Terence Martin

Terence Martin

 Harrison, New York, USA

Finely crafted contemporary folk with haunting poetic imagery and emotional resonance, with elements of folk, americana, blues, pop and bluegrass.


"The Last Black and White TV is of the 10 best discs of 2010!" - George Maida, WCVE, Richmond, VA -

"Terence Martin's new album,” The Last Black and White TV”, shows why he's a Cadillac among Chevy-quality singer songwriters. I've got 'Halfway There' stuck on repeat--it offers great, thought-provoking lyrics, a hook buried so deep you'll never get it out, and a wealth of philosophical maturity. These are all qualities I expect, and routinely get, from Terence Martin."
- Jim Motavalli, WPKN Radio -

Just Plain Folks Music Awards
"Go Ask the Rain" - Best Song, Male Singer/Songwriter category

Singer/songwriter and published poet Terence Martin was born in London and grew up in Los Angeles. He moved East in 1997 to become part of the flourishing NY acoustic music scene. His musical background includes performing as a double bassist in the Burbank Symphony and in several touring rock bands. His poetry is included in the anthology, “Four Valley Poets.”

Terence’s new CD, The Last Black and White TV, features 10 new original songs written by Terence and his long time collaborator, Gregory Hicks, in the Santa Monica Mountains and the Eastern Sierras in California during 4 creative weeks in the summer of 2009. This is Terence’s 6th release, his most honest and musically accessible to date, with imagery drawn from an America that everyone has forgotten existed. The spirit of spontaneity and naturalness was taken into the studio, with tracks recorded live, highlighting the honesty and simplicity of the songs.

Produced by Terence and Dennis Hrbek, the CD features performances by Dan Bonis on archtop guitar, lap steel & dobro, Gordon Roehrer on bass and Clifford Carter (James taylor, Paul Simon) on keyboards (“A Little Mercy”)

Of Terence's previous CD, Even Trade, Sing Out Magazine says: "If you're a connoisseur of exceptional songwriters, this CD is essential to your collection."

His music has received national radio airplay on over 150 stations. His debut CD, Division Street, the follow-ups Waterproof, Sleeper and Lost Hills have all received excellent reviews. "Familiar Mysteries”, a song from Waterproof, was selected for the title track on the second CD from the Garland Appeal, the charity for breast cancer research started in memory of Linda McCartney and sanctioned by Paul.

Terence has shared the stage with an impressive line-up of national acts, including Rosanne Cash, Roger McGuinn, Christine Lavin, Dar Williams, and Richie Havens. He was a featured performer in the Emerging Artist Showcase at the 2003 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and performed on the Most Wanted Stage at the 2004 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

Terence has also been a finalist in the 2006 Mountain Stage New Song Contest, won honorable mention in the Mid Atlantic Song Contest and performed at the Boston Folk Festival .

“Terence Martin latest CD might be his finest recording to date. Terence puts us in the passenger seat for a musical roadtrip to some very personal mileposts, each song crafted with an honesty and accessibility that is a hallmark of his songwriting skills.”
Ron Olesko, WFDU Traditions

John Platt from WFUV's Sunday Breakfast says:
"Terence Martin claims Richard Thompson, Greg Brown, and Bruce Cockburn as some of his songwriting heroes - with good reason. Maybe he should add Ernest Hemingway, too. He shares with them a clarity of expression, a sense of place, and a gift for the telling phrase. His new CD 'Even Trade' is another display of his mastery."

“ …a brilliantly produced, finely crafted album.” ( Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live in NY)

“In a career studded with solid craftsmanship and one fine album after another, Terence Martin has produced a masterpiece. His use of metaphor and symbol are as finely writ as any serious novelist and stand on a peer footing with the work of Neil Young or Bob Dylan. (John Hammel, Homegrown Radio)

" Terence Martin belongs in the foremost pantheon of contemporary singer songwriters."
(Sing Out Magazine)

"Martin is an extraordinarily skillful writer whose powerful songs are impossible to forget."
(Charlie Backfish, WUSB radio)


The way it didn't go

Written By: Terence martin

Where is the life
The life we might have led
It started on the corner where we never met
I nearly turned to you, you nearly turned to me
At the intersection of what is and what could be
What would have happened
We’ll never know
That’s the way it didn’t go

I saw a child who might have had our name
He passed me in a crowd just the other day
He spoke some words but none of them were clear
Our shadows nearly touched as he disappeared
Did he have your eyes
I’ll never know
That’s the way it didn’t go

I’m not myself today and you’re not who you are
We’re one lane over riding in that car
They read a map but they don’t recognize the road
And if they think about us they don’t let it show
Where did they turn
We’ll never know
That’s the way it didn’t go.

The door you didn’t walk through
The girl you didn’t talk to
The light you didn’t run that day
The call you didn’t answer
The unrequited dancer
You met her glance and turned away

Put it down lightly
You know how things can break
I can’t forget the love we didn’t make
The sun that didn’t rise through the window that’s not there
The way it didn’t fall on your face and on your hair
What did you dream
I’ll never know
That’s the way it didn’t go


CDs:The Last Black and White TV (NEW!) Even Trade, Lost Hills, Sleeper, Waterproof, Division Street

Set List

Terence typically performs original selections from his 6 recordings, showcasing the newest release. Opening sets - usually 25-30 minutes, Headlining sets - 2 45 min sets or 1 longer set.