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""Everything Is Never Over" Reviews - Compiled"

"Everything Is Never Over" Reviews:

It’s quite clear that there must be something wrong with the record industry , especially the A&R people seem to have trouble with their ears. How could you otherwise explain ‘Everything Is Never Over’ by Canadian act Tenth Planet has to be released by the band itself? The full length debut of this quartet is extremely professional in many ways. For a start there’s the rich and at the same time transparent sound, courtesy of producers Jeff Martin (ex-The Tea Party) and Mike Turner (ex-Our Lady Peace). On a technical level, everything is done perfect, there’s the powerful drive of the rhythm section which keeps everything simple because of the song material and gives way to the two main men of Tenth Planet, vocalist Martin Ouellette and guitar player Brian Paul. The vocals of Ouellette are phenomenal and a real discovery. The singer is blessed with a melodic, aggressive voice with quite some range. At times in a whispering voice, at other moments in a commanding style, his powerful way of singing adds to every song. The same goes for Paul’s contribution whose style is inherited by the master of the down tuned riff, Tony Iommi, but there’s a very melodic edge as well which is quite ethereal. And after all these positive elements we didn’t even mention the songs, because this is where Tenth Planet really starts to shine. Every composition is trimmed from the fat, there are no technical excesses, every song is simply to the point. There’s a well balanced mix of heavy, yet melodic material and more introspective stuff, but then with an interesting twist. You can’t say that Tenth Planet’s music is original, but the bands where they base their music upon are hard acts to follow: The Tea Party, classic Queensrÿche and Alice In Chains. But wait for it, there are some other bonuses on this album. There’s a set of thoughtful lyrics and a powerful sleeve that, although not of his hand, reminded me of the classy artwork of Hugh Syme. ‘Everything Is Never Over’ is an exciting, brooding, dramatic and heavy piece of work! I’m only wondering why this excellent band isn’t on a quality label like, for instance, InsideOut. - Rudi Claeys, Rock Tribune (Holland)

Tenth Planet is an interesting band from Canada. The four guys, Martin Ouellette, Johnny Pegg, Mauro Scatozza and Brian Paul, come from far away, but not as far as the band name suggests. They’ve already released two albums on their own and despite the lack of support from a record label, have bravely toured through Europe twice already. This third album, their first full length CD, should give Tenth Planet even more recognition. Not only does it have a great title, but is also musically very catchy. The album opens with "See Yourself" and "Lose Your Mind", serious songs with some strong ALICE IN CHAINS riffs and a massive sound. The production of Jeff Martin (THE TEA PARTY) is heavy but modern. The Canadians continue with "Dissolution Meditation", which sounds like a rough mix of U2 and NICKELBACK. The versatile voice of Martin Ouellette sounds really good here. Depending on the song, Ouellette's singing is crystal clear and featherlight, which reminds one of U2's Bono. On the next song, as well as in the excellent final track "Balcony", his voice gains in strength and expression, sometimes sounding even more like Chad Kroeger (NICKELBACK) or Layne Staley (ALICE IN CHAINS). Personally, I'm very enthusiastic when Tenth Planet combine heavy riffs with irresistible grooves, like they do on the tracks "Even If You're Still Alive", “Little Nation" and the above-mentioned songs. In addition to this balance between hard and soft, two potential singles for the general public can be found with "Drafty" and "Weighed Down", both offering melancholic positive vibes and perfectly catchy melodies. Due to the great production and the ability of the band to create dynamics of light and shaded moments, along with an inherent catchiness, Tenth Planet have managed to make a great album. – Geschrieben Von Thorsten Dieterle – FFM Rock (Germany - English Translation)

I must confess that I have a weakness for Canadian rock music, from the prog-rock gods Rush, Nickelback, Devin Townsend and early Alanis Morissette, to rather unknown acts like The Tea Party and The Tragically Hip. Tenth Planet certainly fits on this list, and when they release a CD as good as "Everything Is Never Over", I won't have to apologize for this as well. This album once again justifies my enthusiasm for the Canadian music scene. Tenth Planet rocks in the great Canadian tradition of The Tea Party. That isn't very surprising, considering former Tea Party mastermind Jeff Martin co-produced the album, which explains the similarity in sound. Also, where the songwriting is concerned, The Tea Party have a very big influence on Tenth Planet. Some of the songs from "Everything Is Never Over" could easily be from recent Tea Party albums, like "Triptych". The best examples are Dissolution Meditation, Man In Full, Weighed Down and Drafty. Even the singing of Martin Ouellette reminds one of Jeff Martin, both in voice as well as phrasing. This isn't a criticism though, because Jeff has one of the best, most memorable voices in hard rock. Tenth Planet has a slightly metallic sound to their music, not so much in grunge as the record company declared (for example like Alice In Chains), but more in a traditional Heavy Metal or Nu Metal way. The riff in opener "See Yourself" sounds a bit like Godsmack. The next track "Lose Your Mind", however, is a little more influenced by Rammstein, with electronic keyboard sounds in the background, next to the heavy guitar riffs. Tenth Planet manages to combine a heaviness alongside catchy tunes. The great strengths are the outstanding vocal melodies by Ouellette, which not only sound great, but his voice also gets under your skin. His rough and slightly lower registers convey a certain fascination, which is an extra incentive for the album. The special feature in the music of Tenth Planet, however, is their emotional depth, which today only a few bands have. The songs are all, both musically and lyrically, very disturbing. The best songs are Little Nation, Drafty and Line In The Sand. In these last two songs, Ouellette effectively sings about the themes of war and home. In general, the lyrics are created to let you think for yourself. Tenth Planet is one of the few bands that is not only influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and U2, but also by the philosophers Erich Fromm and Albert Camus. Also very intriguing is the ability of the band to write exciting melodies without repeating themselves. None of the 11 songs, plus one instrumental, lack some form of quality. All of the songs are designed to keep your attention, which almost forces one to listen to the album again and again. The singing is consistently catchy and emotionally gripping, and the guitar work of Brian Paul is sometimes aggressive, sometimes dreamy, other times atmospherical, and always very melodic. Often you can find all these guitar qualities in one song. Tenth Planet is a genuine recommendation for anyone who loves their rock music with a lot of power, but also with emotional depth. For fans of The Tea Party or Jeff Martin, Tenth Planet belongs in the category "A Must Have". Given this quality, it is all the more surprising that Tenth Planet have released such a masterpiece (and "Everything Is Never Over" is no less!) without a record company, but released by themselves. For this, the four Canadians deserve huge praise for not only making an album with such pearls, but also with an excellent sound, which puts the production of some other well-known bands clearly to shame. Record company A&R people should be ashamed of themselves to have overlooked such a diamond. - Marc Langel - Hooked On Music (Germany), 12.01.2009

This is a Toronto-based band that matters. Tenth Planet is named after the planet behind Pluto (is this actually scientifically proven already?) which is the tenth planet of our solar system. It appears that, nowadays, the upper floors of the record companies are used only for marketing. They are no longer concerned about their job to seek out new talent. How else can you explain why a band with such potential, combined with emotional maturity in the lyrics and music with so much depth, still has no record deal. Especially since this band has already released 3 albums on their own, this time co-produced by Jeff Martin, former head of the band THE TEA PARTY. Jeff Martin is a big influence on the songwriting and singing-style of the album. This is meant very much as a compliment. Also noteworthy is the professional presentation of the CD. All lyrics are printed, the cover is appealing, and the sound is ultimately better than many high-tech productions from major label acts. Interesting also is the fact that the band has managed to tour through Europe twice - all this without the support from industry. The production, as already mentioned, was mainly in the hands of Jeff Martin (former lead singer of the formation of The Tea Party), with co-production by Mike Turner (Our Lady Peace). The sound is full, but also transparent, powerful, modern and offers enough space for the soul of the songs - just incredible musicality. The rhythm section is always powerful and groovy, but the songs are mostly guitar and vocal driven. Martin Ouellette's singing is powerful, expressive, his voice is rather deep and warm. He is simply a huge discovery. As mentioned above, his voice reminds one of many. If we mention Alice In Chains and even Nickelback, you will be able to roughly estimate its bandwidth. He sings passionately, forcefully, and gently, depending on the song. Melodic, aggressive, he whispers, rages - and makes his mark on every song. These songs are characterized by deeper lyrics than you would expect from a modern rock album. Thoughtful themes help set the album apart: war, connection to home, and inner turmoil. This is not without reason, as some of the influences the band mentioned are two philosophers: Erich Fromm and Albert Camus. Brian Paul, in turn, varies his style often on the album. You can recognise some heavy Black Sabbath-like riffs, but in some songs, he reminds one of Disturbed, or a rhythmically grooving band like Alice In Chains, and at other times he plays in a really melodic and dreamy way. Also impressive is the way the cd is put together, the order of the songs works well. It comes out of the gate very hard rocking, but by the third song it becomes more dreamy and quiet. This is followed by a mixture of ballads and heavier material (particularly noteworthy are "Little Nation" and "Line In The Sand"), as well as potential singles like "Weighed Down". The final song, “Balcony”, is one in which all strengths of the band are once again united. Excellent! The result is thrilling hard rock with power and always catchy. With the emotional depth of the songs linked to the lyrics, we have a timeless rock album: well balanced and played to the point, but not too mainstream and consistently of high quality. Shame on every major label that this work is still undetected! This is catchy, perfect, hard rocking music with excellent hooks, played from the heart. You will play this over and over again, because the songs have so much class that you won't get bored! - Tom Darkenstorm - www.darkenstorm.com - Germany

These Canadians know how to rock! I had never heard of them until I found them on eMusic last month. Some good hard rock but also some melody in the same vein as Entwine, Alice in Chains, STP, etc. Standout tracks: See Yourself, Even If You're Still Alive, Little Nation, Into Empire. Some good stuff from across the border here! - The Modern Rock Review - March 2009

Bittersweet, definitely bittersweet... plus a huge friggin' production by Jeff Martin of The Tea Party fame and Mike Turner (Our Lady Peace). Indeed, "Everything Is Never Over" is simply put a marvelous, marvelous, (dark & moody) melodic album and it's merely a shame we didn't receive this until now for review. Yep, it's unfortunately a 2008 release and it would easily have been at the very top of my list of the year. Tenth Planet are from Canada and they've created a monster CD full of top notch melodies and emotional vocals. The band consisting of Martin Ouellette (vocals), Brian Paul (guitars), Johnny Pegg (bass) and Mauro Scatozza (drums) are actually mixing the best of both worlds. They have somehow managed to control the power of STP, Soundgarden (era ' Super Unknown') with the pure genius rock stuff of acts such as David Bowie, U2, Tea Party, and just a hint of Nickelback and Savage Garden. The CD simply oozes of sheer class and it r-e-a-l-l-y annoys me that Tenth Planet is an unsigned band. What the heck is wrong with the music industry of today if they can't even find gold nuggets such as these??? These lads have succeeded in both heaviness and commerical approach and should be every A&R's wet dream. Not to mention they have a great vocalist (check out "Dissolution Meditation" where Ouellette sings at the lower register in a similar style as a certain David Bowie) as well as the image. I can't even single out any track as they're all part of this must-have CD (yeah, I know, I'm starting to sound like a fan-boy). Highly recommended and darn close to a perfect 10 rating. Make sure to check out the band at either itunes or the links below. - Urban "Wally" Wallstrom - Rock United - RockUnited.com

Toronto based Tenth Planet mixes heavy undertones with intelligent lyrics for a unique but instantly infectious, fresh sound. Lead vocalist Martin, adds even more flavor to the mix with his easily recognizable vocals. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on over the next year. - Kat, XS-BS Magazine

Tenth Planet from Canada have named themselves after the planet which should lie behind from Pluto. Well, Pluto is officially no planet, but still nobody in North America has noticed, or the boys just don't give a fuck. Now the Canadians honor us with their second CD, after they have toured a few times, even in Europe. At least the music isn't spacy or in heavenly spheres; it offers thoroughly honest, earthy rock with some metal influences. The opening song marks the direction: a rough sounding song with Alice In Chains influences. This is the style of these rock musicians: rockers with a soulful heart in the right place and a rough skin, whose lyrics come straight from the heart. The second song is also in the same style: hard and up-tempo. Only with the third song, "Dissolution Meditation", do Tenth Planet show their more quiet, relaxed side, and prove that they can write real hits. This track is remembered immediately after hearing it only once or twice. From now on the record becomes softer and softer, but on no account worse, on the contrary: it lets you dream away. Also the addition of a keyboard with a very warm Hammond sound doesn't do any harm, but is a miraculous supplement and makes the songs even catchier, which gets its highlight in the instrumental "Carbery". Then the album becomes a little harder again and more rockin'. "Everything Is Never Over" is sometimes reminiscent of fellow Canadians Nickelback. The way Martin Ouellette sings is a little bit like Chad Kroeger, however, it can also be the Canadian slang (no offence). Album closer "Balcony" once again combines all the strong points of the band. After a rollercoaster ride of emotions, I know for sure I have heard a miraculous record, which connects the strengths of Alice In Chains (hard, but soulful guitars) and Nickelback (real hit melodies) with each other, and I happily reach for the play button again. - Jens Groh, Rock Times - January 2009

Being a Canadian it is easy to hear the influences that Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) had on Tenth Planet’s latest release. Is that a good thing? The short answer is YES! Everything Is Never Over is that brand of rock which captivates listeners of any genre. The almost anthem like songs sound as if they are meant to be heard in a stadium full of 30,000 screaming fans rather than simply on a CD. Tenth Planet has easily come into their own as songwriters and musicians since the release of 2005’s The Prophet Curse. The boys do not stray from their roots though. There is still plenty of crunchy hard rock tunes for you to listen to along with some more melodic songs. Easily one of the best songs on the CD is “Even If You Are Still Alive”. The best of Tenth Planet is on display here with amazing hooks, amazing melodies, amazing music and impeccable vocals that I would have never though possible from this band! It was simply mind blowing! If you are looking for a rock radio friendly track you can give “Weighed Down” a listen. This track would rival any song out on the radio right now. It is tough to say anything bad about this band. They do it all and they do it right! Simply put, Everything Is Never Over is a must have CD for any hard rock fan! - Troy Kramm, Melodic.net - January 2009

First impression of this Canadian full length debut is that it's a very professionally made on all fronts, especially since it's done without any (budgetary) label support. For the production of it, the band have got the assistance of two highly acclaimed friends, Mike Turner (Our Lady Peace) and Jeff Martin (known from The Tea Party). Soundwise already quite some references, but those names also give a slight indication what to expect style-wise. In a way, because the foursome has, besides having modern and recognizable influences, truly a sound of their own. A sound that will appeal to a rock audience, people into alternative music or metalheads! And that's this albums strongest point! The two most notable figures, guitarist Brian Paul and vocalist Martin Ouellette combine power and emotion, intensity and intimacy. In the Jerry Cantrell - Tony Iommi riffing and in the deep, warm voice of Ouellette (think of Michael Oran of the split up Mental Hippie Blood). "Everything is never over" contains twelve killer tracks, versatile and fascinating! I really can't understand why this must be released on their own. Labels and music lovers: eyes and especially ears open at http://www.myspace.com/songsofthetenthplanet . Highly recommendable! - Nico - Hell Spawn Magazine - Belgium

How is it possible that an album like this could be released as an independent one? This is so 'big' that every major record company should ask themselves if their A&R manager isn't deaf and leave the next trend behind. "Everything Is Never Over" is catchy, without being even remotely mainstream. Actually, the twelve tracks here are timeless hard rock songs, independent and of extremely high quality. If I had to classify it, I would associate this extremely delicious sound cocktail with The Tea Party, Audrey Horne, 30 Seconds To Mars, Stabbing Westward (minus their Industrial elements) or A_Life Divided. This range shows the difficulty in trying to describe these Canadians. They have a song U2 fans would love in "Man in Full", and a few others have even Stone Temple Pilots or Disturbed-like riffs. And on top of this, there is a Jeff Martin co-composed (which was played on last year's Germany-Dates) goosebumps song called "Line In The Sand": this is a real killer. Since the overall package includes great songs (tips: "See Yourself," "Lose Your Mind," "Little Nation" and "Line In The Sand"), marvelous singing, excellent sound and nice artwork, I see no reason not to mark Tenth Planet as my personal newcomer of the year! - 9/10 - Christoph Luecker - Obliveon Magazine - Germany - December '08

“Everything Is Never Over” (cool title!) This 12-track cd is from start to finish very professional. The booklet is made with care, including all the lyrics and a nice cover. The full-length debut cd from this Canadian band is co-produced by ex-Tea Party singer Jeff Martin, and that is from a musical standpoint the first clue. Tenth Planet plays alternative, straight rock, they have almost consistently a hard rock heart, use non-genre influences, deliver hit songs, and the ballads are touching. If you can imagine a mixture of The Cult, U2, Alice in Chains and The Tea Party, you sure won’t waste any time here. -Boris Kaiser, Rock Hard Magazine (Germany)

Third time's a charm. Toronto rockers Tenth Planet have released a wicked, 12-song album titled Everything Is Never Over (2008). This is a follow-up to their sophomore release The Prophet Curse (2005) and debut disc Retro Has No Future (2003). This is the band's finest work todate. Johnny Pegg (bass), Mauro Scatozza (drums), Brian Paul (guitars) and Martin Ouellette (vocals) recorded Everything Is Never Over at Orange Lounge Studios and The Pocket Studios in Toronto and also in West Cork, Ireland at Kingdom Recording Studio. The album opens with "See Yourself" a kickin' rock song. Martin's vocals are deep and with only three other guys in the band they sound much bigger as the sound is really full. I have guitars, bass and drums firing at me from all five speakers; it's a great experience hearing a rock album that actually sounds like a rock album. "Little Nation" comes at you with both barrells loaded in true rock anthem fashion. This seventh track on the album is currently heard on the band's MySpace for you to preview. Track ten is "Drafty" a bittersweet, love song. Martin does more than sing, he delivers a vocal performance with the passion of a storyteller. This ballad proves Tenth Planet is not a one-trick pony but a very versatile Canadian rock band. I really hope these guys earn serious honours, possibly a CRMA during Canadian Music Week or a Polaris Music Prize nomination. Their music is that damn good; but that's just my opinion. This album is a solid ride produced by former singer and guitarist for The Tea Party, Jeff Martin (who co-wrote "Line In The Sand") and founding member of Our Lady Peace, Mike Turner. You'll be wowed by the overall sound of the album courtesy of Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering (Finger Eleven, littleSUNDAY, Nelly Furtado). Impressive album art and liner notes with lyrics makes this album complete. Highly recommended. - Chris White,
- Reviews Compiled


The Prophet Curse - 2005
Everything Is Never Over - 2008

tracks from both albums available to stream at www.tenth-planet.ca



- Tony Iommi Planet Rock Search Finalists release first full length album

Toronto, Canada’s Tenth Planet create globally accessible music that is hard,
heavy, and melodic. Karla Ash of England’s “Alternative Rock Review” recently categorized the band by stating “Tenth Planet revolves around the same black hole sun that Alice in Chains did but with the anthemic punch of U2 at their most rocking.”

The band took root at the beginning of the millennium and in June of 2003, they released their first album, “Retro Has No Future”. The song “We Are The Cause of Everything” was winner of Umbrella Music’s “Next Level” contest.

In May 2004 the band was selected as a finalist (other recent finalists include The
Trews and Finger Eleven) for 97.7 HTZ FM’s Rocksearch 2004. They also found a new producer in The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin, who would produce the band’s next album, the critically acclaimed “The Prophet Curse”, which was released in mid 2005.

In September 2006, while supporting “The Prophet Curse”, Tenth Planet went on their first tour of Europe. It was a huge success, playing dates in Holland, Germany, Belgium and England. The highlight was playing for 12,000 at the Breda Barst Festival, in Breda Holland.

The band had no record deal and label support in Europe, yet were able to make the tour successful due to overwhelming demand via international online CD sales and digital downloads such as iTunes.

On the heels of their first European tour, in January 2007 the band was hand selected by Black Sabbath guitarist and founding member Tony Iommi as a finalist for his International Planet Rock Search, the only North American band to be selected.

In September 2007, Tenth Planet returned for their second European tour. This time, it was a special treat as the band performed acoustic songs from “The Prophet Curse”, plus played tracks off their forthcoming CD. They were also playing shows with Jeff Martin.
In January 2008 the song “Do You Remain?”, a track from “The Prophet Curse”, was announced as a semi-finalist for the prestigious International Song Writing Competition. Judges included Nelly Furtado, Tom Waits and Robert Smith of The Cure.

The recording of the new full length album, entitled “Everything Is Never Over”, was an international affair, recorded during sessions in both Toronto (Orange Lounge Studios and The Pocket Studios) and West Cork, Ireland (Kingdom Recording Studio). Jeff Martin once again took on production duties, as well as co-wrote the song “Line In The Sand”. Also getting production credits on the album is multiplatinum selling guitarist, and founding
member of Our Lady Peace, Mike Turner.

In December 2008 the band won Alternative Addiction’s “Next Level” Contest and their album was named “Record of the Year” by Rudi Claeys of “Rock Tribune” magazine - Holland’s biggest selling Hard Rock magazine. In the same month, the band played two sell-out shows in their hometown of Toronto.

In February 2009, a song from “Everything Is Never Over”, entitled “Man In Full”, was announced as a finalist for the International Songwriting Compeition. In April/May 2009 “See Yourself”, the lead off track from their new album, was the #1 song in the international indie charts (All Genres and Rock) for six weeks, finally taken out of the top spot by Sheryl Crow’s cover of GNR’s “Sweet Child O’Mine”! (Charts courtesy of IAC Music International). In October 2009, the same song was named as semi-finalist for the “2009 Song Of The Year” by IAC Music International.

Dedication to the band is at an all time high, with fan sites now being run in the U.S.A., Australia, and Canada. Reviews for Tenth Planet’s latest album have come pouring in, with it being called “an exciting, brooding, dramatic and heavy piece of work!” (Rudi Claeys, Rock Tribune), “a genuine recommendation for anyone who loves their rock music with a lot of power, but also with emotional depth” (Marc Langel – Hooked On Music), “a great album”
(Geschrieben Von Thorsten Dieterle – FFM Rock), “a timeless rock album....catchy, perfect, hard rocking music with excellent hooks, played from the heart.” (Tom Darken – Darkenstorm.com), “simply put, a marvellous, marvellous album” (Urban “Wally” Wallstrom – Rock United), “a miraculous record” (Jens Groh – Rock Times), “A sound that will appeal to a rock audience, people into alternative music or metalheads” (Nico Hell – Spawn
Magazine), “timeless hard rock songs” (Christoph Luecker - Obliveon Magazine),
“from start to finish very professional...with hit songs, and the ballads are touching”
(Boris Kaiser – Rock Hard), “simply mind blowing!” (Troy Kramm – Melodic.net), “a genuine recommendation for anyone who loves their rock music with a lot of power, but also with emotional depth....a masterpiece”. (Marc Langel – Hooked On Music - Germany)