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Richmond, California, United States | INDIE

Richmond, California, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Hip Hop


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"Hip Hop Gets A Taste of Tequila's New Sound"

Tequila. Rap, Hip Hop, Upcoming Talent and Record Labels.

Tequila’s voice is a cross between Macy Gray, Da Brat, Erykah Badu, E40, and Keak Da Sneak. Most say her voice mixed with her unique delivery makes her the next big thing in female hip hop. Her marketability and appeal is growing by leaps and bounds as evident by her 150,000 myspace hits and is routinely in the 10 ten most viewed and most played for unsigned artists. Her growth and appeal his number has grown exponentially in the last two month.

Tequila is not your average female rapper! Like her smash single says' in the hook "it took a lot of hard work to get here, but she is here to stay, so I hope ya'll are ready for her"

Many DJ's and artists from across the nation are requested song features, and song submissions for their mix tapes and compilations.
Tequila should intrigue hip-hop fans all over the world with her distinct style. Born in Berkeley California and raised in Oakland, and currently residing in the California's hotbed for Bay Area rap (Vallejo, CA). This Vallejo, CA rapper is making a name in the rap industry. She has opened shows for industry legend Too Short, rap superstar Tech9ne, hip hop superstar Pitbull, and E-40's newest artist Turf Talk.

This rap diva recently signed with MT Records in Memphis, TN after a bad situation with Suni Entertainment. MT Records is comprised industry professionals and committed individuals that will take her sound to the next level.

Tequila is an industry force to be reckoned with because of her unique style. She is a triple threat as far as singing, writing, and rapping. Tequila is Silky, Sassy and her flow is unlike anyone in the industry today. Her smash single “TEQUILA” features Mike Marshall formerly of Timex Social Club (Rumors), and The Luniz (I Got Five On It) fame, and he has collaborations with many industry giants, was a great collaboration of like minds and talents and is getting airplay worldwide.

Tequila, she made her singing debut in her father’s church (37th Street Baptist). She hosted her own children’s TV talk-show on public access TV at the age of 13. With the success of her TV show and guest appearances in front of large church gatherings she honed her entertainment skills which created huge commotion. Tequila started rapping at the tender age of 14. She spent her formative years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, whereby she became acclimated to the rap game. - RAP NEWS NETWORK


Dubcnn: Tell me about growing up in Oakland, CA?

I grew up on 47th Street in North Oakland in a close knit family. The block had family members on both sides and was filled with both joy and pain. I attended public and private schools in an around the East Bay and was always in some sort of talent activities where I had to be the center of attention. I was the queen of beat box in most schools I attended. My teen years in Oakland were filled with violence and good music. For instance, I always rolled around town bumping Too Short and Dru Down (Pimp of The Year). I danced at many family gathering to the sounds of “Rumors” and later on I had a chance to work with Mike Marshall the lead singer for Timex Social Club. I also lost a number of close friends to crime, drugs and violence.

Overall, I was always soul searching in Oakland because the City of really cultural, inspiring and groundbreaking. Oakland allows you to be an original (Too Short, Ant Banks, Richie Rich, MC Hammer, Tony, Toni, Tone, Keisha Cole and more)and I was always proud that I was a unique person, from the way I wore my hair to the weird clothes my parents allowed me to wear. By living so close to Berkeley I became a hip hop hippie. I was actually born in Berkeley and raised in Oakland.

Dubcnn: How did you get started in the music business?

I started in the music industry from birth. My mother read poetry to me at an early age and was a powerful storyteller. From my mother I believe I got the gift of rhythm. I got my gospel and soul from my father who is a well known pastor in the Oakland Community. I believe my jazzy sound comes from my upbringing in the church. I had great strong black women that directed me in the church and pulled out my soul and taught me how to arrange songs in the church choir. From there I participated in a number of local talent shows and grew from there. I relocated at to Milwaukee, WI at the age of 13 and began to learn the streets of the Midwest and the rap game. Life moved fast and a number of my cousins there were involved in the street life that I found fascinating. I learned my Swag from them. I moved back to Oakland at the age of 16 and ended up in a group called Deeply Rooted. This was powerful political rap group that did several community shows. We opened shows for comedian Paul Mooney, comedian Lynell, and the television network "SoulBeat" (Oakland’s B.E.T before B.E.T). I ended up in a Brazilian Rock Band out of San Francisco called “RIPE” that shaped my mind to be open to new sounds and genres. I began dancing SAMBA professionally with a dance troupe called “Aquadella” that participated in San Francisco's annual Carnival festivals and travelled locally.

Dubcnn: Who were some of your influences coming up?

My influences growing up were Elvis Pressley, Peter Gabriel, Prince, Salt and Pepper, LL Cool J, Run DMC, MC Hammer, Too Short, Dru Down, Tina Turner, Al Green Cher, Diane Ross, and Michael Jackson to name a few. All had a profound effect on my musical career. Each has shaped my musical sound in one way or another. Michael Jackson was a big influence because he was so shy and so eccentric on stage. I have often been told my personality is like his because I transform on stage or in the booth. When I hear a beat my ear hears the sounds of my past and I can immediately freestyle something from my soul.

Dubcnn: Describe your music and sound?

My sound is distinguished by my voice. I have a raspy voice that I use as an instrument to add to any beat. My adlibs are always intentionally placed to enhance my sound.

Dubcnn: Being from Oakland, have you ever worked with Too $hort or E-40?

I have opened for Too Short and worked with a number of E40’s artists including Turf Talk and J Mennix. I worked with the official voice of the Bay in Mike Marshall.

Dubcnn: You had a song with Mike Marshall (I GOt 5 On It; Timex Social Club), how did that go down and what was it like recording with Mike?

I was honored to work with Mike and the session was so powerful. I told me that he worked out of a small studio when he recorded “I Got Five On It” and our confines were extremely similar. He was such a perfectionist and he pushed me to new limits that I strive for today in the booth.

Dubcnn: Tell us about your own energy drink line, Swag Juice.

Swag Juice is a takeoff on my last album “Its My Swagga.” I was offered an opportunity to have my own energy drink based on my Internet presence and my management team came up with the name and we soft launched six months ago. We have garnered a lot of attention in a short period of time with limited marketing and resources. However, the product is well positioned to impact in the marketplace. We are negotiating with a number of distributors domestically and internationally. Swag Juice – “Put Some Swag In Your STEP!”

Dubcnn: What project or projects are you working on now, any major collaborations?

I am working on my new album “Swaged Out” coming soon on Hoopla Media Group, LLC/Universal Records. I have been concentrating on doing me in the booth and working with Desmond Map, Spice 1, Big V, Tan D, and Mike Marshall. My production has stepped up on this project with tracks from Epidemic, C Major, FoKiss, Mike Mosley, Traxx, and Bennie Owens.

Dubcnn: Can you speak on your overseas fame?

I have a huge internet presence on MySpace with over 2 million views and over 1 million plays. A number of internet radio stations request my music and stream around the world. I number of DJ’s have interviewed me on the air in the Germany, Poland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. We are currently working on a 360 licensing agreement that will add a new dimension to my musical career. I am hoping to tour soon internationally.

Dubcnn: What are some of the big things you've accomplished so far, musically?

My biggest accomplishment thus far is sticking to the grind. I have been discouraged a number of times because people promise you the moon and deliver nothing. So, my belief and strength in god has pulled my through, plus my father’s nurturing advice has been a blessing.

Dubcnn: Who is the best female emcee in your opinion?

The best female emcee besides me *laughs* is Missy Elliott. She is versatile and very unique. I pride myself on being unique and having the mainstream be accepting of my music would be icing on the cake. I do not listen to many current artists in my genre because I am always expanding my musical taste and I am constantly striving to push the boundaries within my soul.

Dubcnn: Who are some artists you'd like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Mary J, Missy Elliott, E-40, Tech9ne, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill to name a few.

Dubcnn: Where can readers catch up with you at?

You can reach me at MySpace or Twitter or YouTube/.

Dubcnn: Do you have any final thoughts for our readers?

Stay tuned and look for major moves coming soon.

"hip hop/ r&b recording artist, 'TEQUILA'"

HIP HOP/R&B Recording Artist “Tequila”

This is the year of “The Rat” as well as a “Lunar Year” which means a lot will be happening and New Discoveries will be made and Introduced to The Entire World.

Thankful & Delighted to be a part of this Blessed and Interesting Year of New Discoveries, I would like Introduce to some and Present to others, “Hip Hop/R&B” Recording Artist, “Tequila”! Originally from The San Francisco Bay Area, “Tequila” is making waves on the Music Scene with her New Single “Hiphy Girl”, which can be heard on her website; www.myspace.com/tequila . Producer/Managers “Broyce Batchan” & “Calvin Schexnayder”, owners of “Onlok Music & Entertainment, Inc.”, have been working together for the past 5 years and Primarily & Exclusively Manage “Tequila’s Music Career”. This is the year God has set aside for “Special Blessings” and “Tequila” is truly “Special”!


Introducing Tequila, a new emerging female rapper from Oakland, California. Growing up in the Bay Area, Tequila witnessed the birth of Hyphy music and was inspired by this trend along with her love of singing and rapping to persue a career in music. Here, you will find out more about Tequila and her plans to take on the music industry by storm, as well as the opportunity to listen to her music to see what Tequila has to offer...

What Hyphy artist or song was it that caught your attention and made you want to become an artist as well?

No artist made me want to become an artist because I was always into music as a youngster singing at school and in church. However, MacDre's music is a symbol of hyphy music and when I heard his music it made me proud to be from the Bay Area where the hyphy sound was starting to spread. MacDre, Keak Da Sneak, E-40, Too Short and Cougnut were favorites.

I know you started singing in the church-when did you know that you wanted to be a performer?

As a child! My father (WC McClinton) had a television ministry and he put me on my own Christian Kids talk show. I loved to sing in the church and perform at recess in school to entertain my peers. As I grew up, my desire to entertain grew. To this day, whenever I see a stage or someone performing I

want to let people know I was a rapper.

Who was Tequila before she became a rapper? What type of student were you in High School? Were you in any organizations, athletics, etc?

Tequila is my birth name but I believe I was always a rapper since grade school. I could not wait for recess or between classes to entertain the other kids. I was not into school much but I loved to entertain and draw attention to myself. I regret that I did not apply myself in school because as I look back on it now I could have done so much better. I am applying my knowledge now to do better and I want to encourage those that felt the same way about school to apply yourself now and you won't regret it like me. You already know I was into band because it had something to do with music, performing and entertaining.

What are the misconceptions of Hyphy music (if any) that you would like to resolve?

Hyphy music is misconceived as a fade and some artists' get boxed as only able to do fade music. My music far exceeds hyphy, but I am not ashamed to do some hyphy music. To say hyphy is a fad is to say the Bay Area is a fade because hyphy is our lifestyle. Much like hip hop is a lifestyle. I believe we have always been hyphy in the Bay Area but now the public has put a label on it. I don't think that our music gets the credit it deserves but we don't have the artists getting into the mainstream like other areas either. We have a lot of talented artists' doing hyphy music here in the Bay Area and a couple artists have gotten deals. My music is more than hyphy, but the single is a hyphy single. When I first put my music on myspace all the other regions of the country responded well outside the Bay Area. I classify my music as neo-soul, jazz, hyphy hip hop!

As an upcoming female Hip Hop artist, you will have young girls looking up to you and with the many misogynistic videos and songs on TV and the radio, you will by default be looked up to as a role model for young girls-how do you respond to that?

I don't look down upon anyone and what they do with their music because music is a form of expression. I don't do sex songs or song that degrade myself. I was raised in the church to respect myself and others so I don't want to put myself out there like that. I welcome the role of being a role model to young girls. I am not perfect but I am not misguided either. My music is not all peaches and cream but again it is a form of expression.

Often times an artist has music and his/her message does not come across correctly by audiences. What is it about your music that you want people to understand the most?

A lot of my music are my life experiences so I rap and sing about what I know. The hood, gangsta, ghetto, progress, success are all things I can testify too. As I grow in this industry my experiences will grow and my music will grow. Listen to my song on my myspace page "I'm Just Me" for an idea of who I really am!

So, your song Go Dumb Girl isn't necessarily about an actual non-intelligent girl-explain to our readers what Go Dumb Girl is about-and what the unique hyphy slang is all about.

Go Dumb is party song! Go Dumb Girl is to have fun. Go Dumb Girl is to have fun. Go dumb, get stupid, get hyphy are all fun expressions of enjoy yourself. 18 dummy is to to drink 1800 Tequila. Get hyphy is to get hyperactive while enjoying yourself. Watch my swagged is to check me out. The song is a party song

Your single Go Dumb Girl is getting radio play across California, what is next for you as far as performances goes? Any upcoming tours and/or collaborations with other artists?

I don't have any tours scheduled but as the single grows we plan to tour to all the markets that shows the single love and bring the party. We have a few select dates scheduled over the next couple weeks.

DJ King Assassin is the producer of the track and he is also featured on the track and he is dynamic with his sound and I thank him tremendously for the opportunity and the Liferdef family. He was Tupac's original producer and there are plans to do a Tupac collaboration. Also in the works is a collab with Kyle Rifkin who is part of Rob Base's group "The Incredibles." There is also talk that Rob Base will be part of the Go Dumb Girl (remix).

Hyphy music incorporates a lot of dance-do you dance in your performances?

I tear the stage up. I believe my show performances exceed my recordings. There is a difference when your in the booth recording and when you perform because you can improvise and give the people a show. You can get hyphy with the crowd's support and their energy.

You hosted your own TV show at the ripe age of 13, tell me about that-what was your show about?

It was a Christian kids talk show that focused on social issues with the youth and encouraged them to stay in school and basically follow rules. Again, my father who is minister encouraged me to start in show business at a early age. Both he and I continue performing to this day. His television ministry is doing well and he is my biggest supporter.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is Man Up Ni**a! My mother says that to encourage you to get it together!

What is something that no one knows about you that you wouldn't mind sharing with our readers? (any guilty pleasure of yours, for example, is there a TV show that no one would expect you to watch that you don't miss, or do you have a secret passion for Broadway Musical show tunes etc?)

My sister/mentor (Takith Johnson) who was a very talented gospel singer passed away from Lupus at an early age, and in her honor I plan to open a Lupus Foundation in her name. Also, I desire to build my father a bigger church for his ministry and I do have a passion for the Oprah show! That is a couple extra tidbits!

Who are you listening to right now on your ipod/mp3 player/cd player-what was the last song you listened to?

Me, I play my music whenever I can to get different ideas for my performances. The last song I listened to was "Rock With You" on repeat!

Ok Tequila! That's all the questions I have for now. I look forward to your future projects. Stay in touch with me and the rest of the Caught Magazine family!

Thank you and the Caught Magazine family for the love and support. I also want to thank my management staff for their love and support!

By Adrienne Blanks



Tequila belong's to Oakland's finest Hip Hop and Rap Queens, ain't no doubt about that. Tequila was born in Berkeley California, raised in Oakland and currently lives in California's hotbed for Bay Area Rap, i.e. Vallejo/V-Town.
Tequila made her singing debut in her father’s church, the 37th Street Baptist Church in Oakland, CA. She hosted her own children’s TV talk-show on public access TV at the age of 13. With the success of her TV show and guest appearances in front of large church gatherings she honed her entertainment skills which created huge commotion. Tequila started rapping at the tender age of 14. As a matter of fact Hip Hop wasn’t allowed to be played in her house, so she had to sneak tapes in the house and listen in her room on her walkman. There she spent hours listening to many of Hip Hop’s legends, and started writing material of her own. She would actually bust over the beats to create her own unique style.

Tequila's debut album was independently released in 2005 and features an outstanding array of songs and guest artists (see album entry below). Especially on any Hip Hop and Rap album it is the mix of contributing singers that decides between top and flop. Tequila's album is an awesome debut indeed. Already the first track "Tequila", featuring the Soul of the Bay Mike Marshall (Timex Social Club) and Tequila on vocals, anticipates the quality to follow. Several of the songs describe the life in Oakland, the West Coast, the Hood - especially "Living In The Ghetto" has all it takes to become an anthem. Tequila also uses explicit lyrics but that's pretty normal if you are doing Rap & Hip Hop these days. Plus, Tequila manages to keep the sexual content at a minimum and her lyrics concentrate on real life issues.

There's a natural flow and rhythm to most of the songs and they are easy to enjoy. Highlights? Yes, there are two tracks that stand out, "JUMP" and "HOPE", being the last two tracks on the album. With "JUMP" Dwayne Thompson hits the vocals right where they belong and the message of the song is not only to jump once the music hits you ..."there is only one way to do it ... you gotta jump". This is true for many other situations in life as well. Just remember that Zora Neale Hurston's mother told her children to jump at de sun - they might not land on the sun, but at least they would get off the ground. Last but not least, the track "HOPE" has refreshing lyrics and the message comes across loud and clear. Several of the tracks on the CD underline that Tequila has all it takes for a big jump, i.e. to become one of the top stars in the bizz today and put San Francisco back on the musical map. Thus her debut album is highly recommended.

Tequila's talent is not unnoticed as she was a hit at the Bay Area Rap Summit, featured in magazines, and TV shows. Currently Tequila is working on the realease of her second CD in 2006. Some of the new tracks, "Time To Shine" & "Tha Glo", can be found on Tequila's website (link below). The track "T and T Blast" is a song Tequila did with Thaahum Keneteph (who is from Arizona) for a movie soundtrack. Let's hope that all these activities will pay off - Tequila deserves it!


2005 Tequila
(Gramkracker Entertainment 2005) Tequila -- Oakland -- West Coast Profile -- Back In The Hood -- Born And Raised In The Ghetto -- Nothing To A Boss -- Wake Up -- Living In The Ghetto -- Nineteen -- I Have Changed -- Sit Back And Relax -- This Is How It Goes Down -- Messy Broads -- Danger -- In The Night -- It May Look Easy -- JUMP -- HOPE
Musicians: Tequila, Joli B, Mike Marshall, Benny Owens, Rel a.k.a. Little Big, Crazy, Jessica, Lionel Randolph, Luther Thomas, Lawrence Jones, John-John, La Meek, Empress Freedom, Shab Jigga, Dwayne Thompson, Rev. McClinton, Yero McClinton, Taresse Womack

Further Links:

Tequila's website ...

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• New single "History" recorded
• New single "Fly High" recorded
• Facebook Page reached 2,000 friends
• Received a Sponsorship with Trueanthem.com
• Meet at Greet with Dwayne Wiggins at Kimballs Carnival
• Myspace Page received over 2.3 Million vistors
• Made her acting Debut on Discovery Channel "Cuff Me if You can"
• Secondary acting on Discovery Channel "Almost Got Away with It"

• Recorded "Feelin It" video
• Opened for Busta Rhythms
• Myspace Page reached 2,000,000 hits
• Myspace Page reached 200,000
• Added to 40 Internet Radio Stations including Jango.com
• Performed at over 20 showcases
• Featured article in Dubcnn.com
• OnAir Guest on 10 radio shows
• Performed with Sounds of Blackness at Yoshii, SF
• Recorded 12 new songs

• Featured in 7 local new articles
• On tour with DJ King Assassin and Mopreme Sakur
• Recorded over 25 new songs and collabs
• Myspace Page over 1 Million hits
• Performed at over 15 showcases include 2 headlined events


• Featured in Caught Magazine
• Appeared on Chey Bell's Radio Show
• 22 Spins on Major Radio in 4 days.
• Myspace page reached 500,000 views and 54,000 friends/fans.
• Appeared in "Thugs" video shoot in San Jose, CA. Song by MacGruff Muttley
• On Air Guest Appearance on "The Miss Bling" radio show in Chicago, IL
• Recorded "Rock With U" featuring Bennie Owens.
• Song “Santa Claus Getting Hyphy" released on Liferdef/Universal Records Christmas Album.
• "Go Dumb Girl" appears on WEUP Radion, Huntsville, AL.
• Retained Moses Media Inc. as radio promoters.
• Tour with Mopreme Sakur to Minneapolis, MN in honor of Tupac Sakur.
• Nominated Bay Area Female artist of the year. Schedule to perform with Mike Marshall at the BARS Awards.
• Recorded "Go Dumb Girl" with DJ King Assassin.
• Meet and Greet at the Bay Area Rap Summit, Oakland, CA “Wendy Day, Davy D, DJ Vlad, SMC Recordings, Thizz Entertainment, and more)
• On Air interview with Sac Town Radio, Oakland, CA
• Performed at The Box Theater, Oakland, CA
• Myspace Profile reached 200,000 views, and 38,000 friends/supporters
• Achieved #1 status for profile views on Black Planet and NumberOne Music websites.
• Selected by Kaboomtune.com to release a new album
• Song “I’m From The Yay” selected for DJ Classic’s mixtape “Street’s Underground Volume 4.”
• Retained S & P Entertainment as Entertainment Consultants
• In studio guest at Ozcat Radio – “Meeno Kis Show”, Vallejo, CA
• Performed at Club 6, San Francisco, CA
• Performed at Mingles, Oakland CA
• On-Air interview on the Max Heat Show, Toledo, OH “Pro Flow, Fo Sho Show”
• Meet and Greet with Keith Napier, West Coast Concert Promoter
• Appeared on the cover of Lyric Inc. magazine and the feature artist of the month.
• Submitted Press kit to Bad Boy Entertainment and the press kit was forwarded all the way to Diddy’s desk from this top A&R Representatives
• Appeared in the September edition of Protégé Magazine
• In studio guest at Ozcat Radio – “DJ Lacy’s Show”, Vallejo, CA
• Performed at Mingles, Oakland, CA
• Meet and Greet with Fleetwood,
• Appeared on the cover of Lyric Inc. magazine and the feature artist of the month.
• Submitted Press kit to Bad Boy Entertainment and the press kit was forwarded all the way to Diddy’s desk from this top A&R Representatives
• In studio guest at Ozcat Radio – “DJ Lacy’s Show”, Vallejo, CA
• Performed at Mingles, Oakland, CA
• Featured artist on HyphyTV website as artist “Whose Next” in the Bay Area, San Francisco
• Meet and Greet with Big Ten Entertainment, Concord, CA
• Performed at Mingles, Oakland, CA
• Performed at Club 6, San Francisco, CA
• Performed at Lucre Lounge, Berkeley, CA
• Performed at East Oakland High School, Oakland, CA
• Retained Calvin Schexnayder as Managing Agent
• On-Air Interview with Uncle D, Kansas City, MO – “Uncle D Morning Show”
• Appeared on the cover of Lyric Inc. magazine and the feature artist of the month.
• Performed at Club 6, San Francisco, CA
• Completed song collaborations with Flav Ja Vu from Columbia, South Carolina
• Completed song collaboration with Blacc, Santa Maria, CA
• Performed at Mingles, Oakland, CA
• Performed at Blake’s, Berkeley, CA
• On-Air interview with Uncle D, Kansas City, MO – “Uncle D Morning Show”
• Guest Presenter at The World of Rap Awards, La Vegas, NV
• Performed at Redding Convention Center, Redding, CA (Tech9ne Tour) with Savage Productions
• Performed at The Pound, San Francisco, CA (Tech9ne Tour) with Savage Productions
• Performed at The Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA (Tech9ne Tour) with Savage Productions
• Song “Messy Broads” received top ten recognition from Stanford University underground radio show.
• Meet and greet with A&R Representatives from Russell Simmons Music Group
• Radio show appearance with KPFA, Berkeley, CA
• Appeared in December 2005 edition of Envus Men’s Magazine
• Performed at Mingles,



Tequila is soulful and a breath of fresh air! Her new single "History" is combination of NeoSoul and Hip Hop with a Sarah Vaughan quality.

Tequila is not your average recording artist! She has been entertaining fans for many many years from the church to sold out arenas. Like first smash single "Tequila" which featured "The Voice of the Bay - Mike Marshall" said' in the hook "it took a lot of hard work to get here, she is mot definitely "here to stay,"

Tequila's second officially released single "Go Dumb Girl" did very well on Corporate Radio by climbing to 150 on the Urban Music Charts DJ's in 2008.

The Lady with Swag (Tequila has her own enegry drink "Swag Juice") is here to represent. "SWAG JUICE" has the potential to take the enegry juice market by storm.

Tequila presently has a free album available on www.trueanthem.com that is sponsored by NETFLIX AND SKULLCANDY. This album will give you a good idea of who TEQUILA is through her music.

Tequila past accomplishments includes sharing the stage with the likes of Too Short, Tech9ne, Pitbull, and Turf Talk. Tequila is an industry force to be reckoned with because of her unique style. She is a triple threat as far as singing, writing, and rapping. Tequila is Silky, Sassy and her flow is unlike anyone in the industry today. Her single "TEQUILA" features Bay Area legend Mike Marshall formerly of Timex Social Club (Rumors), and The Luniz (I Got Five On It) fame. Tequila, made her singing debut in her father's (W.C McClinton - Bay Area Television Ministry) 37th Street Baptist Church. She has host her own TV talk-show as a child on public access TV at the age of 13. With the success of her TV show and guest appearances in front of large church gatherings she honed her entertainment skills. Tequila started rapping at the tender age of 14. She spent 3 years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she became acclimated to the rap game.