Teo Milea

Teo Milea


April 26th 2012,I timidly began to lay down my ideas on the music sheet.
This album shows me to the public through the 7 songs as being a pianist and a composer belonging to two worlds: the world of classic and the new world, the world of the 21st century.
Music is a cure for the soul!


I have never liked bushy resumes, nor to talk about me so I will try to briefly introduce myself. Let's get acquainted…
My name is Teo Milea. From Arad at origins and from Timisoara through adoption. Lover of good music and other beautiful things. Pianist and songwriter as well.
I started to sing when I was 6 years old and that is what I still do now. Meanwhile I finished "Sabin Dragoi" High School of Music from Arad under the guidance of Professor Adela Molnar and the Music Faculty at the West University from Timisoara at Prof. Dr. Maria Bodo`s Class. But I was not over with school… I started working as a corepetitor pianist at ”Ion Vidu” National College of Arts, at the Music Faculty and at the School of Popular Arts from Timisoara. Among those who helped me, in time, to enhance myself as a musician were masters Gabriel Amiras (Germany) and Arkady Sevidov (Russia).
At first it was classical music. I attended various national and international piano competitions for music lovers across the country and beyond, from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary or the United States. In 2010 I had the chance of collaborating with the Opera from Vienna within the framework of the International Festival of Opera from St. Margarethen, in "The Magic Flute"opera by W. Mozart. I spent a good amount of time in Switzerland and Germany, where I performed in a duo-formula piano - nai.
Then an exploration of new musical styles followed for me - rock, pop, no jazz, funk, ambient. In 2009 I performed at the Plai Festival, in a TRIO formula alongside Horea Crisovan. In 2011 we performed on stage for the opening of the International Jazz Festival at Garâna with "Horea Crisovan Quartet". During that time I performed in various bands that I've set up together with other musicians. Those were beautiful projects, but the outstanding challenge was for me to create my own style.
I began performing together with Amalia Gai?a, and in December 2011 we released our first project together called "Sounds of Christmas" which brought to the public our first compositions.
Meanwhile, together with Amalia, I wrote another chapter named "COLORS" – I wrote the music, she wrote the lyrics – another piano-vocal authentic product, a project very dear to me. We have presented our own first songs in concerts, and people have told us that they want more ”COLOURS”, so we are preparing an album for 2013.
I am now working on my first solo album ”On Black…and White Keys”. I presented a few of my compositions for the first time at Calpe Gallery in Timisoara, on July 26th 2012... but you shall find out more at the right time...
What would there be more to say about me? When I don`t play the piano and when I`m not composing, I cook – and my friends say I do it well – and I ride my bicycle. But even then I still can compose…

See you soon…


Album: "on white...and black keys"
Releases: November 2012

Aura 12:42
Their Story 08:38
Memories 07:56
Agony and Ecstasy 10:20
Nostalgia 09:26
Sarabanda 06:14
Ireversibil 04:46