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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Basement"

https://vimeo.com/64510721 - Tennessee Jet

"Driftin 7 inch review"

Tennessee Jet. Guess where they are from. I’m already excited about this 7” because of the hometown connection, and because I know and have worked with TJ McFarland, the force principale
for this project. You guys know TJ, he’s an Oklahoma boy. Think Mercury Lounge and the guy that looked like Jack White, but with a call to country that I don’t think Jack can pull off. But I wasn’t thinking about that on my way to The Vinyl Countdown, I was thinking about new singles, and Josh over there tells me that TJ has this new project. “Oh ya”, I say, “I heard about that.” He tells me that Matthew Paige, the guitarist from Blackfoot Gypsies, is on this single. He then proceeds to sample me a little Gypsy music. Ooh, this 7” is gonna be promising.........Damn, I’m running out of ruler.....
A Side; “Driftin’” My very first impression was Turnpike Troubadours, which I wasn’t expecting, but I loved. Jangly 6/8 time. Kinda Dylan-esque with its mouth harp and storyline. TJ did well with this one. His songwrit- ing has gotten stronger and musically this track lies right between his best rock and his best country. Solid single for your chill songwriter playlist.
B Side: “Don’t Need the Drugs” This is the perfect B side. One of those songs that probably can’t stand up totally by itself, but kicks ass when you flip the record. Straight forward rock song about addiction and love; what could go wrong? There is an underlying guitar tone that shows the Jack White influence, but only the tone, the style is classic riff rock. This
is drivin’ music.
These two songs were tracked at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, a cool studio that has a love for things analogue and a passion for vintage vibe. This totally comes out in both the vinyl and digital. Yes, that’s right folks,
you don’t have to have the wax to rock the ‘stache. Enjoy “Drivin’” from tennesseejet.com, iTunes, and Spotify. “Don’t Need the Drugs” is only available in two places as far as I can tell. Vinyl 7” and soundcloud.com.
Go see Josh at the Vinyl Countdown on 11th and Elgin - Jeremy Grodhaus


Driftin'/Don't Need the Drugs - 7" Single



Tennessee Jet is a one-man-band from Nashville, TN. Primary influences included; Dwight Yoakam, Neil Young & Crazyhorse, Bob Dylan and The White Stripes. TNJet combines elements of acoustic/folk singer-songwriter music with primal fuzzed out compositions using various guitars, harmonica, and a steel slap device he plays with his left foot that enables live drums without having to sit behind a drum kit. The first single, the acoustic driven, "Driftin" was released on 7" vinyl and also features the B-side "Don't Need the Drugs", an up-tempo rocker. The record represents the diversity of Tennessee Jet.