Rochester, New York, USA

With the boom of all too similar metal and hardcore bands on the rise, Ten Dead Heroes provides a pleasing auditory exception to the norm. The goal was simple, play music, and try not to kill each other in the process.


Ten Dead Heroes was formed in late 2008 by Vocalist Justin Riggi, Bassist Alex Johnston, Guitar players Nick Eckel and Mike "Szymi" Szymanoski, and Drummer George Konieczny. Their incredible range of influences create a sound totally unique from all the similar Rock and Metal bands that exist today. If you combine 5 metal musicians your going to get a predictable metal band. TDH is nothing of the sort thanks to the musical differences of the band. In each song you can hear each individuals diversity, while the core is still meshed around a familiar aggressive structure.
If you found an Ipod owned by Ten Dead Heroes the playlist would consist of bands such as Gov't Mule, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Incubus, Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Everclear, Motley Crue, Deftones, Pantera and even Sublime just to name a few.
After being together for a year Ten Dead Heroes entered the studio to record a 4 song EP. After huge success with their EP (Recorded at IDS Studios Niagara Falls NY) and extensive touring in New York State,Ten Dead Heroes returned to the studio two years later to produce their 1st full length self titled CD. With seven months of tracking and mixing and an aggressively ambitious writing approach the disk was finally finished.
Totally self managed, promoted, and funded TDH can be requested on several radio stations through out New York State. Currently they are working on everything possible to get their music and message heard.


End Of The Tunnel

Written By: Ten Dead Heroes

Now the demons are laid out
Wherein evil lies
I stand on sacred ground
Diagnosis terminal

The path has already been chosen
The path was laid before the hands of time
Turn this back into a memory
Now watching over
Peaceful as you lay
Release this soul
The story isn't over, still I carry on somehow
Scream, screaming how could this be
I watch the needles pushing in, this is how it ends
Break, shedding tears
Fall onto your knees
Break, for the fear
Maybe this was meant to be
Go, Go to sleep, will you remember me
Come on angel spread out your wings
for this I will sacrifice
My own soul
The story maybe over, Ill carry on your name somehow
Scream, please take me
Hold on to your precious hand
Till the very end
Life is a blessing
Never take it for granted
Destroy you demons
Free your soul


July 20, 2009- End Of The Tunnel EP
1. Not Your Machine
2. One Last Breath
3. End of the Tunnel

August 30, 2009- Single "Cadillac Keys" Released.

November 20, 2010- Debut Self Titled Full Length Release

1. In My Hands*
2. Edge of Reason
3. One Last Breath
4. Cadillac Keys
5. End of The Tunnel
6. Conflicted*
7. Not Your Machine
8. This Our Burden*
9. The Inferno

Full Length Release also includes hidden interlude available exclusively through online store. Interlude tracks are not included with digital copy.

*Denotes featured songs played on local radio stations in Rochester, Buffalo, and surrounding areas in upstate NY.

Set List

Set list varies show to show. But for example:

Cadillac Keys
In My Hands
Not Your Machine
End of the Tunnel
Edge of Reason
One Last Breath
This Our Burden