ten ways from sunday

ten ways from sunday


Program Director "Dunner" of CFOX Rock Radio in Vancouver Canada (Program Director of the Year) : "If you work hard to be a good band..you'll probably be good...if you forego sleep to be a great band you'll be "Ten Ways from Sunday."


Driven by a relentless need to change the soundscape of the music industry, Ten Ways From Sunday writes and performs without limitation. True to their word, this band rocks its fans to dizzying highs and implausible depths. Frontman Matt Layzell embellishes each and every song with intense and deeply personal lyrics that accent the high voltage energy put forth by fellow band mates. Guitarist Dave Young intertwines creative and often intricate parts to fill out bassist Mike Young’s powerful and melodic lines, while drummer Trav Robson supports it all with a steady yet laid back style. Together, they create a sound that is intensely dynamic and inspiring, both musically and lyrically.

Thanks to the success of their first commercial release “What I Wanted,” (2002) the band continues to earn appreciative support from coast to coast. Recorded at Vancouver’s famed Greenhouse Studios and mastered by Tom Baker (STP, NIN, Deftones) their debut EP showcases the diversity of their musical aspirations. The first single “You’ve Been Around” was licensed for EA Sports NHL 2004 video game, they have been featured on some of Canada’s most progressive modern rock stations, and they performed last year on CBC’s Great Canadian Music Dream, giving this indie group strong legs to stand on.

Often compared with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots and Incubus, Ten Ways From Sunday continues to evolve as brothers Mike and Dave Young bring new influences since touring alongside world-renowned artist Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad).

Currently, Ten Ways From Sunday is promoting a follow-up self-titled EP recorded at the Armoury Studios in Vancouver with Devin Townsend as producer. The new CD showcases 7 new songs that further demonstrate Ten Ways From Sunday growing ability to create diverse and passionate music. It is clear that this is a band that has found itself artistically and is ready to blow up. Watch for Ten Ways From Sunday to be touring in support of the new CD through 2005.


TEN WAYS FROM SUNDAY self titled EP - March 2005
What I Wanted EP - 2003
Youve Been Around - single licensed to EA Sports NHL Hockey 2004 video game