..these Musicians perform in such a way that the heavens seem to open up before you (Leidsch Dagblad)


Ever since its formation in 1986, Terem-Quartet has become the pioneer of a new way of playing music on folk instruments. The passionate, lively and thrilling music of the Russian soul, encompassing virtually the entire worldwide repertoire of classical
music, literally burst onto theatrical stages at the end of the 1980s. For more than 20 years, the Russian Terem has been giving its love and warmth to listeners all across the world.

Repertoire includes over 500 pieces – original transcriptions and paradoxical fantasies based on popular themes from classical and modern music as well as folklore, jazz and soundtracks from famous films.

Terem-Quartet has represented Russia in front of the planet’s most famous people – the Pope and Mother Teresa at the Vatican, at St. James’ Palace upon the invitation of Prince Charles, at the G8 leaders at the summit in St. Petersburg.

They have performed with such musical legends as Peter Gabriel, Bobby McFerrin, the musicians of Led Zeppelin, the violinist Nigel Kennedy and many others.

Having travelled almost the whole world over (60 countries) and given over 2500 concerts, Terem has no plans to rest on its laurels. In 2003, the musicians founded their own annual Terem-Festival of World Music in St. Petersburg, to which they invite like-minded musicians from all over the world. Participants of previous festivals have included The Real Group, The Swingle Swingers, Carel Kraayenhof and his Sexteto Canyengue, Dora Schwarzberg, Martin Frost, Richard Galliano and Michel Portal, etc.

The Music of Terem-Quartet is passionate, lively, a resounding chord of the Russian soul. The musicians have overturned ideas of modern concert music-making, bringing their own brand of theatre and establishing an incredible dialogue with the audience. The creation of music for the XXI century – positive, energetic, bringing joy and love, changing the world for the better – is one of the fundamental undertakings of Terem-Quartet.


-Queen Elizabeth Hall (London, UK)
-St.James’ Palace (London, UK)
-Olympia Hall (Paris, France)
-Alte Oper (Frankfurt, Germany)
-Passion Kirche (Berlin, Germany)
-Vigady Concert Hall (Budapest, Hungary)
-Concertgebaw (Amsterdam, Holland)
-Theatre Alterosa (Belohorizonte, Brazil)
-Savoy Theatre (Helsinki, Finland)
-Latvian National Opera (Riga, Latvia)
-Dzintary Concert Hall (Urmala, Latvia)
-Adelaide Town Hall (Australia)
-Moscow Kremlin Palace (Moscow, Russia)
-The Great and Minor Philharmonic Halls (St.-Petersburg, Russia)
-Kaufman Hall (New-York, USA)


-Culture programme of the Olympic Games in Barcelona (1992)
-Meeting of Pope John Paul II with Families of the World in Vatican (1994)
-3000th Anniversary of Jerusalem (1996)
-Carnival in Venice, Square of St. Marco (1996)
-Concert to celebrate awarding of the Mediterranean Prize of Peace to the President of Macedonian (1998)
-St.-James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales (Charles) (1999)
-Festival of Russian Cinema in Cannes (2001)
-The ensemble became the winner of the Gold Book of the Fatherland for outstanding achievements for the good of Russia (2002)
- ‘St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary’ exhibition at the Russian Embassy in Berlin (2003)
-Concert for the G8 leaders at the summit held in St. Petersburg (2006)
-Thanks from President Putin for making a major contribution to the musical art. (2006)


-WOMAD (under auspices of Peter Gabriel; all major events since 1991)
-Edinburg Festival (Edinburg, Scotland, 1998)
-Festival of Perth (West Australia, 1999)
-New Zealand Festival (2000)
-“Prague Autumn” International Music Festival (2000)
-Cannes Festival (France, 2001)
-Quebec Festival (Canada, 2002)
-Kremlin Easter Festival (Moscow, Russia, 2002)
-Israel Festival (Jerusalem, Israel, 2005)
-Festival of World Cultures (Dun Laoghaire, Ireland 2006)
-Festival in Nantes “Folles Journees” (Nantes, France, 2007,2008)
-Festival in South Korea “Jeonju Sori Festival” (Jeonju-City, Korea, 2007)
-The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (Hungary, 2008)


1. "TEREM" 1992
2. "CLASSICAL" 1994
3. "1000th concert. LIVE " 1994
4. "No, Russia Cannot Be Perceived by Wit¡­" 1999
5. "FLEA WALTZ" 1999
6. "JUBILENIUM" 2001
7. "ANTHOLOGY PART 1" 2002
8. "ANTHOLOGY PART 2" 2002
9. "ANTHOLOGY PART 3" 2002
10. "RUSSIAN PASSION" 1. 2002
11. Vladimir CHERNOV and «Terem-Quartet» "CANZONE D'AMORE ITALIANE" 2004
14. La Folle Journee (Schubert) 2008
15. Diddu og Terem 2008

Set List

1. Friendship (Anders Edenroth, arranged by Terem-Quartet)
2. Preparance (Astor Piazzolla, arrangment: Terem Quartet)
3. Oblivion (Astor Piazzolla)
4. Libertango (Astor Piazzolla, introduction: Jorge Bosso)
5. Svetin milli sanda (Magnus Blondal Johannsson)
6. “A Stroll with Fellini” (Nino Rota, music from Fellini’s films, adaptation: Terem-Quartet)
7. Swan Princess (Rimsky-Korsakov-Terem-Quartet)
8. Music from film “Mission Impossible” (Lalo Schifrin, arranged by Terem-Quartet)
9. La Cumparsita (Matos Rodriguez, arranged by Jorge Bosso and Terem-Quartet)
10. Gradiska (Nino Rota, music from Fellini’s film “Amarcord”)Bosso and Terem-Quartet)
11. Music from film “A man and a Woman (Francis Lai, adaptation: Terem-Quartet)
12. Adios Nonino (Astor Piazzolla)
13.  Antre (Nino Rota, music from the Fellini’s film “8, 1/2”)
14.   Besa me mucho (Consuelo Velazquez, adaptation: Terem-Quartet )
15. Concerto Grosso G-moll (Nicholai Budashkin, adaptation: Terem-Quartet)
16. El aero