Teneia Sanders & The Hi-Jackers

Teneia Sanders & The Hi-Jackers

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Teneia Sanders & The Highlands are what happens if Ani Difranco made out with Aretha Frankin, and had bandmates that grew up with the Dap Kings.( Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings).


Sultry and sassy frontwoman-Teneia Sanders, is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Jackson, Mississippi. The 28 year-old's music has made it to the big screen recently in the HBO documentary, Prom Night in Mississippi, featuring actor Morgan Freeman. Sanders wrote a touching and compelling song called, "Stand" for the documentary that has done very well in the US, Europe, and Canada. Voted best singer-songwriter 3 years in a row in Louisville and an artist to watch for in Jackson, this singer-songwriter will captivate you and leave you speechless. With her debut LP, "SoulCatcher," Sanders caught the ears of the CDBaby staff, who then featured her on the front page of their website as an artist to be heard. Sanders teamed up with her bandmates, The Highlands in 2007,to bring a soulful/folk/ pop sound to her music. With great melodies and great arrangements Teneia Sanders and the Highlands are now releasing their first full length record together called "Confessions of a Scorpio." Now available on iTunes.


Always a Bridesmaid

Written By: Teneia Sanders

Bury her here. With wood and strings and nothing to show for it. Her failed love stories and no glory. She calls herself a singer and no one cares at the time. Isn't she pretty? She barely can walk in without a smile. But she's a pocket case with little grace. She's always a bridesmaid and never a bride. She's always a bridesmaid. But when she opens her mouth. It sounds like birds flew out. She's waiting at the train station having a revelation of where she should be. At this time, she's always a bridesmaid. All along her life has changed and she don't have a clue. That nothing ever pans out no good cards for she is dealt without fate and fame in mind.
Shadows amuse her eyes. She painted a raintree under a dark cloud. Her little lighthouse was a dark vow. To take as seriously as her wedding day. She said am I wondering less? Got no thoughtful songs. Nobody's calling. Am I clinically depressed? Am I a hot mess? Separate me from all of the rest and I'm still not the best, cause I'm always a bridesmaid. But when she closes her eyes, encouraging life to live close by. She's got a way with words that encourages the bulk of us to learn. And when she looks down, the words that she's written can float her to the sky and all she ever wrote you can find at the dark cloud that she's claiming. She's always a bridesmaid.
All along her fate is tried but she doesn't have a clue. Nothing ever comes to those that don't wait my dear that includes you. She's always a bridesmaid.


2004-Teneia Sanders
2007- SoulCatcher
2011-Confessions of a Scorpio