Ten Ways From Sunday

Ten Ways From Sunday


We won't give up. We have embarked on a career. Listen up now or listen along with everyone else later! Visit www.tenwaysfromsunday.com to see how professional this indie band is.


Vancouver-based Ten Ways From Sunday is a band that revels in the long-standing tradition of epic, old school arena rock. In fact, this five-piece would surely make the editors of Creem Magazine or Rolling Stone circa 1975 wet with anticipation.

Driven by a relentless need to change the soundscape of the music industry, Ten Ways From Sunday writes and performs without limitation. True to their word, this band rocks its fans to dizzying highs and implausible depths. Frontman Matt Layzell embellishes each and every song with intense and deeply personal lyrics that accent the high voltage energy put forth by fellow band mates. Guitarists Jeff Johnson and Dave Young intertwine creative and often intricate parts to fill out bassist Mike Young’s powerful and melodic lines, while drummer Trav Robson supports it all with a steady yet laid back style. Together, they create a sound that is intensely dynamic and inspiring, both musically and lyrically.

“There’s something in the freedom of stadium rock that speaks to all of us,” explains Layzell. “I think we like the fact that with this genre of music we aren’t constrained to a typical song structure and we’re free to experiment with whatever feels right. The appeal is in the flexibility – you listen to a band like Led Zeppelin and they’ve got blues in one song, straight ahead rock in another, and jazz elements in the next.

“We like the diversity it allows us, we don’t want every one of our songs to sound just like the other.” And they don’t. But they still sound like Ten Ways From Sunday.

This attitude – or lack thereof – accurately reflects the dedication Ten Ways From Sunday pour into their music, and the devotion to their fan base. It’s no wonder that these five friends are making a huge impact on the modern-rock scene wherever they play – be it on national television or in their favourite live venue at home in Vancouver.

And the band’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Guest spots on such shows as CBC’s Great Canadian Music Dream, features on some of Canada’s most progressive modern rock radio stations, and licensing deals for placement of their music in internationally recognized video games, has given this independent group strong legs to stand on.

Incidentally – the name Ten Ways From Sunday emerged from a ‘heated conversation’ between vocalist Matt Layzell and guitarist/vocalist Jeff Johnson. Feuding over the results of a recent hockey game, Jeff threatened to kick Matt’s ass “ten ways from Sunday.” With phrase in hand they approached the other members of the group and sealed their fate.

With its first commercial release “What I Wanted,” the band has earned appreciative support from coast to coast. Recorded at Vancouver’s famed Greenhouse Studios and mastered by Tom Baker (STP, NIN, Deftones) the debut EP showcases the diversity of their musical aspirations. Often compared with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots and Incubus, Ten Ways From Sunday continues to evolve as brothers Mike and Dave Young bring new influences since touring alongside world-renowned artist Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad).

Currently, Ten Ways From Sunday is touring its live show on the heels of the single “You’ve Been Around.” This song has been licensed for the EA Sports NHL 2004 video game.


2001 - Self-Title 4-song EP
2002 - "In Our Lifetime Vol 1" Fenway Recordings Compilation
2003 - "What I Wanted" 6-song Ep
2003 - 99.3 theFOX SEEDS compilation
2004 - DIEPOPSTAR.com compilation CD

2003 - "You've Been Around" the single that is getting radio play and also the song that was performed on the CBC Music Dream TV special, is included in the EA Sports NHL 2004 video game.

Set List

45 min to 1hr 30 min set.

All original.