Our live show will make you believe.


Since 2001, as one incarnation or another, we have been writing and performing music that allows us to release our aggression towards the forces holding us down, our disappointment in those who have failed us as friends, and our frustration with this irreversibly fucked-up world we live in - without winding up in jail the next day. More than anything else, we are defined by what we are not. We are not a pack of brooding, heavily tattooed, image-oriented, gloomy, and self-admittedly powerless punks who play a set list about how much life sucks. We are not a local band playing music for free booze, cheap women, and an evening of pseudo-famousness. We are not some disorganized group of ego-centric musicians who scoff at those with the ability and willpower to better themselves. Our music is about the harshest, most painful elements of our reality, and it is what we use to get from one day to the next while maintaining some semblance of sanity. Because of this, what we play is some of the most genuinely emotional music to resonate through the Midwestern underground, and our live performance is among the most brutal out there. We arent pursuing a hobby, we are pursuing what is quite possibly the only thing we were made to do: play our own music, our own way.



Written By: Scott Musser/TenTonHalo

V1.I have been betrayed again, I have been let down one to many times
I can’t let it go; I want to destroy anything beautiful

V2. I have been fucked with one too many times and I am never going to let it go I am building hatred brick by brick; I am not going to let this go

C. It’s all faded, it’s all a lie
It’s all faded, no more reason to care if you die

B. I want to cut you up. I want to fuck you up; I want to be the one to watch you bleed…….
I want be the one to watch your light fade. I want to be the one with my hands around your neck so tight…..
No more friendship you fucking lied to me
No more friendship you fucking lied
No more friendship you fucking lied to me
No more friendship, Now you’re my sworn enemy…………


Written By: Scott Musser/TenTonHalo

Want to be numb………….
I see the clouds forming over head, Can’t stop this feelin coming over me
But I still try and I’m begging for a release. I’m begging for just one release

I need…………
Something to stop all the pain I feel inside. Torture is what I’m liven with every day
Second time around and I think that I’m dieing, First hand experience and I’m drowning (in sorrow)

I just want to be numb
And I don’t want to feel like this anymore
I just want to be numb
And I can’t take the way I feel any more

I need………
Something to stop all the hatred I have inside, Torture is what I feel all the God damn time
Second time around and I know that I’m dieing, First hand experience and I’m drowning (in self loathing)
I know that this is the way I’ll feel for the rest of my life…..

B .Take it away get it away through more pills more pills more anything anything to make it go away make it go away make it finally go away….



ONE WISH / 2006...13 songs/over 1hr of music
Frozen EP / 2004... 3 song Demo/ only 200 made to give away at shows
Live EP / 2003... 6 songs recorded live/ only 200 made and sold

Set List

9 to 12 songs. Both of of "ONE WISH" and new songs not yet recorded. Sets are 45min to 1 1/2hrs.