Ten Mile Tide

Ten Mile Tide


Ten Mile Tide is a San Francisco-based six-piece that plays a seamless blend of foot-stomping folk rock, feel-good muppet funk, and beer-drenched bluegrass.


Ten Mile Tide is six-piece jammy-nominated band from San Francisco that describes their sound as high-energy folk-rock, feel-good muppet funk, and beer-drenched bluegrass. Ten Mile Tide has been touring nationally for over five years, fueled by grassroots support from their file-sharing success. TMT has been nominated for a Jammy for New Groove of the Year, selected as the New Groove of the Month by Jambands.com, and selected as a finalist in Relix magazine's Jamoff Competition. TMT puts on a high-energy, danceable, fun show while still focusing on songwriting, harmonies, and melody. Things are ramping up after a successful release of their new album "Riverstone".

Ten Mile Tide has shared the stage with other national touring acts such as The Wailers, Dispatch, moe., the Gourds, MOFRO, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Strangefolk, The Clumsy Lovers, Railroad Earth, The Slip, Jerry Joseph, The Samples, Assembly of Dust, Blue Turtle Seduction, Perpetual Groove, and Hootie and the Blowfish and has played music festivals such as High Sierra, Wakarusa, Mulberry Mountain, Camp Jam in the Pines, Groovefest, Jammin’ the Gulch, Utah Arts, Mt. Helena, Three Rivers, Whole Earth, Desert Rocks, Green Apple Music Festival, and more. The band has also received national and international media attention including CNN, the Denver Post, the Contra Costa Times, Canadian Broadcasting Channel, San Francisco Magazine, Stanford Magazine, and independent and college newspapers and radio across the country. With Ten Mile Tide's consent, users of the file-sharing program Kazaa have downloaded more than 10 million Ten Mile Tide songs worldwide. The band's growing Street Team now consists of more than 450 members in 45 U.S. States and 10 countries.

Ten Mile Tide's new album "Riverstone" is currently being played all across the country. Ten Mile Tide's 2006 self-titled release hit in the Top 50 at Americana radio in 2007, #23 on the EuroAmericana chart in August 2006, and #43 on Root Music Report Roots Rock chart in July, 2006. Ten Mile Tide has been played on radio stations in at least 25 states and 12 foreign countries. Other albums include the 2003 release "Midnight Is Early" and the 2001 release "Flow". 

Stations that are currently playing Riverstone:

KPIG San Francisco - www.kpig.com
KOTO - Telluride, CO - www.koto.org
KRVM - Eugene , OR - www.krvm.org
KAOS - Olympia, WA - kaos.evergreen.edu
WNCW - Spindale, NC - www.wncw.org
KCDA - Spokane, WA - www.kcda.org
KXUA 88.3 fm - Fayatteville, AR - Honest FM radio show http://dgold.info/radio
KZMU - Moab, UT - www.kzmu.org
KVMR - Neveda City, CA - www.kvmr.org
KVDS - Davis, CA - www.kdvs.org
KZSU - Stanford U - kzsu.stanford.edu
KKUP - Santa Clara, CA - ww.kkup.com
KPFA - Berkeley, CA - www.kpfa.org
WTJU in Charlottesville , NC
KSJD - Mancos , CO - www.ksjd.org
Alternantes Radio - France - www.alternantesfm.net
Red Dirt Radio - Austin, TX - www.reddirtradio.com
WRMC - Middlebury, VT wrmc.middlebury.edu
WTJU - Chalottesville, NC - wtju.radio.virginia.edu


River, Sun, and Rain

Written By: Ten Mile Tide

River, Sun and Rain

Strong like a mountainside, calm like a forest walk,
Heart like a shooting star, bright eyes shining dark and grey
They call me River, Sun and Rain

I drift from town to town, like fallen leaves in the wind
Now I'm growin old, and headed home again to stay
They call me River, Sun and Rain

All in all no need to hurry, why worry
The stars the sky the breeze, follow me

Cause I still hear the trees
They whisper in the breeze
Their voices callin me by name
They call me River, Sun and Rain

They say when I left home, the flowers shed their leaves,
The hillside all turned brown, and the big blue creek turned dark and gray
They call me River, Sun and Rain

They say the land cried for me, and that's where spring had gone,
But what I really think is it came to help me on my way
They call me River, Sun and Rain

I've long since left home
Been on my own
But friends are everywhere I go
That I know

Cause I still taste the dirt
My feet still feel the earth
The wildfire burning in my veins
They call me River, Sun and Rain

Raised on a shallow creek, as wide as the sun is bright
We'd swim all through the day
And come home when the night time came
They call em River, Sun and Rain

Now I'm headed home to stay
They call me River, Sun and Rain

Bad Girls

Written By: Ten Mile Tide

Bad Girls

We were walking along Lake Merritt one night
when she winked at a guy and I got in a fight
I don't know why she was pissed at me she said
Why don't you grow up, can't you see
After she finished coolin' my head
she looked in my eyes and here's what she said

Even the bads girls want to do good
but you just got to take it if they don't and they could
Even the bad girs want to do right
but you just can't count on it every night

She met me for drinks right after the show
but she brought along a friend with somewhere to go
We drove downtown to a parking lot
where her friend took off to score pills and pot
It was late in the night I was gettin' perturbed she said
Please believe me I'm not like her

I don't want to leave her
But I just don't believe her

I was hangin' out in the Mission one day
I saew this girl I know and she said Hey
you can come up to my place later on
we can hang out tonight my boyfriend is gone
The voice of my angel rang in my head
but I woke up the next day in that guy's bed

Time is Right

Written By: Ten Mile Tide

Time is Right

Your probably somewhere on the road
Somewhere warm, maybe cold
A little drunk, probably stoned
I don't know

I know its hard for you to write
Just know that I'm alright
Remember what you told me last July
This is not goodbye

So watch for me on those foggy nights
When the rain won't fall and your chest feels tight
When cicadas sing all through the night
And I'll see you when the time is right

Last night I dreamt of being home
The air was clear and the grass had grown
The sun was out and your green eyes shown
But I woke alone

I got a job planting railroad ties
A hundred miles down the west coast line
Just trying to wish away the time
Until your mine


I just got your postcard in the mail
That's great you got a job on the rail
I'll be waiting at the end of your trail
Without fail

While I work I sing your song
It makes my arms feel light and strong
Everyday that I've been gone
It won't be long



Riverstone (October 2008)
Ten Mile Tide (March 2006)
Midnight Is Early (December 2003)
Flow (December 2001)

The following tracks have received commercial and college radio airplay across the country:
From "Riverstone":
"Heartbeat of San Francisco"
"You and Me Gonna Get Drunk tonight"

From "Ten Mile Tide":
"River, Sun, and Rain"
"Bad Girls"
"Time is Right"
"Stuck here in Paradise"

From "Midnight Is Early":
"Sweet Life"
"All our Ships"

From "Flow":
"Never Gonna Drink Again"
"San Francisco"
"The Other Girl"

For Booking: booking@tenmiletide.com

Set List

A typical Ten Mile Tide set list consists of about 90% originals and 10% covers. All songs from the three albums are originals, and are equally likely to find their way into the set list. In addition, the band has 10-15 original songs that are not yet recorded and are often audience tested.

The band can play up to 4 hours of music on any given night, and often does. Individual sets can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2-3 hours.