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The best kept secret in music


"Best Local Band"

“If pop music were cigarettes, the hook would the nicotine – the ingredient that keeps you coming back for more.

Influenced heavily by the Pixies (lead singer Keith Dusenberry has an obvious obsession) and sounding like a mix of the Strokes and Elvis Costello with a slippery lead guitar, Tenley is one catchy indie pop band.

Casual and Close, the song any production team would pick as a first single, possesses an infectious, melodic and reverberating chorus that will hold the record for ‘stuck in your head.’ Another standout tune, Siam, plays line and sinker – Tenley’s smart song crafting will have you addicted.”

--Stephanie Tardy, Filter Magazine (O&E Newspapers)

- Filter Magazine (O&E Newspapers)

"Local Band to Watch"

“You might have seen Tenley opening up for your friends’ bands. The four members of this semi-new group don’t necessarily look like rockers, so when the unassuming characters get onstage and pump out their wiry numbers, you could be taken aback a bit. Singer/guitarist Keith Dusenberry, guitarist Jason Schymick, drummer Dan Bernard and bassist Billy Perkins have recorded a 10-song demo packed with pretension-free pop-rock, Strokes-ish guitar work and Soft Boys punkiness. Late-70s classic rock is alive nut not over-powering as Tenley batter through catchy and familiar – but not overly derivative – songs. The chunky guitar slaps things back and forth between straight-up somber indie-rock and more interesting arty material.

Have been together for close to a year, Tenley are still getting their stuff together, but if this demo is any indication of where they’re heading, fans of sharp music should get ready: The anxious gusto of “I Don’t Need Your Help” and “Siam” are solid indie-pop, while the manic punk of “GT” is fiery-good chaos rock.”

--Shannon McCarthy, Real Detroit Weekly

- Real Detroit Weekly

"Tenley at the Lager House"

“Back from a long hiatus, and we’re glad to see them! Wonderfully structured indie pop tunes! Fans of good music should rejoice at their inclusion into the texture of Detroit’s undying pop scene.”

--Rich Hansen, the Lager House
- lagerhousedetroit.com


Tenley (LP)
The Family Line (EP)
Big City/Morning Drugs (Single)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jason and Keith started Tenley when Jason did not own a guitar. Since Jason was slated to be the lead guitar player, this was a problem. Luckily Dan joined the band shortly thereafter, and despite being the drummer, he owned a guitar that Jason could use. Also fortunate, and concurrent to Tenley’s formation, was Keith’s then-girlfriend’s change of heart regarding what constitutes a “relationship.” Keith wrote a lot of songs very quickly after that, none of them mentioning love.

A lineup adjustment brought Billy into the band as the bassist and only member of Tenley willing to wear shorts. The band would love to live off of their music, but in the meantime, Billy and Dan work together balancing automotive drive-train parts, Jason makes coffee and webpages, and Keith trades stock. Between “Buy” orders, Keith writes the songs. His primary influences include Elvis Costello, The Pixies, and Spoon. When Keith takes new songs to the band, Billy and Dan write their parts instinctively and almost instantly; Jason takes his time crafting melodic guitar solos reminiscent of Queen’s Brian May. For the final product, the members’ influences and innovations combine to form a unique Tenley sound.

In the course of its 18 month existence, Tenley has released a full length album, a 4-song EP, and a single. They’ve played all over Detroit at venues including the Lager House, Jacoby’s, the Blind Pig, the Belmont, and Summersmash at the Detroit Art Space. Tenley plans to self-release a second full length record in March.

Thanks for listening.