Te Oro Haa

Te Oro Haa

 Motueka, Tasman, NZL
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A syncronicity of four different performers to bring together karanga, te reo, waiata, kapahaka, taonga puoro to celebrate our natural world and to tell stories of Aotearoa and of Te Ao Maori


Ko tenei te wa
Now is the time...

Te Oro Ha a collective breath giving sound and voice to Maori an ancient peoples teaching
From the message of Parihaka
To find peace with their God To find peace with others To find peace within ourselves
To the universal themes of all that breaths between the heaven and earth
Through four performers who collectively breath a contempory voice through Maori instruments,Kapa Haka,song,poetric storytelling in both Te Reo Maori and English
Te Oro Ha create spiritual truth which resonates with its audience through its simplicity

Te Oro Ha create both universal poetic storytelling and world music
And tell of our Tino Rangatiratanga our self determination as a people who should no longer be
We give a voice to those who came before us ,acknowledging Papatuanuku the earthmother and Ranginui the Skyfather
Te Oro Ha
We breath therefore we live

Share our breath let us breathe as one


Since we have started our new group "Te Oro Haa" fairly recently, we are currently at the stage of recording and creating a Maori-Latin-music-CD which will be available soon. Also there will be recordings of our live-performances, which tell stories about the spiritual world of Te Ao Maori available.

Set List

4 vocal microphones, at least 2 monitors, 1 small table for the taonga puoro = instruments