Half Corona

Half Corona


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Jimmy Magee

Written By: Gerard Mitchell

Im gonna take a walk down Glasgow town,

In the cool mid morning breeze.

Im gonna take a walk down my Glasgow town,

to see my old pal Jimmy Magee.

Now Ive been away from this old town,

Longer than I meant to be.

Ive been out in the bitter sun,

Working down in Italy.

How’s it going Jimmy, where you been?

Do you like Jimmy, what you’ve seen?

Do you think Jimmy, if this town is moving on?

That the cool breeze will treat us all the same?

I left my home in 96,
The work dried up for me.
I went down to Somerset,
And Jimmy found a job on the cable TV.

I got work at a beach café
It didn’t pay well for me
But I didn’t miss much from the old country
Except going for a jar with Jimmy Magee


A stroke of luck it carried me
To a place I never knew so well
The continent was calling me
And the women and the cheap red wine as well.

Now the women and the cheap red wine were fine,
Was the heat that worried me
100 degrees in the shade by the trees
And 110 in the factory


Now Jimmy Magee he’s doing fine
Got a house and a family
Got a big fat loan from the old C.U. (Credit Union)
And a full time job on the cable TV.

So im going to take a walk down Glasgow town
They’re no mean streets to me
Im going to meet up with Jimmy Magee
It’s a pint for him, glass of wine for me.