Teresa Mae

Teresa Mae

 Kent, Washington, USA

Teresa's music combines alternative's colorful guitar parts with Top 40's catchy chords ad melodies to create a rich musical experience that leaves you feeling more joy than before you listened.


Teresa's journey started at age ten when she began arranging piano solos in different keys and playing oboe in the high school level band at summer camp. She moved on to play in state wide high school honor bands at fourteen and that same year started playing trumpet. Two years later she earned a spot in the Northwest Honor Band at Minot State University and also took up singing. That same year she sang in the University of North Dakotas honor choir, one of the most prestigious in the state, and starred at high school state vocal competition.

Amidst all of this, at age sixteen, she had started teaching herself guitar and writing songs. As a young girl in small-town North Dakota, there were no top-40 stations, so she grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Queen, and the Beatles. In high school she gravitated to the Beatles, No Doubt, Green Day, and Alanis Morrisette. All these influences, combined with the Top-40 beats Teresa enjoys today, have melded to create her unique artistry, which also speaks of the lessons she learned living in small prairie towns.

As these experiences have shaped her creativity, she attended college as a vocal performance major and earned her Associate of Science in Vocal Music from Utah Valley University.

In the past two years Teresa has been honored to perform at Puyallup Fair, Northwest Folklife, Alki Art Fair, a packed Tacoma Rainiers game, Kent Fourth of July Splash, and other local venues.

In 2009, Teresa co-produced and released her debut EP, titled "Teresa Anderson."  She earned second place in South Seattles Got Talent contest, and Lakewood's Brightest Star vocal competition.  She continues to perform throughout the Puget Sound.


A Little Bit O' Mmm

Written By: Teresa Anderson

Verse 1
It's been a long day at work but I'm feelin' good
so I get a frosty, just like I should
I walk to my car, put on my Hollywood
it's redemption a la mode

I open my phone to find a message from you
fireworks go off I can't believe what you do
to me, bein' with you is as good as eating chocolate
after a long day

You say your night is free will you hang out with me
I would never miss a night with you

A little bit o' mmm in my life makes me feel alright
A little bit o' you with me tonight
No matter where we go baby we'll feel the magic
Mmm by your side I feel the way you love me
Every time you look at me and smile
Mmm, a little bit o' mmm

Verse 2
You show up at my door and I melt to the ground
I'm walking on air at the restaurant
We are in fairytale land when our eyes meet
The air is saturated with romance

You're like a red rose with an aroma so sweet
It takes me away to a Caribbean holiday
You're romantic ways and flirtatious grace
Deliciously hypnotize me

A little bit o mmm in my life makes me feel alright
A little bit o you with me tonight
No matter where we go baby we feel the magic
Mmm by your side I feel the way you love me
Every time you look at me and smile
Mmm, a little bit o'mmm

Mmm I love the way that you love me
Mmm I never felt such peace
I can't believe I think I found the one for me
Ooo you inspire me

Mmm let's never let go
Mmm no better time than now
Let's stay in each others' arms forever
I've never known anyone like you


Worth It

Written By: Teresa Mae

Verse 1
When I got off the phone
with you that night
Nothing was right
We were both so mad
I'd hoped it wasn't goodbye

'Cause you're the only one
that's made me feel
Like this is something I can keep
Baby I believe
You're the one for me

And if we hold on to each other tight
Doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
We'll win, win, we'll win the fight
Always darkness before light
If we just hold on
It's worth it

Verse 2
Couldn't believe
you were at my door last night
I was like "should I scream or cry?"
'Cause I was still made at you
Then you looked into my eyes

Wrapped your arms around me
Said, "did you know you're all I need,
I can hardly speak, you're the one for me."


You're the sun that lights my way
My blue sky on a cloudy day
Nothing could change what I
Feel for you



Written By: Teresa Mae

Verse 1
I flew off to Seattle
Walked off the plane,
a guitar and a dream

We met that next Sunday
My world will never be the same
A year passed
You almost gave me your name

Verse 2
Tore me apart
when you said
You were leavin'
'cause of my ambitions

I know you're just a fraid, but
the future's as good as today
'Long as we love like we do

I can't let go
Ours is the truest love I've ever known
You're like a shadow always at my side
Even when you're gone,
There's no way I can hide
I'm stuck on you
I'm stuck on you

Verse 3
I know your dad doesn't like me
Thinks that I should stay at home
He's been fillin' you with disbelief
Baby trust what you see
We've always made time
For you and me


I called you up just to say
I think you're making a big mistake
Think of what if will be like
without us
You always said I was your best friend
That you'd love me 'till the end
Baby I just can't go on without you
I'm stuck on you


We've Got Time

Written By: Teresa Mae

Verse 1
Crisp white sheets
Stethoscope on the wall
The doctor hasn't come
This day could get long

You in your metal chair,
grey eyes and messed hair
Got that look in your eye,
'cause we've got a little time

Wrap me in your arms, your lips on mine
lets make the most of our time
you're like a wave crashin' over me
bring me to your harbor safe and warm
isn't it nice, we've got time

Verse 2
Two weeks later
you get home early
and I've a few minutes
Before I leave

A million more things
could take your time
but somethin's on my mind
can you tell by my smile

Sometimes Life's little moments
Don't come very often
Let's make them last
As long as we can
turn off the roller coaster once in awhile


A Little Dance

Written By: Teresa Anderson,Pat Pymm

A Little Dance
It hurts to hear what you need to hear
when you know you need to hear it
You don’t want to admit it
It hurts to face the truth

It’s painful to say what you need to say
When you know you need to say it
You fear what the world will think
It’s painful to tell the truth
So we hear what we want to hear
We say what we want the world to hear
We hide the truth or we push it away
We dance a little dance
That is choreographed carefully
Avoiding discomfort
Escaping reality
So take off the disguise
Don’t compromise
is the greatest prize
The greatest prize
will open our eyes
And we’ll dance a little dance
That is choreographed beautifully
In rhythm and rhyme
We move in perfect time
We move in perfect time


Acoustic Journey: Acoustic demo EP
EP: Teresa Anderson
Christmas CD: Teresa Anderson
LP: Christina Maria (certain harmonies provided by Teresa Anderson)

Set List

Customized to each show.