Ten to Five Project

Ten to Five Project


Rag tag inheritants of a failed musical dream the Ten to Five Project are the product of an idea taken too far. A dynamic 9 piece, the line up consists of strings, brass, vocals, guitars, percussion and accordian.


The Ten to Five Project began its existence as a musical collaboration: an opportunity for musicians from all backgrounds and tastes to come together and make music. It consisted of jazz pianists, saxophonists, opera singers, a cello player from the South African Youth Orchestra, a Greek guitarist with a passion for death metal and screaming.
We thought ourselves oh so clever and arty. Innovators perhaps.

But the dream died.

It quickly became apparent that putting metal heads and connoisseurs of the classics in a room with jazz stars and indie boys resulted in only one thing: noise. It wasnt arty. It wasnt innovative. It was just painful. So we packed up our array of eclectic instruments and our dreams of an Art Council grant and headed off into the sunset.

A few of us stuck together. New people came; old people left. We went through a phase of buying strange instruments from Ebay. Then, eventually, in October 2005, the current group of five came together and just kind of stuck.

Ten to Five Project play melodic indie pop with drum and bass and metal undertones.

Ten to Five Project are currently working with Red Felt Recordings (www.redfeltrecordings.com)


Life is a Stage - May 2007 - Red Felt Recordings
1- Enter Stage Right
2- Mother's Pride (a melody of twisted fate)
3- Insincerity (one more white lie)
4- Little Yellow String (the moment snaps)
5- Sun in my Eyes (the primadonna comes)
6- Exit Stage Left.

Mothers pride, Little Yellow String and Sun in my Eyes have all received multiple airplay prior to release.