazz brought about by his influences. He has cited some of these as the Fugees, Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, The Alchemist, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Jam and Lewis and Grover Washington Jr.