Ten Dollar Outfit

Ten Dollar Outfit


Ten Dollar Outfit is blurring the lines between folk, jazz, and rock, incorporating improvisation, rock-n-roll rhythms, and story telling lyrics into a unique and refreshing new sound.


Ten Dollar Outfit is turning heads in the music industry. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Ten Dollar Outfit is perfecting their live show in venues throughout the Southwest and working hard on their second full-length album. Whether its playing in front of thousands at Cricket Pavilion opening for their heros Steely Dan, or performing an intimate set at the historic Celebrity Theater opening for Chris Isaak, Ten Dollar Outfit is a "must see" band.

Founding members Brian Chartrand and Kaleb Anderson met in a quiet neighborhood at the base of a saguaro cactus. At the time, Brian was a door to door salesman and was working Kaleb's neighborhood. Kaleb was outside his home stringing lights on the cactus in his yard. Brian, being a recent transplant from Massachusetts, had never seen anyone string christmas lights on a cactus. The two struck up conversation. Once they realized that they both were musicians, the bond was created. Soon after, Brian and Kaleb were playing open mics throughout the valley. Kaleb recommended they track down Peter to add some keys to the group. Kaleb knew Peter from another band they both played in. Since that time in early 2004, the seasoned musicians have released two live albums and one studio album, toured throughout the Southwest, played over 100 shows, performed at some of the top venues in Arizona, been featured on two television stations, and been a part of numerous festivals.

In Feb/March of '07, Brian Chartrand, lead singer and songwriter for Ten Dollar Outfit, completed a 20 date, national cross-country, solo acoustic tour. In March of '07, Ten Dollar Outfit retreated to the hills of northern Arizona to start work on their second studio album due out this summer. The album will contain 10 brand new tracks.

Stay tuned in 2007 for the new album and another tour!


"Live at the Paper Heart" 2004
"East Meets West" 2005
"Live at Chandler Center" 2006

Set List

TDO easily performs three hours of music incorporating both cover and original material.

Genuine Leather
Don Quixote
15 Tons of Moonshine
Another Lover
Three Lessons
A Moment Awake
Better Ways To Spend The Day
Cotton Candy
Door To Door
Chicago Blues
Snow Falling on Woodbridge Street
Heartbreak in 6
Traveling Music
Change of Tune
Going To See My Baby
Lover's Plight
Found What I'm Looking For
Sweetly, Gently
Coffee Candy Kisses
After the Light Fades

Lovely Day (bill withers)
Ain't No Sunshine (bill withers)
Life On A Chain (pete yorn)
New York State of Mind (billy joel)
Trouble (ray lamontagne)
Jolene (ray lamontagne)
Forever My Friend (ray lamontagne)
Trouble (coldplay)
Green Eyes (coldplay)
Raspberry Beret (prince)
Something in the Way She Moves (j.taylor)
The Bends (radiohead)
You and Whose Army? (radiohead)
Follow You Into the Dark (death cab for cutie)
Cry Me A River (justin timberlake)
The Ex-Facto