Tenement Ruth

Tenement Ruth


Original music that combines full throttle rock & roll and true to the soul song writing. With haunting harmonies, layers of overdriven steel and tremolo laden guitar, explosive drum rhythms, and "in the pocket" yet unpredictable bass lines, Tenement Ruth delivers a refreshing take on roots rock.


Tenement Ruth (originally known around town as the Quills) started out as the acoustic trio of Dave and Melissa Anderson and Kate Silsby. We wrote songs and played guitar...lots and lots of guitar. After a bit we really began to long for a rhythm section. When we stumbled upon Wayne Corners we snatched him up immediately, but our quest for a drummer was more difficult. We tried a couple of guys out but nothing was working for us...then along came Mary. Kate and Melissa were at first hesitant to embrace the idea of a third girl in a band of five...we'd officially be a chick band at that point. But once we all played together it was obvious that she was a great fit and there was no turning back. After a couple of great years, Wayne decided to leave the band (though he still makes an occasional appearance) and Mr. Mike Herrmann took over on the bass.

Tenement Ruth has spent the last 2+ years playing many a St. Louis club including Off Broadway, the Hi-Pointe, and Frederick's Music Lounge (RIP) with acts such as Robbie Fulks, Freakwater, and Nashville's Mary Alice Wood, and has done some regional touring as well.


Although we're still working on our first album (due out any minute now), tracks from our demo have been played on KDHX St. Louis community radio and the L.O.U. (Local Original Underground St. Louis internet radio).

Set List

Here is the set list for an upcoming show at the Stagger Inn in Edwardsville, IL. These songs are intended to fill three hours of time with one break. Covers are indicated with an asterisk.

SET 1:
the War Song
Stuck on 5
Economy Car
False Funeral
Sleep People
Everything that Rises Must Converge*
Salutations From the Top of the World

SET 2:
the Other One
Blue Lights Flickering
Hush in the Watershed
On the Shoulder
Seasonal Depression #2
the Circus Song
Foundation Gone
Blue Eyes*
$1000 Wedding*
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere*
Ooh Las Vegas*