Kyle Hollinger

Kyle Hollinger


We are a three piece band out of Pennsylvania, made up of a drummer, keyboard player, and a guitar player. We enjoy mixing indie rock and jazz together, and that would be our meat and potatoes. But, we are always experimenting with different possibilities, so things are kept pretty fresh.


We started working together in late 2007 and have been having fun ever since. All of us come from different projects which makes things nice and eclectic. Kelly had been playing with a band called Suburban Transit which kind of like this jazzy, jam thing, and every once and a while Pat (who is from a band called Quagmire Swim Team, which more electronica based) would sit in with them. Kyle was busy elsewhere before coming back to the area and moving in with Kelly, where things just clicked. Kyle had many songs and ideas just waiting for the right band to play them. And since Pat did most of the writing for his band there was no shortage of material. After playing a few dates as a quartet our bass player called it quits and our trio was born. We looked into replacing him, but the vibe we got with just the three of us felt and feels really good.


We post songs on out myspace pages for download, but we haven't made a formal recording yet. Playing shows is a lot more fun. But making an album is on out to-do list.

Set List

We usually do about two one and a half sets, sometimes three. It really depends on the venue and the circumstances in general. We manage to throw in some fun covers, but we are for sure an original group of artists.