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"The Gould Standard"

Author: JAMES BARRON, Photo: Luis Sánchez Saturno
Publish Date: May 12, 2004
Word Count: 709
Document ID: 1029B7654364BD9C

Member of a hip-hop group and Santa Fe Preparatory?s No. 1 singles player, Nils Gould is golden all the way through

Nils Gould was a starting guard on Santa Fe Preparatory's boys basketball team.

He is the Blue Griffins' No. 1 singles tennis player. Yet, Gould may be better known around campus for his lyrics rather than his athletic ability.

He is a part of a hip-hop group called Typikal Human Animals, and he wrote some of the songs on its debut...
more can be found at http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Archives?p_product=SF&p_theme=sf&p_action=search&p_maxdocs=200&d_search_mode=basic&d_search_page=keyword&s_dispstring=nils%20gould%20AND%20date(all)&p_field_advanced-0=&p_text_advanced-0=(nils%20gould)&xcal_numdocs=20&p_perpage=10&p_sort=YMD_date:D&xcal_useweights=no
- The New Mexican (Santa Fe)

"A Conversation Piece"

Joe Somóza
Rating 9.0
The poem is nicely driven by rhythm and free-association, which makes for interesting leaps and some great, evocative lines, such as, "But your beliefs swallowed half of your daughter." I lose the scenario, though, in the second part of the poem (beginning "No fuss, its fact.") and this weakens the poem's unity for me. Overall, interesting. - New Mexico Culture net WebSlam VI


-"We Don't Do Karaoke" by the Typikal Human Animals. 2003. eng. by Lauri Hakola at MC 313 studio in Santa Fe, NM. Production and 1/4 of lyrical content by Tenfold.
-"The Dump" by Tenfold with guests. 2004, MC 313 studio.
-"Eyes for Echoes" and "Pearl St Sessions"by Eyes for Echoes. Lyrics by tenfold. 2005, 2006. Eugene, OR.
*"Fingerprints" by the Archivists. Majority of lyrics by tenfold with production by Daks-One and other members of the archivists in Eugene, OR.
*recent singles:
"Hey Yo" feat Thesaurus Rex, produced by See $. Austin, TX. 2009
"Blow up your box" featuring Thesaurus Rex, produced by Kelakovski of the UK. Austin, TX. 2009



Tenfold is a member of the Archivists (www.archivistrecords.com), a crew based out of the SouthWestern United States. Tenfold's style was born out of the conscious Hip Hop styles of the 90's and quickly grew to adapt variations in style and genre. After temporary disbandment of the Typikal Human Animals (Tenfold's high-school Hip Hop group), Tenfold moved to Eugene, OR for a span of four years during which time he and co-lyricist/producer Daks-One formed the group Eyes for Echoes, a live Hip Hop band containing Sax, live drums, drum machines, Keys, bass, live turntablism from Oregon's well know DJ Celsius. Eyes for Echoes was very well received in Eugene and Bend, OR, playing shows with Mikah 9, Carnage and Jimmy2Times, and other touring Hip Hop acts. However, the best shows during this period were played at co-ops and venues near campus which could boast 200-400 occupants a night.
After graduating college, Tenfold decided to move to Austin, TX in hopes to pursue new musical quests and reunite with former high-school band mates under the newly formed Archivists label and crew name. In Austin, Tenfold immediately began working with Zuse-One, DJ Limn, and Thesaurus Rex on various musical recordings. During this time, Tenfold and other members of the Archivists performed at Creekside Live, the Karma Lounge, and other smaller venues in the Austin area.
Recently, in the fall of 2009, Tenfold and the Archivists took their music on the road. The I-5 or Die tour spanned a total of twelve days and took the four musicians from Downtown LA (@ the Airliner with Percee P and Trek Life) to Redondo Beach (@ Kegs) to Santa Cruz (@ Motiv nightclub) to Ashland, OR (@ the Hong Kong) to Salem (@ the Triangle Inn) to Eugene (@ John Henry's) for the tour finale. The tour was a great success in part because of the wonderful response received from all the acts and more importantly because it was entirely funded, organized, and performed by Tenfold and the Archivists crew.
Today, Tenfold is living in Austin, TX, shifting gears to a liver, more involved sound. By the time SXSW comes around, Tenfold will have a host of music accompanied by live instrumentation by Joel Johnson, Thesaurus Rex, and friends...get ready Austin, get ready for the Archivists