Tequila Mockingbird

Tequila Mockingbird


We are four great friends who have come together through music over the past 6 years. We love to have fun and laugh at ourselves but at the same time we take writing music and performing very seriously. Our music is very radio friendly and appeals to a wide variety of fans.


Each member of the band approaches music a little bit differently. Mike writes the lyrics and melodies and is very heavily influenced by pop music. He loves "anything catchy" and it comes across in his writing. His catchy hooks are responsible for Tequila Mockingbird being stuck in your head for days after hearing the music. His passion for music is evident in the energy he puts into his drumming. Aaron is in school for music theory and is most knowledgeable in that department. His training allows the band to experiment with harmonies and scales that can give the songs that 'little extra'. Chris Sedore is the vocally trained front man of the group. Chris grew up performing at family events at parties with his acoustic guitar. He is a talented guitar player with the voice of an angel. His soothing voice and charisma make the band easy to fall in love with. Dan is the latest addition to the band and is a master of his craft. He has always loved music in general: from soft serenading ballads to heavier metal bands. His widespread influence allows him to bring character to the bass guitar, and not just blend in to the background of a song, as so many bass players do. Together the quartet spend hours laughing, arguing and practicing tediously in order to create a final product that people want to spend time listening to. The band describes their sound as pop punk with a folk twist. They credit Bright Eyes, Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182 and Say Anything as their biggest influences.


2006 - Little Miss Stole My Heart and Kept it Recorded at Mastermind Studio
2009- Demo's recorded in Mikes Basement

Set List

Mostly original songs with a couple "novelty covers". These covers usually include "The Power Rangers Theme" and songs that are popular on the radio at the time such as Rihanna or Lady Gaga.

Typical Set includes:
Originals such as: Watch and Learn, Ode To Joy's Sister, OMG, Perfect Little Boxes, Radio, Andy Collins: A Lengthy Collection of Short Stories.