Ten Finger Orchestra & Johnny Rabb

Ten Finger Orchestra & Johnny Rabb


"7 instruments, 2 guys, 1 incredible show"



Ten Finger Orchestra, aka Paul Allen, met Johnny Rabb (The Worlds Fastest Drummer) at a gig while both were touring and working on different projects. Paul proved to be a premier innovative guitar and bass shredder with a lot of recording and performance experience behind him. Their personalities clicked, and Johnny was impressed that Paul was also an accomplished drummer that could dribble a basketball with drumsticks in record setting proportions. Thus, a performance relationship between Paul and the professional drummers, favorite drummer was born. Its hard to describe something that you havent seen before, but here goes. Okay, how about a musical Penn & Teller, live and in your face without any smoke, mirrors, or artificial effects?

Live, these guys are part performance art, and part musical performance brilliance. Using some loops that Paul laid down, Johnny efficiently made use of his ability to sound like two or three drummers playing simultaneously. Paul would either shred guitar with his fingers normally placed or upside down, picking or plucking with a vengeance, while sometimes swinging his guitar completely around his body while playing. He had a bass placed on a stand that he would abuse in perfect syncopation, and demonstrate the ability to play the guitar and bass at the same time.

There were two snare drum/cymbal setups onstage, and the two did a dueling drums stint complete with stops and starts in perfect unison. The duo showed their prowess in techno, surf (doing a blazing version of Wipe Out), funk, and rock, making it look like just another day at the office. An album is currently being conceived, while they are doing limited shows. Check out Ten Finger Orchestra and/or Johnny Rabb on their respective websites (My Space or Google them). Honestly, this is the most original performance art/concert performance Ive seen since, well I cant think of anything in recent memory as entertaining or musically impressive!



Set List

Able to perform an array of originals and covers.
Show Length: 15 min. to 4 hours.

Some tunes include:
"Next to You"
"Wipe Out" (TFO & JRABB RE-MIX)
"Boom & Clap"
"Mechanic Dance"

TFO & JRABB perform various groove jams and improvisation
(stick juggling etc.) House, DNB, Jungle, Funk. It's all around non-stop dance party!