Tequila Hounds

Tequila Hounds


The Tequila Hounds are a very talented rock band from the Inland Empire ready for a record deal. They put on a HELL of a live performance and have at least 45 songs to their credit and are ready for the big time!!!


The Hounds have been playing music together their whole lives. The Hounds have their own sound and play many different types of genres such as Rock, Punk, Raggae, Southern Rock, and a LIL Country. The Tequila Hounds appeal to alot of different people cause there songs they have are all true life experiences that alot of people can relate to. Their influences are alot of artist such as Led Zeplin,Social Distortion, The Clash, Bad Religion, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Guns N Roses, The Ramones, Richie Valenz, The Who, Bad Co., Merle Haggard, and the list goes on and on. These guys are the real deal. Great song writers, musicians, and no how to get the crowd pumped up.


Pretty much everyone of their songs could be a hit. We've had a few songs played on X103.9 here in San Bernardino such as , Southern Desert Sky,Walls of Pain, Nevada Desert, and It's Alright, Which the phone lines go crazy everytime they are played.

Set List

It changes cause we have so many songs. we usually play 45 min to hour sets but could easily play a 2 hour set.
Nice Boots,Green Grass of Home, Walls of Pain, It's Alright, Nevada Desert, Cowboy, St. Peter, Southern Desert Sky, Drunk Town, California Highway, Baby Put That Knife Down, Lonely Days, and we alwways end with Drunk On Thanks giving.