ten till two

ten till two


The melodic rock n roll influence of ten till two will have you tapping your foot and singing along in no time. For time will put no boundries on the band with their 3 minute pop songs to 7 minute instrumental epics. Ten till two will always give you that all around "good time" rocknroll feeling....


With influences and roots dated back all the way before time, there is a band that now walks the face of the earth. "ten till two". This band got its "official start the early spring of 2007. The band had been acquanted through music since the summer of 2006 but lack of time and dedication through certain members caused problems with the band as they had rarely, if ever played shows. But then one sunny day, they saw the light. Going through a series of players original founders guitarist and vocalist Brooks Boyer and drummer Alan Cooper sought out to do it on their own with bassist Ryan Epping.

This hardworking rock band has developed into one of the most heard of and aspiring bands in the St. Louis area. Opening for some names like Dr. Manhatten, and Red Umbrella, ten till two is no stranger to some of the National Acts.

Ten till two has always been known to write songs rapidly. Having a demo put out and a full length cd "Bebopalula..." put out in 2007, and a new E.P. they are recording now, ten till two's energetic rocknroll live performance can extend to over an hour of pure rock.

If you haven't heard of the four yet, you will. Bye and Bebopalula...


Bebopalula... Self Released 2007.

we are ten till two. aka.real cool
come see us! LISTEN TO US AT:
WLCA 89.9FM-Godfrey, IL
WFCF 88.5FM- St. Augustine, FL
BSR 88.1FM- Providence, RI
WMUA 91.1 FM-Amherst, MA
KDVS 90.3FM- Davis, CA
KZSU 90.1FM-Stanford, CA
BCR 1090AM- Brooklyn, NY
WUOG 90.5FM- Athens, GA
WZBC 90.3FM- Chestnut Hill, MA

Set List

We are usually only asked to play 30 minutes, but we can play anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour long set. We can play 15 original songs, and can do a few covers.