Ten Feet Tall

Ten Feet Tall

 College Park, Maryland, USA

Ten Feet Tall combines the tastiest elements of soul, blues, funk, and downhome rock into a unique musical concoction with no filler or artificial flavors. Served hot and loud, our infectious grooves and funked-out jams will slake your auditory thirst and keep your pants in motion all night long.


The genesis of Ten Feet Tall is the stuff of legend. As the story goes, a wise man brought together five musicians who represented the best aspects of a variety of musical traditions: a soul singer, a funk bassist, a rock harmonica, a blues guitarist and a hip-hop drummer. The five took their differing musical backgrounds, poured them into an iron cauldron, stirred vigorously and brought the swirling concoction to a boil. At just the right moment, the wise man added a double shot of chilled tequila....

The resulting explosion blew out the windows in every house on the block and caused NORAD to increase the alert level to DEFCON 3. When the smoke cleared, the five had been fused into a five-headed, ten-armed, giant beast that spontaneously produced a musical sound and style that had never before been heard on this earth, yet was familiar to everyone. Ever since that day, the creature has roamed the Northeastern US, emerging periodically to devour lesser bands and convert nonbelievers into devout followers. Just listen to these testimonials:

"I always figured Ten Feet Tall was a myth, like Bigfoot or Universal Health Care. But last night I saw them with my own eyes and, more importantly, heard them with my own ears.... I'll never doubt again." -- RS, Bethesda, MD

"I'd seen nothing but lame bands for so long that I figured the truly great band was an extinct species. Ten Feet Tall proved me wrong." -- TZ, Washington, DC

"Ten Feet Tall has the best teeth on the East Coast" -- BP, New York City


Five To Drive (debut album) - released Summer '06

Set List

We prefer to play original music but have done shows where half the music is covers. We vary our setlists (not just in duration but also in song choice) nightly. We can play shows of nearly any length -- 4 hour gigs are not a problem. Our covers tend to be blues, funk, and rock from the 70s and 80s, for instance: Superstition, Red House, Word Up, Hard to Handle, Hoochie Coochie Man, Purple Rain, No Woman No Cry, Sledgehammer. We also do a wicked medley of overplayed 90s pop-rap (vanilla ice etc).