Southampton, England, GBR


An undying and ever-growing thirst for success sets young 5-piece, TenFourAndOut, for a busy year ahead. The female-fronted rockers are only in their final year of college, yet are still working extremely hard following release of their debut album "Cloud Nine", which was recently recorded in Ventura, CA (produced by Aaron Goldberg from Army Of Freshmen).

TenFourAndOut's music combines anthemic pop hooks with heavy riffs and classy guitar solos, creating a unique pop-rock style. It is obvious from their live performances that the band have a genuine passion for the songs they write, always leaving spectators bewildered by the level of musicianship shown on stage from a band of their age. Before they began work on the album, TenFourAndOut supported the uprising Welsh rock band, Attack! Attack!, giving them the opportunity expand their fan base. The band also played main support to Army Of Freshmen at the Southampton date of their Close Encoun-tour.


Cloud Nine LP

Set List

Typical setlist lasts 30 - 40 minutes, including a selection of songs from the Cloud Nine LP:

1. #206
2. Cloud Nine
3. Left To Fall
4. Concequences
5. Giants
6. Kira... Is That You?
7. Skylines
8. Hiding From The Pressure
9. One Of The Crowd
10. Flying Without You
11. Tonight