Teresa Gjonnes

Teresa Gjonnes


My goal is to be the best songwriter I can be.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the 3 songs I have posted. My goal is to grow, learn and work towards writing the best song ever! :-)


By Your Name, My Freedom Came

Written By: Teresa Gjonnes

vs 1
Yeshua, Word of Life
Savior, Prince, Jesus Christ
With holy breath, You conquered death
By Your Name, my freedom came

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb
Mighty, Mighty is the Great I am
By Your Name, my freedom came

vs 2
HaMashiach, Anointed One
Bread of Heaven, Righteous Son
You’re the living, returning King
By Your Name, my freedom came

Forgiven by Christ, I am free to live a new life

Lost In You

Written By: Teresa Gjonnes

vs 1
I’m the one
99 are safely back at home
I ran too long
and so far
turning back I can’t see where You are
and where I belong
Pride made me a fool
It took me away from You

I wanna be lost in You
no more running on my own
When I am lost in You
I am found

vs 2
Hide and Seek
too harsh a game for me to keep
I played it on my own
and now I’m through
looking up I’m calling out to You
to take me home
the only place for me
where I’m meant to be

I Find Peace

Written By: Teresa Gjonnes

vs 1
Letting go of what I hold to close
Trusting You for what I want the most
and when I’m holding onto what You say You will do
I find, Peace

vs 2
Testing all that has control of me
and sacrificing things that should not be
I’m believing You are, who You say You are
I find, I find,

Peace, I find peace
Beyond my understanding, far beyond my need
Peace, I find peace
Following Your Spirit, I am sure to find
Peace, I find Peace

vs 3
Meditating on Your timeless word
Quieting myself so You are heard
and with my faith in You and what You promise to do
I find, I find

Set List

By Your Name, my Freedom Came
Lost In You
I Find Peace