Tension Speak

Tension Speak


Tension Speak ranked in top 5 according to Myspace Music Charts "TOP 100 Artists"- (Metal/Texas/Unsigned) Unique crossover from radio hard rock into radio metal.


September 2009 - ranked in top 5 in TOP 100 Artists on Myspace music Charts for Metal/Texas/Unsigned for OVER 4 MONTHS in a row.

Dedication. Intensity. Reliability. Professionalism. These words describe the San Antonio’s rising star: Tension Speak.

Recently endorsed and/or sponsored by several major brands such as Best Buy, Spector Basses, EMG Pickups, Dean Markley Strings, Basson Sound Equipment, Tension Speak has already seen the level of confidence the industry is already placing in their music.

Sharing the stage with famous acts such as Sevendust, Shinedown, Saliva, In This Moment, Saint Diablo, STEMM, and Flaw, only validates the unique sound and raw power that Tension Speak performs.

Actual email from a touring metal band that recently played with TS;

"Great show!
Hey guys, just wanted to stop by and say that it was a pleasure working with muscians of your calliber Saturday night. It was an amazing show. Thanks for sticking around til the end...even though it lost all of it's energy once you all left the stage. Keep on rocking. Look forward to working with you all in the future."

The band is currently hard at work on its much anticipated debut full length CD that will feature the versatile and unique musicianship that fans have compared to Disturbed, Sevendust, and Mudvayne.

With a combination of melodic vocal patterns and modern hard rock guitar riffs, and deep driving rhythm, Tension Speak brings an intense sound and dynamic performance that is unique in the hard rock scene.


12 songs are currently being recorded for the debut LP release.

Songs are currently played on 99.5 Kiss (San Antonio) local music feature named Texas Traxx

three songs on GarageBand.com
"Warm Inisde" selected as the Track of The Day
"Ignorance" selected as Track of the Day

Set List

The Fall
Blink of An Eye (an acoustic piece)
Face Me
No Control
Electric Blink

7-10 songs (30 minute to 1 hour sets)